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Say Goodbye to Dust Mites This Spring

Thousands of dust mites might be hiding in your home right now and contributing to your allergies.

By: Catie Kovelman, Updated 02/18/2022 

Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it warmer weather and new growth. Unfortunately, Spring is also the herald for allergy season. While you might think your sinuses are safe if you stay inside, dust mites have other ideas. According to the American Lung Association, dust mites are “microscopic, insect-like pests that generate some of the most common indoor allergens that can trigger allergic reactions and asthma in many people.” Although dust mites don’t bite or sting, they can still be quite annoying when they trigger your allergies and prevent you from feeling your best. In addition to triggering an asthma attack, dust mites and dust mite debris can cause annoying allergy symptoms like a runny nose, a stuffy nose, watery eyes, and other uncomfortable symptoms that interfere with your daily life. 

Even though you can’t see dust mites, there is a strong possibility they are in your home without your knowledge. Hundreds of thousands of dust mites may be hiding in your bedding, mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets, or curtains right now. According to Environment, Health & Safety Online, the dust mite population in your home could actually range from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites. In fact, it’s even estimated that four out of five homes in the United States have dust mites. Luckily, there are steps you can take to eliminate dust mites and mitigate your allergies. And it’s likely safe to say that every allergy sufferer longs for the day when they are free of their stuffy nose and other allergy symptoms. 

Purchase dust mite-proof covers for your bedding 

Dust mites love to hang out in your bed. This is because they feed off the dead skin that adults automatically shed every day, much of which happens overnight. Therefore, your first line of defense may be purchasing mattress and pillow covers that are specifically designed to keep dust mites away. Studies from the American Lung Association show that these covers are effective in preventing dust mites, and even found that children with asthma needed less medication when they used these pillow and mattress covers. As an added bonus, dust mite-proof pillowcases can also protect you from other allergens, including household dust and pet dander. Dust mite covers for mattresses, pillows, and box springs are sold in a variety of materials, so you can pick the texture that is most comfortable for you and your family. 

BedCare By National Allergy BedCare By National Allergy

BedCare Classic Allergy Pillow Covers

How good would it feel to wake up in the morning without a stuffy nose? The BedCare classic allergy pillow covers completely seals off your pillow from dust mite allergens, bed bugs, dust, and mold. In addition to being allergen proof, this pillow case is also waterproof. Plus, the fabric is soft and cool to the touch, and feels similar to satin, ensuring you have a good night’s sleep, and wake up feeling good. 


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SureGuard Mattress Encasement

Get rid of dust mites and bed bugs while maintaining the comfortable feeling of your mattress! The SureGuard mattress encasement is usable with pretty much any mattress, and the cotton material is both hypoallergenic and waterproof. As a bonus, this mattress encasement regulates the temperature as you sleep, making it ideal for those who feel too hot when they sleep or suffer from night sweats. 

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Clean carefully and frequently. 

One way to eliminate dust mites is by maintaining a clean home. The key to eliminating dust mites is keeping dust to a minimum. In addition to adding allergen coverings to your bedding that were mentioned above, you will also want to wash your sheets at least once a week in hot water to keep the dust mites away. This will prevent dust and allergens from accumulating in your bed. For extra protection, wash your clothes and bedding with De-Mite Laundry Additive, or allergen wash.

If you have carpet, make sure you are vacuuming frequently with a vacuum that has a high efficiency filter or a central vacuum cleaner. In addition, try to damp mop your floors and hard surfaces when you clean them. While dry dusting might be faster and easier, it stirs up a lot of dust in the air. Using a damp mop or damp cloth to wipe down surfaces will minimize the amount of dust that gets stirred up. 

De-Mite De-Mite

De-Mite Laundry Additive

Add De-Mite Laundry Additive to your favorite protection for extra protection against Dust Mites! De-Mite Laundry Additive removes dust mite allergens from your laundry in ways that normal detergent cannot, and is effective in both hot and cold water. 


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Allersearch Allergen Wash

This allergen wash is a 2-in-1 product that both cleans your clothes and bedding, while also eliminating allergens caused by mold, dust mites, mold, pollen, and pet dander. This product is highly recommended to help provide lasting relief to people who suffer from asthma or chronic allergies. Allersearch Allergen Wash is effective in any water temperature, and can safely be used on even the most delicate fabrics or linens.


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Kenmore Kenmore

Kenmore Intuition BU4020 Bagged Upright Vacuum

This Kenmore vacuum is lightweight and versatile. The AllergenSeal system inside of this vacuum traps 99.97% of dust and allergens in your home. It is highly regarded for its high-efficiency filtration system, which is also referred to as a HEPA filter. 


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Freeze Dust Mites Away 

Dust mites are not fans of extreme temperatures, whether that means extremely hot or freezing cold. While your freezer isn’t designed to hold bed lines or large furniture, your child’s favorite stuffed animal or a small pillow could benefit from 6-8 hours in your freezer. The cold will kill any dust mites that may be lurking. 

Get rid of their home, or at least make it uninhabitable. 

While it’s not always practical to do major renovations in your home or buy new furniture, any ability you have to remove the environments where dust mites thrive will ultimately be beneficial. Ideally, you would want to remove carpeting from your home, especially if someone in your house has a severe allergy to dust mites. You may also notice your allergy symptoms improve if you replace your upholstered furniture with hardwood, leather, or synthetic leathers. Make an effort to swap out fabrics you can’t easily clean frequently. If possible, replace drapes and curtains with hard-surface blinds instead. 

If you can’t remove the ideal dust mite environments from your home, there are ways to make dust mite hot spots uncomfortable for the little bugs. For example, frequently steam cleaning your couch, sofa, carpets, and rugs will kill dust mites. In addition, there are several denaturing agents you can spray on your couch, carpet, and curtains that will make them uninhabitable for dust mites. You may also consider using a dusting aid when wiping down hard surfaces. 


Allersearch ADMS Dust Mite Spray

Allersearch ADMS anti-allergen spray uses non-toxic ingredients to neutralize allergens created by dust mites, animal dander, mold, mildew, and pollen. The spray is non-staining and can be used on any water-safe fabric. It’s proven to be effective for eliminating allergens hiding in upholstered furniture, draperies, carpets, bedding, stuffed animals, and even on the upholstery in your car. 


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Allersearch AllerDust Dusting Aid

Allersearch AllerDust picks up dust mites and other allergens by adhesively bringing these dust particles to your feather duster or dust cloth without allowing the allergens to become airborne. This product is non-toxic and perfume free, and can last for up to 100 dusting sessions!


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Allersearch X-Mite Carpet Powder

The patented X-Mite anti-allergen carpet formula safely kills and removes dust mites and other allergens from your carpet and upholstered furniture. Simply sprinkle the Xmite powder onto your carpet or furniture, sweep into the carpet with your broom or brush it into the fabric, and let Xmite work its magic over the next 3 hours. Then, vacuum to remove the excess and your carpets will be allergen-free for the next 3 months! 


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Reduce humidity and purify the air. 

Dust Mites love humidity, and will start to die off once the humidity in your home is below 70%. It’s even better to bring humidity levels in your home down to 50% or lower. You can easily test the humidity levels in your home with an electronic humidity monitor. In order to lower the humidity in your home, open windows on dry days, include an electric blanket in your bedding, and use your air conditioning and dehumidifiers. For best results, you may also want to invest in a high quality air purifier or air filter. Air purifiers work hard to cleanse the air of allergens like dust, pollen, and dander, as well as germs and bacteria, so that you can breathe easier and live healthier. 


ThermoPro TP50 Digital Thermometer and Humidity Gauge

The ThermoPro thermometer and humidity gauge is extremely accurate and easy to read, so you will always know the exact conditions inside your home. Temperature and humidity data is updated every 10 seconds, so you will have access to current information. 

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COLZER Home Dehumidifier

This specific dehumidifier removes 30 pints of moisture from the air on a daily basis, and can effectively cover 1,500 square feet. Colzer humidifiers are portable, and easy to use through an advanced LED control panel. This product allows you to set an exact humidity percentage, program a 24-hour on/off timer, and adjust the fan speed. Humidity reading displays both on the top and front for maximized convenience, so you can keep track of the humidity levels in your home.

$170 (On Sale!)

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Molekule FDA-Cleared Air Pro Air Purifier

If you really struggle with severe allergy symptoms or asthma, an advanced air purifier like this one from Molekule could really change your life for the better! In addition to removing allergens like dust mites from the air, this air purifier is FDA-cleared to destroy bacteria and virus-causing germs, including COVID-19. It’s designed to sense chemicals, humidity, carbon monoxide, and allergens in the air and immediately respond accordingly to protect you. Plus, you can take 10% off your first purchase from Molekule! 

$1,200 OR Just $67/ Month!

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While dealing with allergens is never fun, dust mites do not have to be the end of the world. By taking steps to eliminate their environments and making some simple changes to your cleaning routine, your home will be dust mite free in no time! 

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