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The Right Way To Rehome Your Pet

No one ever wants to give up their fur baby, but here are the right steps to take if you ever find yourself in that situation.

No pet parent ever wants to give up their fur baby, but sometimes situations arise where we don’t have a choice. Whether it’s a change in financial status, moving to a new home that doesn’t allow pets, or an owner’s health declining, pet parents have to face the reality that they can no longer care for their beloved pets every day. When this type of situation arises, it’s important that you take the right steps to ensure you and your pet have the best chance at a wonderful life. 

Sometimes, pet parents are embarrassed that they have to say goodbye to their pets, and release them into the wild instead of taking them to the shelter. Unfortunately, this often leads to the pet becoming injured and can harm the environment. If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve likely heard about the goldfish that were released into a lake in Minnesota. While it may seem harmless to release a few small fish, the goldfish grew to the size of a football and quickly reproduced, starving out the lake’s native species. The lake’s ecosystem is now destroyed, possibly irreparably if the surprise giant goldfish population isn’t controlled soon. This proves that releasing your pets into the wild can harm the environment in addition to your pet. However, here are 5 ways to rehome your pet that will leave you with a clear conscience and give your pet a second chance at a happy life. 

Ask friends or relatives. 

During your time as a pet parent, your fur baby has likely stolen the hearts of friends and family he’s met over the years. One of these friends or family members may be delighted to welcome your pet into their family, which allows you to visit your pet from time to time and you can be sure he is going to a good home. You should never be afraid to ask a loved one for help, and someone who already knows and loves your pet may be extra sympathetic to your situation. 

Use the power of social media. 

Try to rehome your pet on your own using the power of social media. Post some adorable photos of your fur baby and an honest description, and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Posts for pets in need go viral every day, and at the very least, more people will hear about your pet so he finds a good home sooner. You can also post in local Facebook groups or community apps, such as Nextdoor, to find your pet a new home locally. Similarly, ask local rescues if they’d be willing to share your posts on their social media pages to get your pet in front of a larger audience. 

Surrender your pet to a shelter. 

If you have nowhere left to go, it’s completely okay to relinquish your pet to a local animal shelter. Depending on where you live, you may have to pay a small fee for the shelter to accept your pet. However, the shelter will do everything they can to take care of your pet and find him a new home. That said, no shelter can guarantee adoption. If possible, take your pet to a no-kill shelter to ensure he won’t be euthanized if he’s not adopted quickly enough. 

Surrender your pet to your vet. 

Many veterinary clinics will allow owners in need to surrender their pets safely, or can provide guidance on where you can take your pet. Surrenders to veterinary clinics typically occur when an owner can’t afford to pay for an animal’s medical needs. In these situations, the clinic will take ownership of the animal to ensure the pet receives proper medical care, and can help find a suitable home. That said, most vets would rather you leave your pet with them than release them to fend for themselves in the wild. 

Look for breed or animal specific rescues.

Humane animal rescues exist for all kinds of animals and breeds. You’d be shocked at the amount of rescues that exist in your area, from reptile rescues to guinea pig rescues and more. If you have an exotic animal, a sanctuary or rescue that caters to your pet’s specific needs would be the best place for you to go. In order to find more information about rehoming exotic animals, you can do research on the internet, consult with your veterinarian, or ask your local pet supplies stores for leads. 

Plus, many dog and cat rescues are themed for specific breeds or mixes of breeds. If your pet is purebred or has a clear mix, these rescues would love to include your pet on their roster. They will be able to show off your pet to families that are specifically looking to adopt your kind of pet. This may result in your pet getting adopted sooner. This is a good thing, as the rehoming process is very stressful for your pets. It’s best for them if they can start settling into their new life and routine as soon as possible. 

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