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Say Goodnight To Your Summer Insomnia!

Use these tips and tricks to sleep more soundly during the hot Summer months!

If you suffer from insomnia during Summer, rest assured in knowing you’re not alone. While insomnia impacts millions of people year round, it’s proven that the most sleepless nights occur during the Summer. Believe it or not, there is actually a scientific reason for this. The longer hours of daylight impact our circadian rhythm and hormones, which makes it harder to fall asleep timely during the Summer months. Our bodies release melatonin when it starts getting dark as a natural signal that it’s time to sleep, but during the Summer, our body doesn’t start releasing melatonin until much later due to the increased exposure to sunlight. 

Additional lifestyle choices, such as drinking too much alcohol, and factors such as temperature, can also make it more difficult to sleep during the Summer. For example, many people find they can’t get comfortable enough to sleep if it’s too hot in their bedroom. Plus, our social calendars are often at their most robust during the warmer months, when we are making the most of our children being home from school and filling the longer days with activities. We simply don’t settle down as early as we might in the Fall or Winter, which contributes to difficulties falling and staying asleep. Congestion caused by seasonal allergies can also make it harder to feel comfortable at night. 

Luckily, you don’t have to suffer from sleepless nights all Summer long. Making lifestyle changes, such as exercising more or changing the time you workout, can help you sleep more soundly at night. You may also find success by revamping your nighttime routine, practicing self care, keeping a consistent schedule, and darkening your room prior to bedtime. Other experts say that turning off screens a while before bedtime, such as your phone and computer, can help you develop healthy sleep habits. This is because our screens emit blue light, which makes us feel more alert at night and inhibits our body’s production of melatonin. 

You also don’t have to deal with sleepless nights alone. Instead of tossing and turning all night, consider purchasing one of these helpful products that have already proven they can help folks beat insomnia! For insomnia that is particularly persistent, you may also want to schedule an appointment to discuss your options with your medical provider. 

Nature MadeNature Made

Nature Made Melatonin 5 mg Tablets, 90 Count for Supporting Restful Sleep

If you are having trouble falling asleep at night, your body may not be producing enough melatonin. Simply take one tablet an hour before bed to fall asleep faster and have a more restful night. Help your body feel ready for rest by taking this all-natural melatonin supplement, which is 100% drug free and tested to verify that all the ingredients are of the highest quality. Before starting new medications or supplements, always consult with your doctor to make sure it’s right for you. 

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Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - Natural Sleep Aid with Essential Oils

The deep sleep pillow spray from THISWORKS is highly commended for helping people fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. The 99% natural spray contains calming essential oils, including lavender, vetivert, and chamomile. Simply spray your pillow at bedtime and enjoy a wonderful night of rest. c


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Redi ShadeRedi Shade

Redi Shade Original Blackout Pleated Paper Shade, 36 in x 72 in, 6-Pack, Black

Darkening your room prior to bedtime is a tried and true way to help people sleep more soundly at night or during naps. These shades effectively block out 99% of all light for privacy, light control, and protection from harmful UV rays. They are easy to install, and have a classic, clean look that will easily fit in with your bedroom’s aesthetic. 

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Sleep NumberSleep Number

True Temp Blanket

If you’re a hot sleeper, purchasing a cooling blanket is one of the best investments you could possibly make! While light weight fabrics can sometimes help you feel a bit cooler, this blanket uses state of the art technology to guarantee you stay comfortable at the perfect temperature all night long. 


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Brooklyn BeddingBrooklyn Bedding

Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector

Your days of night sweats and heat-induced insomnia are over! Brooklyn Bedding’s Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector draws heat out and away from your body, creating a cooler sleep environment. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic, waterproof, and protects you and your bed from bed bugs, bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens that make your seasonal allergies go wild. 


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Hush Blankets Hush Blankets

Hush Iced Cooling Sheet and Pillowcase Set

Enjoy the softest and coolest Iced 2.0 fabric released by Hush Blankets to date! Each set comes with a fitted sheet and two-king sized pillow shams that are designed to ensure luxurious comfort. They are made from organic materials that keep you cool and whisk away sweat, and have new anti-pilling technology built-in that make the sheets become softer with every wash! 


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Tempur-Pedic Breeze Pro + Advanced Cooling Pillow

Get ready to lay your head on the best pillow you will ever own! Tempur-Pedic has taken comfort to new levels using new mind blowing technology that keeps all kinds of sleepers feeling the ultimate comfort. This pillow features a cool-to-the-touch SmartClimate cover that is removable and washable and has cutting edge cooling gel that helps you stay comfortable while you fall asleep. Plus, it will never lose its shape or flatten over time. 


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SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine

For many people, it’s hard to sleep if the room is too quiet. Alternatively, others need to block out the sounds of their neighbors’ Summer festivities because their room isn’t quite quiet enough. Either way, the SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine will turn your bedroom into a haven for sleep and relaxation. The SNOOZ Machine comes with a full spectrum of sounds and adjustable tone and volume to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It’s also compatible with a smartphone app for increased functionality, and is portable so it can join you on your Summer vacation! 


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Honeywell Honeywell

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan-Black

The Honeywell Whole Room Tower Fan kills two birds with one stone! In addition to keeping you cool and improving airflow in your home, this fan also helps create relaxing white noise to help you sleep. The fan has 8 modes so you can pick the speed and sound that works best for you, and it’s cooling ability is so effective you may even be able to save money because you won’t need to rely on your air conditioning! 


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