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Protect Your Pup This Fourth of July

For dogs with noise sensitivity, the annual fireworks display could make the Fourth of July a rough night. Here's how you can keep your dog calm and safe.

Updated By: Catie Kovelman, 06/30/2022 

The Fourth of July is an exciting holiday for us humans filled with food, fun, and fireworks. But for our pups, it could be a terrifying day. The loud bang of the fireworks, or any sudden loud sound for that matter, can cause a lot of fear and anxiety.

For a fearful dog, your neighborhood's firework display may trigger their fight or flight response, sending them to already overcrowded animal shelters. Every year, sources like the Humane Society always report that July 5th is a busy day at the animal shelters. Too many anxious pups flee their yards and homes, frightened by the July 4th fireworks. Here is what you can do as a pet parent to help your dog stay calm and safe this Fourth of July, even if he has a firework phobia. 

Leave Your Pup at Home

It may seem like a fun idea to bring your dog to the town fireworks or your neighbor's huge party, but trust us, it's not. Dogs and fireworks don't mix. The loud noise can cause your dog to become disoriented and skittish. Leave your dog home and provide them with some comforting items whether it be their dog bed, a shirt with your scent on it, or a favorite toy. You can even try an anti-anxiety wrap to help your dog stay calm.

Find a quiet place in your house for the dog to stay. You can use calming music or a sound machine to create white noise that will drown out the fireworks. If you have a particularly anxious dog, don't leave them home alone. Find a dog sitter, or spend your holiday with your furry friend.

Prepare For the Worst Case Scenario

You may think your dog would never run away from you, but you may be surprised by what a nervous dog will do. Be prepared by having your pet in a proper collar with tags on it that contain your address and contact information. Get your pet microchipped if they aren't already. If your dog does have a microchip, make sure it's registered. Many people mistakenly don't realize that without registering the microchip, it will be of no use. Visit a database like AKC Reunite to register your dog today. Click here for more tips on what to do if your pet goes missing. 

Don’t Leave Your Pet Outside During the Summer Heat

Temperatures are rising and this July 4th will be a warm one in most parts of the country! Keep your pet inside, especially around the hottest part of the day, typically 2-4 PM, and make sure they have access to fresh water. Remember that if the concrete or asphalt is too hot for your touch, it will definitely be too hot for your pup's paws. Consider getting your dog some booties like these best sellers on Amazon, to protect their paws from getting burned.

You may also not know that dogs, too, can get sunburned. If your dog will be outside while you celebrate the holiday, use a dog -- not human -- sunscreen. Ingestion of human sunscreen could harm your dog and cause vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, and/or lethargy.

Keep Alcoholic Beverages Out of Reach from Your Dog

On this holiday, drinking is often a part of the festivities. Half-drunken cups can be left around the pool, beer bottles haphazardly placed on cocktail tables. If you have a dog walking around, you should be conscious of keeping alcoholic beverages out of their reach. If ingested, alcohol could be poisonous to your dog. Your dog could vomit, end up weak, depressed, or even go into a coma. If they exhibit any signs and you know that they have ingested alcohol, call your vet, emergency clinic, or a pet poison helpline.

Keep Matches and Lighter Fluids Away from Pets

Between tiki torches, citronella candles, and the BBQ, the potential for your pet to get into matches and lighter fluid is heightened. Matches contain several hazardous chemicals that could be dangerous if ingested. Lighter fluid can cause skin irritation to your pup and if inhaled, could cause respiratory problems. If you know your dog has consumed lighter fluid or matches, consult your vet, an emergency clinic, or call the pet poison helpline.

Follow these tips for a safe and fun-filled weekend. Happy Fourth of July from all your friends at DABL!

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