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Pet Parenting 101: The Dabl Dog Emergency Hub!

The best way to handle pet emergencies is to know the warning signs to prevent them from happening or to take appropriate action as soon as possible to ensure a happy outcome!

The best way to handle pet emergencies is to know the warning signs to prevent them from happening or to take appropriate action as soon as possible to ensure a happy outcome! 

We know your dog is so much more than “just a dog.” We see your dog as an important member of your family and we know that your pup means the world to you. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are, part of life is that emergencies happen, ranging from health scares to natural disasters. Sometimes things happen that are simply out of your control. 

But what you can control is how you respond when your pet has an emergency and the actions you take to prevent emergencies from occurring. Knowing what to do during possible emergencies enables you to take the appropriate actions quickly to help ensure the best outcome for you and your dog. Even just thinking through the scenarios and how you should respond will help you be better prepared if the unthinkable were to occur. Becoming educated about warning signs for common pet health problems, as well as taking preventative action to eliminate your dog’s access to things like poisonous plants, may even prevent emergencies from happening in the first place! 

Here at Dabl, we only want the best for you and your pet. Whether you’re a concerned pet owner in the midst of an emergency or simply want to do some preventative research, we know it’s easier for you if all the information is in one place. Therefore, we’ve created the Dabl Dog Emergency Hub for your convenience! We will continue to update this hub with new health tips and information to help you and your dog live your happiest and healthiest lives! 

Pet Parent Health Alerts:

Updated 03/03/2022 

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WARNING: The Seresto Flea Collar Has Been Linked To Almost 1,700 Pet Deaths!

Pet Parents Need To Be On High Alert For Rising Cases Of Kennel Cough!

Pet Parents Need To Act Now To Protect Their Dogs From Canine Flu And Leptospirosis!

New Research Suggests Pets Can Contract COVID-19!

Watch Out For Common Pet Emergencies!

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How to Handle the Most Common Summer Pet Emergencies!

Protect Your Pet From The Most Common Winter Pet Emergencies!

Protect Your Pet From Rattlesnake Bites With The Rattlesnake Vaccine! 

Brush Up On Your Pet Fire Safety Tips! 

Prevent Accidental Pet Poisonings! 

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Only Clean Your Home With Dog-Safe Cleaning Products!

Make Sure To Only Use Pet-Safe Plants In Your Decorating! 

Make Visits To The Vet Affordable! 

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7 Ways To Make Trips To The Emergency Vet More Affordable!

Protect Your Dog And Your Finances With Pet Insurance!

Protect Your Pet During The Holidays! 

Halloween Westie

Here Is What Your Dog Can And CAN NOT Eat During The Holidays! 

How To Keep Your Pet Safe On Halloween Night! 

Protect Your Pup On The Fourth of July!

Here’s What To Do If Your Dog Is An Escape Artist Or If Your Pet Goes Missing! 

Running dog

What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Dog!

Make Sure Your Dog Is Microchipped And Has The Right Information On His Collar! 

What Pet Owners Need to Know to Stop Their Dogs From Door Dashing!

Cesar Millan Puts A Stop To A Canine Escape Artist’s Escapades, and You Can, Too! 

General Health Tips For Happy Dogs: 

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Improve Your Pet’s Health With A Fresh New Diet! 

How To Be A Better Pet Parent By Taking Charge Of Your Dog’s Health And Happiness!

Simple Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Fitness! 

Here’s Why You Should Spay And Neuter Your Pets! 

Simple Tips to Prolong Your Pet’s Life! 

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