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Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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It's Time to Tackle THAT Drawer

Sort through, dispose and organize the "catch-all" bra, underwear and sock drawer today

If this is the year you want to become more organized, you may want to start with THAT drawer. You know the one we’re talking about; it’s an endless mix of bras, underwear, and mismatched socks. Storing your clothing this way not only makes for more difficult mornings when trying to get dressed, but also, is likely shortening the life of these items.

What is the best way to store bras?

Don’t stuff your bras into a drawer! They need to have room to hold their shape, so stack your bras lightly on top of one another. Don’t fold the cups of one bra into itself. You should also clasp the back of the bras to avoid any damage and snagging, and tuck in the straps. 

What about bralettes?

If you have bras that aren’t padded and without underwire, you should still organize them as you would your normal bras, but you can fold them in half before storing. If your dresser has small drawers that you can dedicate to just your bras, you should do so. If not, there are tons of organizational items you can place into larger dresser drawers. 

The Container StoreThe Container Store

5-Section Boobie Trap Bra Organizer

We think this bra organizer makes storing bras as easy as can be, and is ideal if you’re someone who has a handful of go-to bras.

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$29.99 at The Container Store

If you are short on room and want to store these items on shelves, look for a fabric box; wicker boxes are pretty but be careful not to choose one with weaving that your undergarments could get stuck and snag on them. Our friends at Rachel Ray found a ton of great storage boxes for your undergarments.

How should you store your underwear?

Keep your underwear in a separate storage area, either in a small drawer, storage container, or, use drawer dividers to give your underwear it’s own space.


Adjustable Drawer Dividers

This 6-pack from Amazon can get you started! Men too, should do the same with their underwear and boxers. 

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$26.90 on Amazon

Another alternative you may not have considered is hanging your bras and underwear if you have a closet with a low-hanging bar. 

Magicool HangerMagicool Hanger

Closet Organizer

You can use any hanger for your bra that has notches to put the straps in, or, get one specially made for bras, like this one from Amazon.

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$8.99 on Amazon
Bed Bath and BeyondBed Bath and Beyond

16-Pack Basic Clamp Pant Hangers

Those same hangers in your closet you use to hang pants, can also be used to hang underwear. 

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$23.99 - $26.99 Each Set

Is there a way to get my socks organized?

It’s time to put a stop to the random assortment of socks all over the place.  Take the time to empty out your drawer, and match your socks. For all those stretched out, hole-y, single only socks, say goodbye already! Once you’ve gotten your pairs together, don’t ball one into the other, which will ruin their shape. Instead, place one on top of the other, and then roll them up, before placing them in a row in your drawer, with a divider.


Set of 4 Foldable Drawer Dividers

This set of four foldable drawer dividers from Walmart is a great place to get started.

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$13.99 at Walmart
The Container Store The Container Store

32-Compartment Drawer Organizer

We also think this 32-compartment drawer organizer is a great find if you have a large enough drawer for it to fit into.

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Marie KondoMarie Kondo

Bamboo Drawer Organizers

Additionally, we’re partial to these drawer organizers from Marie Kondo, the queen of organization, because the sleek bamboo keeps your drawers looking classier than a plastic insert.

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$6.99/ea. - $19.99/ea.

Any other organization tips?

Yes! Stack your bras, underwear, and socks by color. This is the quickest and easiest way to find exactly what you’re looking for. When you want to throw on a white shirt in the morning, you can easily find your tan bra, and if you’re wearing pants that need a thong, you’ll know just how to find the correct color and style.

Also, don’t forget to wash these items properly. Check out our article here for tips on how to do just that!

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