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Learn How a Greenhouse Could Kickstart Your Garden this Spring

Have you ever wanted your own garden but aren’t sure where to start? The first step is to pick the right greenhouse that will make your gardening dreams come true!

With Spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about either starting or revamping your home garden! One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is by purchasing a greenhouse. Greenhouses help stabilize the environment for the plants you choose to grow by protecting them from extreme weather conditions, and maintaining the best temperature for plants to thrive. 

If you have an avid green thumb, a greenhouse can serve multiple purposes. Since plants are protected from the outside weather, you can consistently garden all year in any season. You can also customize your greenhouse to be an all-in-one gardening space, so that your different plants and tools all have an organized space together. This means you won’t need to take up valuable space in your backyard with a gardening shed or other storage solution. Last but not least, instead of buying new flowers and plants to beautify your garden every Spring, you can grow as many seeds as you want in your greenhouse. You could save money growing your own garden, and even have some extra plants leftover to give to friends and family as gifts! 

In addition to being practical, greenhouses also have several health and life benefits. Spending times outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air, and take a break from the daily stresses of life. In addition, you could grow your own fruits and vegetables to eat. For extra fun, include your children in the gardening process. In addition to teaching your children responsibility, you and your kids can share in the accomplishment that comes with making your own food from the seed to the table. 

But when people think of greenhouses, they often envision big, bulky structures that aren’t attractive or wouldn’t fit in their gardens instead of all the benefits they could be thinking about. We are here to correct this myth, and tell you that greenhouses actually come in all shapes and sizes, from big to mini, and can even be customized for your garden. If you need inspiration, here are 6 types of greenhouses that would make a great addition to your garden. 

StarterHouse 3 ft. H x 8 ft. W x 4 ft. D Pop-Up Greenhouse ($97 at Home Depot)


This portable, pop-up greenhouse from Flowerhouse is perfect for starting your own garden. It can be set up in seconds with no tools required, and can be placed on both soil or hard surfaces. It would be a great addition to your garden, whether you are working with an apartment patio or a large backyard. Despite its small size, this greenhouse still holds 16 plants and provides the proper environment for the plants to thrive.

27.5 in. x 19 in. x 50 in. 3 Tier Greenhouse ($31 at Home Depot)


This greenhouse from Pure Garden is unique in that it’s collapsible design allows for easy portability and storage, and would look great against a wall or lining a walkway. The vertical, tiered design also allows you to easily display and access your plants. The greenhouse protects your plants with durable PVC cover shields that keep out extreme cold and weather conditions. 

80 in. L x 116 in. W x 80 in. H Outdoor Portable Walk-In Tunnel Greenhouse ($130 at Home Depot)


If you have a lot of space and love to garden, this tunnel greenhouse from Outsunny could be an amazing addition to your yard. Keep your plants safe and thriving during colder weather and hot summer days. The transparent plastic cover allows nourishing sunlight to reach the plants, while the roll up windows and entrance can be easily zipped or unzipped to allow for air circulation, security, and easy access. 

Plant Inn 4 ft. x 4 ft. Polycarbonate Greenhouse ($381 at Home Depot)


The Plant Inn from Palram has traditionally been a best seller among gardening lovers because of its proven track record for successfully growing herbs and vegetables year round. Plants are protected from the elements by virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate panels, which means plants can thrive even in extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain and hail. Plus, the elevated gardening bed protects plants from pests, and makes it easier on your back and joints while you tend to your plants. For better organization, the Plant Inn also contains a storage compartment for all of your gardening tools. 

Zenny - 57" x 57" x 77" - 3-Tier 8 Shelves - Portable Mini Walk-In Greenhouse ($64.99 at Walmart)


The Zenny Portable Mini Walk-In Greenhouse combines the best qualities of tiered greenhouses and tunnel greenhouses. It would most likely fit best in a medium sized garden, where there isn’t room for a full greenhouse but you want to maximize your space in the best way possible. Your beautiful plants are displayed and easily accessible on 8 tiered shelves, while also remaining protected from rain, snow, and wind. Despite being considered a mini greenhouse, the inside is actually quite spacious and can hold a multitude of plants. 

Pop Up Portable Grow Greenhouse Tent Flower House ($21 on Amazon)


This mini greenhouse from GoOutdoor Lab is the perfect size for a small garden or apartment patio. It can even be used indoors if you love to garden, but don’t have an outdoor space. It is highly regarded for creating a warm, humid environment that promotes plant growth and seed breeding. Plus, it requires no assembly and is easy to store when not in use. 

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