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How to De-Ice and Stay Cozy

With the cold snap affecting large parts of the country, we've got some great ideas so you can de-ice and stay warm!

The sudden cold snap has affected many regions of the country that aren't as used to dealing with snow, ice and lower temperatures inside of the home. We've gathered some must-haves below so that you're ready to deal with the inclement weather, keep your sidewalks safe and your home just as cozy and welcoming as you're used to. 

Have you lost power? Here are some tips and tools to keep warm and safe from the experts over at The Doctors. 

Pet Safe Ice Melt



This ice melt is perfect for those who are concerned about their pets and vegetation. This formulation is non-toxic, and will have your ice melting away ASAP, leaving you with a safe and accessible walkway. 

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$21.60 at Walmart

Calcium Chloride

Snow JoeSnow Joe

Calcium Chloride

This ice melt is said to act 3-times faster than a typical formulation, and lasts up to 24 hours. Perfect for sidewalks, steps and walkways! 

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$12.89 at Home Depot

Snow Shovel


Snow Shovel

Big snowstorms call for big shovels - we love this 25" wide model with a sturdy wooden handle. 

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$34.16 at Walmart

Ice Scraper


Telescopic Avalanche Snowbrush

Perfect for bigger vehicles (like trucks, SUVs and RVs), this telescopic ice scraper is a necessity for road safety. 

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$10.99 at Target

Now with the outside of your home figured out, keep the inside of your home just as cozy and welcoming with these great appliances and accessories. 

Use a Boot Tray for Your Front Entrance

Sweet Home StoresSweet Home Stores

Boot Tray Indoor/Outdoor

For around $10, avoid your family tracking snow and mud through your house with this tray from Sweethome. Leave this at your entryway so everyone knows to place their shoes on the tray before entering your home.

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$10.86 on Amazon

Light Up Your Fireplace or Purchase a Freestanding One

Antarctic StarAntarctic Star

Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace built into your home, tis the season to take advantage of it! If not, you still can reap the benefits by purchasing a freestanding fireplace, like this one by Antarctic Star. You can warm your entire home with just the push of one button. It’s light enough that you can transport this from room to room, it’s safer than a traditional heater with its overheating protection, and it has realistic 3-D dynamic flames.

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$124.99 on Amazon

Use a Humidifier


Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

With heat blasting in your home, the dry air can lead to some uncomfortable conditions. Using a humidifier can help ease those undesirable winter symptoms like cold and allergy symptoms, dry skin, and cracked lips. This one from TaoTronics was highly rated by Popular Mechanics and comes in as one of the best, most affordable options. 

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$47.99 on Amazon

Keep Cold Air Out By Using Door Draft Stopper


Under Door Seal for Exterior/Interior Doors

The small investment, for less than $10, will aid in keeping that cold air outside, where it belongs! This option from Amazon is available in several colors, to match any home, is made from silicone which is easily attachable and removable. When you prevent the heat inside from escaping, you ultimately save costs on your heating bill. 

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$9.99 on Amazon

Winterize Your Windows with an Insulating Film and Window Kit

Duck MAXDuck MAX

Heavy Duty Insulating Film

Similar to a door sweep, your windows may be letting cold air into your home during the winter months. This kit by Duck brand includes heavy duty film and window tape to simply seal up your windows during the cold winter months. Afterwards, it’s as easy as can be to remove!

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$12.47 on Amazon

Get a Smart Thermostat


Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat for Smart Home

When you can connect your thermostat to wifi and control it remotely, you can better stay on top of temperatures in your home. This can lead to tons of cost savings on your HVAC costs. We like the Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat which is Energy Star Certified meaning it helps the environment and saves your money on your heating bills.

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$79.00 on Amazon

Stay Snug With Cozy Blankets and Slippers


Sherpa Fleece Throw Blanket

There are tons of sherpa fleece throw blankets which can add to the decor of your living room and keep you warm while you lounge at home. Check out the Homelike Moment Blankets which are less than $20 and have a 5-star rating on Amazon. Your feet play a vital role in regulating your body temperature so to keep them warm, get some Amazon Essential Fluffy Slippers.

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24.99 on Amazon

Find a Towel Warmer for Your Bathroom


Towel Warmer

The chill of getting out of a shower in those winter months is frigid! Find a towel warmer and you’ll actually enjoy stepping out of the shower and into a heated towel you can wrap yourself in. Tangkula makes an affordable option that is both freestanding and mountable and who doesn’t love options?

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$89.74 on Amazon

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