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Scaled-Down Thanksgiving

Did you know there are some perks to having a smaller Thanksgiving this year? Read on to find out how to enjoy this holiday without the crowds, travel, and possibly, that one relative who drives you nuts!

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Sure, change is hard. However, avoiding the large family gathering this Thanksgiving may have some perks you haven’t thought of. We at DABL want to celebrate the day, share our love and gratitude, but also, introduce some ways to make it your best Thanksgiving yet.

Without such a crowd, you are free to cook whatever you like! No more tofurky for your vegan cousin and gluten-free pumpkin pie for your sister-in-law (unless either of those two diets are your thing)! Go ahead, this year, try making your stuffing spicy by adding chorizo, or, with a seafood twist. Basically...go for it! 

Instead of cooking a ginormous turkey this Thanksgiving, there are other ways to enjoy the classic. Purchase simply a turkey breast (both bone-in or boneless are options) that you can roast, fry, or fill with stuffing. Or, if you’re a dark meat fan, buy just the turkey legs and braise them. Lastly, smaller whole turkeys will be more available this year, so if you want to cook the entire bird, go for it! The benefit of such a small one is you won’t have tons of food waste, and you can fit it into a slow-cooker, which is a super simple cooking method.

If you have that special dish you love to make for a crowd, why not consider a dish exchange with close neighbors and friends? You may discover a new dish that has never been served at your family’s thanksgiving dinner! Simply portion out your dish and leave tupperware containers at your friend’s doorsteps.

If you do still want to connect with your loved ones, set up a family video conference. Here are our suggestions on the best ones to use. The good news is, if every Thanksgiving you dread getting cornered by a particular family member that asks you intrusive life questions, it’s much easier to avoid during one of these group chats! 

Additionally, not traveling this Thanksgiving will save you tons of time, stress and money. Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (which will be a virtual event this year) in bed while then spending the rest of the day in pajamas and some comfy socks doesn’t sound all too bad to us! Or, if you always wanted to participate in a turkey trot but didn’t love the idea of a 6 am wake-up, take a midday or even an evening jog this year. Lastly, if you’ve been stuck as the designated driver in the past, this year, enjoy some wine while at home!


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Travel can be very expensive, so not leaving your home this year may just allow you to spend some of the money you’ve saved on yourself. Why not try learning a new skill by trying one of these amazing recipes? Or, get that instant pot you’ve been eyeing to make your brussel sprouts or green bean dinner sides. 

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On Thanksgiving we like to express gratitude, so this year, we want to thank you, our DABL family. Don’t forget to thank all the people in your life, by phone, video chat, or by sending them one of our DABL gratitude cards.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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