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Is It Too Early To Decorate for Halloween?

An old thread on Reddit dives into one of our nation’s greatest debates: is it too early to decorate for Halloween?

Do you cringe as soon as you start seeing your neighbors putting up their spooky and creepy decor as soon as the temperature starts heading south? 

We’re officially in October now, and all around the U.S.A. old abandoned storefronts have become temporary Halloween stores, your big-box retailers are swapping out summer BBQ items from their seasonal merchandise aisles to Halloween costumes, and your kids are pitching you multiple costume ideas each week. 

But how early is too early? In order to answer this question, we had to turn to a recent thread on the internet as the public duked it out to see if they were jumping the gun on Halloween decorations. 

1) “September 1. I'm one of those that absolutely loves both Halloween and Christmas, and I'll take any chance to start decorating and celebrating as soon as I can. Halloween season starts on Sept. 1, and Christmas season starts on November 1. Two whole months for both. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.” - ImInJeopardy

According to this comment, if you’re decorating now, you’re too late! And it seems like this person has no qualms about even skipping Thanksgiving decor all together and going straight to the Christmas decorations! 

2) “First day of fall is September 22. That feels right.” - friendlynbhdwitch

This response, having decor start going up as soon as the fall season hits seems a bit more palatable to our tastes. Afterall, most of us cannot wait for fall to roll around so we can start wearing sweaters, sip on warm lattes and step on some crunchy leaves - this feels about right!

3) “After July fourth is fair game to me” - bronwen-noodle

This has got to be a joke…but a summer BBQ with spooky touches does sound kind of fun. 

4) “5th of July” - BlueBoltDog

OK, so maybe it isn’t a joke. We wish we were this excited about ANY holiday!

5) “When the weather starts acting like it's autumn and not Second Summer.” - tarnishedhuntress

According to this user, the launch date for Halloween decorations is a moving target! 

6) “Twenty years ago. It's always Halloween” - DarkartDark

I think we found the Halloween super fan. 

7) “october 29” - noodletista

There is too early, and then there is too late. This is too late. 

8) “Do you need a reason” - Empty-Arugula4357

We appreciate the “you do you” attitude of this response. 

9) “If it is acceptable for people to decorate and listen to Christmas music in November, then it is acceptable for people to decorate and listen to Halloween music in September.” - SheWhoShallBeCalledD

We cannot argue with this logic. 

10) “Now” - Imaginary_Attempt_82

We love this response the most. It’s October 2022, and this is your reminder to start getting the skeleton, ghost and monster decorations out now! 

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