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Small Curb Appeal Details You Won’t Want To Forget

It’s easy to remember the big tasks when you’re refreshing your home’s curb appeal, but we’re here to remind you of those little details that are often forgotten.

If you’re getting ready to sell your home or are preparing for a remodel, you’re probably already watching shows like “Sell This House” on Dabl for creative home improvement solutions. In the spirit of providing you with the best tips and tricks for selling and beautifying your home, we’re taking a deep dive into the importance of curb appeal, which cannot be underestimated. Since you only have one chance to make a positive first impression, good curb appeal is imperative and will entice potential buyers to view what is on the inside! While it’s easy to remember to apply a fresh coat of paint or to revamp your front door, smaller details that help complete the picture of a perfect, move-in ready home are often forgotten. If you’re preparing to put your house on the market, make sure you don’t miss these 6 important steps! 

Have a clean driveway.

Make sure your driveway is well maintained and clean before you invite potential buyers to view your house. A good pressure washing will remove stains, dirt and oil, and will leave your driveway looking pristine and new, which will enhance your home’s curb appeal. You will also want to repair cracks and signs of aging in your driveway that will make your home appear to be a fixer upper. While you’re at it, make sure to clean your garage door if you have one! 

Have a well groomed garden. 

If you are planning to sell your home, you obviously want to create as much interest as possible in your property. A welcoming yard with a nice landscaping job will help attract potential buyers and agents to come view your home. The easiest way to achieve this is by keeping your grass green and trimmed, and get rid of unwanted weeds that pop up in your driveway or flower beds. If you have dogs that use your garden as a bathroom, make sure any pet waste is cleaned up before any potential buyers come over. 

Use flowers for color. 

Fresh, blooming flowers make your home feel welcoming, and can be used to add beautiful colors to curb appeal. Some experts argue that certain colors of flowers will attract different types of buyers. For example, yellow flowers are bright and youthful and seem to attract Millennials or young couples preparing to start a family. Meanwhile, elegant purple flowers are associated with appealing to wealthy buyers to purchase luxury homes in upscale neighborhoods or attracting the right buyers to unique homes or eclectic neighborhoods. If the style of your home allows for it, you may also want to consider adding hanging baskets with flowers to your porch or patio for some extra charm. 


Self Watering Bronze Plastic Hanging Basket

Hanging flower baskets are a great way to add some charm and warmth to your home’s curb appeal. This particular hanging basket is designed with a built-in watering system, so your flowers will practically take care of themselves! It’s also easy to hang, weather resistant, and extremely durable.


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Replace old light fixtures. 

Once you’ve spent the time applying a fresh coat of paint to your home and sprucing up your garden, old light fixtures will stick out like a sore thumb. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, but consider replacing your old light fixtures with new ones before you put your home on the market. If any of your outdoor space doesn’t have lighting that would benefit from it, now would be a great time to install new lighting fixtures in those areas. 

Hampton BayHampton Bay

Outdoor Wall Lantern Sconce

This outdoor wall lantern from Hampton Bay won’t cost you a lot of money, but will make a big difference in refreshing your home’s lighting fixtures. It comes in a black or white finish, and has three sides of clear, beveled glass that allow for ample light distribution. This classic lighting fixture can easily be mounted to any outdoor wall, and is weather resistant and wet rated to ensure safety and durability.


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Home Decorators CollectionHome Decorators Collection

Black Outdoor LED Hanging Light

This LED hanging light would look stunning on your front porch or patio, and would be your personal lighthouse on a dark night that helps you (and potential buyers) find your way home. It’s simple, classic design will match many types of decor and home styles. This hanging light fixture has a black finish, is made of durable metal, and features an elegant glass in glass design. It also uses an LED light bulb, which means your new hanging light uses less energy and is an environmentally friendly choice. 


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Get rid of clutter. 

Make sure to remove clutter, such as toys and gardening tools, before you start showing off your home to potential buyers. Trash cans should also be kept out of sight. Cluttered spaces always seem more cramped and run-down, and visitors will automatically notice your stuff instead of everything your home and garden has to offer. By removing clutter, you’ll make your home’s living spaces seem larger and encourage potential buyers to picture themselves living in your home. 

Take professional photos.

Once your curb appeal is refreshed and ready, make sure to take photos of your home to include with your listing. While you can take photos yourself, we recommend splurging and hiring a professional photography service that specializes in real estate. These professionals have training and experience that helps them show off your home, both inside and out, in the best possible light. They will often take photos of your home in different times of the day and lighting conditions, and will edit the photos for you to ensure quality. Many of these services will also create video walk-thrus of your home or video slideshows with the photos, which can then be used as marketing materials on social media, email chains, or real estate websites. 

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