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How To Crack An Egg With One Hand!

This one-handed egg crack will impress your friends and family and take your cooking skills to the next level!

Everyone knows how to crack an egg with two hands. But the next time you’re cooking with your friends or children, surprise them by showing off a new culinary skill. When it’s time to add eggs to your recipe, crack the egg with one hand instead of two! Watch how it’s done here:

First, start by purchasing some fresh eggs at your local supermarket! It doesn’t matter what kind of eggs you choose! 

No matter which egg you have chosen, keep in mind that the eggshell is stronger than it looks! Although eggshells are quite thin, they are quite structurally sound. Eggs are surprisingly strong under compression, so you would be surprised by their strength and durability when you squeeze them with your bare hand. In order to break the shell, you typically need to provide a blow to the side with a sharp object. 

Of course, we all know how to crack an egg with two hands.  But have you ever tried to crack an egg with one hand? All you need is three fingers: Your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. And of course, have a bowl handy to catch the yolk! 

While holding the egg with one hand, tap the shell against a flat surface to form a defined crack down the middle. 

Use your thumb and index finger to hold the top of the egg. Use your middle finger to pull the bottom half of the shell away. Imagine your hand making a twisting motion as your middle finger pulls away the shell. 

Voila! That’s all there is to it! You’ve now mastered a skill once reserved for seasoned professional chefs in the comfort of your own kitchen! Happy cooking! 

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