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It’s Time For A New Phone Case

Check out 13 great phone cases that will keep your cell phone safe and look fabulous doing it!

If you can’t remember the last time you treated your cell phone to a new protective case, it’s almost certainly time for a new one. In this day and age, our cell phones and the valuable information on them are essentially extensions of who we are. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance we keep them safe. When you consider the fact that it can cost more than $100 to repair a broken smartphone or shattered screen, it’s really like you’re investing in your phone now to avoid paying more later. Plus, switching out your phone case now allows you to show a bit of your personality by picking styles that scream “you” and help you keep up with your favorite trends!


Otter + Pop Defender Series Case for Galaxy S10e Androids

OtterBox has a reputation for creating extremely sturdy phone cases that will protect your cell phone through almost any accident. This case improves your ability to grip your phone and provides the strongest defense you’ll find against accidental drops, hits, smacks, or falls. Plus, it has an integrated PopSockets PopGrip that allows you to prop your phone up to add convenience to activities like movie watching and video chatting. 


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iPhone 13 Pro Max Symmetry Series Clear Antimicrobial Case

Apple is always coming out with new and improved colors for iPhones, and you likely picked your iPhone because you liked how it looked. With this clear case, you get all of the protection OtterBox is famous for providing and can still display your iPhone’s color. This case is compatible with the newest iPhone 13 Pro Max, but OtterBox also sells similar phone cases for other models of both iPhone and androids. 


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Custom Artistic Pet Phone Case

This custom pet phone case is the perfect gift to give yourself or to the pet lover in your life! Using photographs of your pets, the artists will create a custom phone case starring your fur babies. You’ll be able to pick the color of the phone case, add your pet’s name using a font of your choice, and even pick the painting style. The case can be made for any iPhone or Android model. 


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Vegan Leather Phone Crossbody Bag

If you feel like you’re always misplacing your phone, you might benefit from a phone case that keeps it attached to you. This crossbody phone case is extremely fashionable  and comes in 11 pretty colors and patterns. Not only does it safely hold your phone, but it also has space to hold a few credit cards or a bit of cash so you can travel light when you go out. 


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Battery-Powered Charging Case For iPhones

When you’re always on the go, finding places to charge your phone and running out of battery is a real concern. With this charging case, you’ll have all the extra power you need to keep your cell phone functioning all day long! Choose from 8 solid case colors, such as, white, red, pink, and blue, and make sure to select your current iPhone model when you add the case to your cart. When you use code 15OFF at checkout, you can also save 15% on your purchase for a limited time. 


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Pink Purple Sparkle Transparent Galaxy Phone Case

What fun is life without a bit of sparkle and pizzazz? This shimmering phone case is absolutely stunning, and features shock-proof technology that provides optimal protection if your phone is dropped or falls. This slim case also comes with the built-in DEFENSiFY coating that protects you and your phone from 99% of harmful germs and bacteria. 


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Personalised Phone Case With Block Initials & Name

Your phone case should be a way for you to share who you are with the world, and you don’t get much closer to your identity than your name! These elegant phone cases feature your initial in bold with your name artistically written over the single letter. At check out you can choose from 5 fashionable designs, select your current smartphone model, and add personalization instructions.

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Gallery of One Love iPhone Case

Since your phone is always with you, it might as well be a constant reminder of a happy memory or your loved ones. Pick your favorite family photo or photographed memory to create a personalized phone case that is unique to you and will always boost your spirits. This iPhone case can be bought as a stand-alone slim case or purchased with a liner. 

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Pela CasePela Case

Seashell Monarch Butterfly Phone Case

This pretty butterfly case features a lovely picture of nature, which only makes sense when you consider that this case is one of the world’s first compostable phone cases. Pela Case specializes in creating fashionable eco-friendly phone cases. If you want a sustainably made phone case like this butterfly case, you’re in luck because Pela Case makes this one and many others for both iPhones and androids. 

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Snow White OtterBox Phone Case

Disney makes adorable smartphone cases that feature our favorite characters, such as this case that features an artistic rendering of Snow White. Through a partnership with OtterBox, you can be sure your Disney case will remain as protective and beautiful as the day you got it. You can also customize this case by adding text, altering background colors, and more! 


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FrostyCovers FrostyCovers

Autumn Phone Case For Smartphones

Embrace the Fall vibes by ordering one of 5 adorable Autumn-themed phone cases from the FrostyCovers shop on Etsy! You’ll be able to choose from 5 designs that are beyond adorable and can be made for both iPhones and androids. While some designs are themed for Halloween, others are simply inspired by Autumn and can stay on your phone all season long! 

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Christmas Tree Phone Case

It won’t be long before we are in the midst of the holiday season! Show your Christmas spirit with this adorable smartphone case that features a classic Christmas tree illustration. In addition to being beyond adorable, these sustainable cases also feature built-in defense against accidents and germs. Make sure to order the proper size for your iPhone or android, and have fun customizing the colors and background of this phone case. 


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Hanukkah Themed Phone Case

If you celebrate Hanukkah, imagine the excitement and joy you’ll stir up when you walk into a temple or a holiday party sporting a Hannukah themed phone case! This sleek, handmade case features classic Hanukkah symbols like dreidels, menorahs, and the Jewish Star of David. The case is easy to take on and off, and will protect your phone from dirt, grease, oil, and scratches all Winter long! 


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