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Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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Scientist-Recommended Plants to both Purify and Beautify Your Home

Purify the air in your home with these NASA-backed houseplants.

While it’s difficult to control the air quality outside, inside your home, you can certainly make a difference. There are easy ways to improve the air quality in your home to prevent family members from getting sick and keep them happy and healthy. May is Asthma Awareness Month, and if you live with an asthma-sufferer, these tips are even more important for you. If not, you should still pay attention to how to purify the air you breathe inside your house.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (The EPA) says that the primary causes of indoor air quality problems are indoor pollution sources that release gases or particles into the air. Inadequate ventilation could contribute to high levels of pollutants, and warm temperatures and high humidity levels can also increase the concentration of pollutants.

Here are 5 simple ways to help purify the air in your house:

Add Air Purifying Plants

Not only does adding greenery to your home help keep stress at bay, but they can literally help you breathe easier. NASA released their Clean Air Study with results that suggested that certain common indoor plants may provide a natural way of removing volatile organic pollutants.

To utilize these powerful plants, try an areca palm plant, which takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen into the air. This plant stands out amongst other ones because it actually purifies the air by removing harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.

Another plant to bring into your home is the money plant. This one got high-marks for its ability to remove chemicals and other pollutants from the air, namely benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene. Warning: this plant when digested by pets or small children can be toxic, so use it if your home is for adults-only.

If you prefer the look of a flowering plant, add gerbera daisies to your home. Indigidenous to South Africa, this gorgeous plant is known for its ability to produce high levels of oxygen at night while removing harmful chemicals. Keep this one in the bedroom to promote better sleep.

Ventilate Your Bathrooms

Home bathrooms can often be relatively small without much ventilation. If your bathroom doesn’t have any windows, we recommend adding a ceiling fan to help reduce moisture and prevent the growth of mold. If you do have windows, be sure to leave them open often, especially after using the shower. 

You won’t be able to control all of the mold in your home which is most likely to be in places that are often damp, like the bathroom, but ventilating the room will certainly help.

Invest in an Air Purifier

There are tons of air purifiers on the market that can help reduce airborne particles and lessen indoor air pollution. While looking for an air purifier, you can often search for ones that address specific contaminants. Here are our two top finds, both available at Walmart.


Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier

This purifier is simple to use and will fit right in with your living room decor. You can select your fan speed and its top rated for its low sound output. The purifier is armed with three stages of filtration and captures 99% of PM airborne pollutants; allergies, mold, dust, pet dander, smoke and pollen with its specially designed particle filter.


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Airmega AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

This four-stage filtration air purifier combines a pre-filter, an odorization filter, a true HEPA filter, and a bipolar device to reduce contaminants in the air. We love the LED light that lets you know if you know how clear or dirty your air is. This award-winning purifier is definitely small but mighty.


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Use Low VOC Paints

We’re all about a home refresh using a new paint color on your walls, cabinets and furniture, however, several paints release undetectable yet trace amounts of gases, called volatile organic compounds (VOCs)  for months after use. 

So, if you're undertaking a paint project, look for paints labeled “low-VOC” like Microblend brand paints found on Amazon. Once you begin painting, remember to open as many windows as possible, run exhaust fans and an air purifier if you have one!

Don’t Allow Smoking Indoors

You’ve all heard about secondhand smoke before, but this is your friendly reminder that it can do real harm to those nonsmokers in your household. There are a host of reasons including the risk of respiratory tract infections, heart disease and stroke, and in some cases, death. If you’re a smoker, please take it outside!

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