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Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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Instantly Upgrade Your Dinners to a Restaurant Experience With These Mood Setting Accessories

Bring the vibe of your favorite restaurants home with some of these serving ideas.

We all love dining out at restaurants - specialty foods, ambience, the freedom of not having to clean up after dinner. But with social distancing measures still in place, getting a spot at your favorite restaurant may still prove to be a challenge. So why not bring the restaurant experience home? This is a perfect way to impress your family, challenge yourself to cook up a wonderful meal, and save a ton of money. 

Read below for tips on how to  set the mood, whip up a memorable meal, and not have to (completely) worry about doing dishes afterwards. 

Set the Menu

Take charge of dinner by creating a theme and menu for the evening. For instance, go all in on an Italian dinner theme, and develop courses that utilize fresh ingredients, like an arugula salad with fresh burrata cheese, a pasta dish, and a shareable portion of protein like roasted chicken or steak. 


Rustic Wooden Magnetic Kitchen Chalkboard

Bring home the restaurant look with your dinner courses written out on a charming, rustic chalkboard. 

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$14 at Walmart

Get Their Appetites Going

One of our favorite moments when going to a restaurant is getting a nice, warm basket of bread. Serve  fresh baked or fresh cut bread in a restaurant-quality basket to set the mood and let your family know this is not an ordinary dinner. 

The Get StoreThe Get Store

Stainless Steel Oval Basket

Every great meal starts with a basket of bread! Get this restaurant-quality bread basket,  fill it with warm bread, and get the restaurant mood going immediately. 

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$12 on Amazon

Set the Stage

Restaurants usually come with uniform serving ware, so instead of pulling out some potentially mismatched pieces, really drive home the restaurant feel with a fresh set of plates and attractive flatware. We don’t think candles and flowers should only be reserved for romantic dinners - every meal can use a bit of decor to help set the stage for great conversations and memorable foods. And last but not least, try playing some music to really bring home the restaurant experience. If you’re committing to a theme, play music that complements  the evening’s menu (ex: Italian music for a pasta night), but don’t be afraid to curate a list of favorite songs from your guests to keep the party going. 

Hearth & HandHearth & Hand

Stoneware Salad Plate

Mimic the fanciness of a restaurant by bringing out classy  stoneware. We love the slight imperfections of these plates by Hearth & Hand. Our favorite aspect of these plates is that they are microwave and dishwasher safe! 

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$20 for a Set of 4
Project 62Project 62

20pc Stainless Steel Izon Mirror Flatware Set

Nothing takes you out of the element like mismatched flatware. This set from the Project 62 line of home and kitchen wares all have a mid-century modern aesthetic, which are just edgy and stylish enough to match any dinner occasion. 

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$35 at Target
Hearth &  HandHearth & Hand

Fringe Table Runner

Just like how a rug can tie the room together, a table runner will add some extra dimension, color and warmth to your dinner setting. We love the minimal design of this fringed table runner and we think it can bring a modern mood to your special dinner.

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$25 at Target

Stackable Tumblers

Don’t forget the drinks! Even your kids’ juice can look fancy when put into an attractive glass.. We love the minimal design that will work with any drink (water, soda, wine, liquor, cocktails, etc). 

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$11 for a Set of 6
Kelly Clarkson HomeKelly Clarkson Home

Tabletop Votive Set

Have you ever noticed how some of your favorite restaurants have moodier, lower lighting? Make sure to dim those lights a bit at home, and add in the beautiful warmth of candlelight to slow things down a bit and promote intimate conversations. 

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$47 at Wayfair
Fortivo StoreFortivo Store

Vases for Flowers

Make the occasion even more special by adding some beautiful blooms to your table setting. We love these rustic, handmade looking vases which can immediately add a modern farmhouse feel to your special dinner. 

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$33 on Amazon

Outdoor Portable Wireless Speaker

Don’t forget the tunes! A signature part of the entrancing ambience of a restaurant is nice background music. . We love this model as it packs a punch in a small device, and it’s also waterproof, which is perfect for the occasional outdoor meal. 

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$28 on Amazon

Take it Easy 

You just charmed the socks off your guests with all the great food and ambiance, but nothing kills the mood like leaving the party to go and do dishes. Make sure to empty out your dishwasher the night before, and have it ready to go once dinner has ended. And don’t be shy about asking for a bit of help - our trick is to ask each guest to simply bring two things to the kitchen so you can load up real quick and let the machine do what it does best while you continue to entertain your guests. 


Dishwasher Detergent

Make sure it’s also a dinner experience for you! It’s a perfect night to have the family help out with loading the dishwasher, and setting and forgetting it! We love this formulation as it can get through all the grime and sticky bits.  

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$21 on Amazon

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