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How to Celebrate the Holidays Virtually This Year

Here’s how to celebrate the holidays virtually this year and start some new traditions that the entire family will love!

This holiday season, find ways to spend time with all of the people in your life you love. We are so grateful that technology like Zoom and FaceTime exists. It allows you to connect from all over the world without leaving your home. So, let’s celebrate the season virtually. Here are five ways you can take part in the holiday cheer, even if your family is not near. Did we just rhyme? Oh dear!

Cook Together Virtually
Setup your devices and cook with a loved one together, apart. Choose a recipe in advance that you will both make, so that your meals are ready at the same time. After cooking, sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor, while also catching up with your loved ones. Or, take an online cooking class and you can both learn a new skill while you’re at it! There are so many sites out there with class options like Pizza Making, Authentic and Classic Thanksgiving Meal, and Cake Decorating and Assembling.

Take The Time to Catch-Up
If you usually have family members you only see at large events, and rarely get one-on-one time with, now is finally that time. Reach out in advance to schedule a call with your aunt, your cousin, or whoever it is you always want to spend more time talking to.  Refer to our review of the best tech for virtual celebrations to decide on the best app! 

Send Gratitude Cards or Holiday Gifts
Since gratitude is often a big theme surrounding the New Year, this year, let people in your family know you’re grateful for them. We even created DABL postcards you can print and send by mail, which will surely be a welcome surprise!

If you usually bring gifts to your holiday gatherings, this year, make sure to order them with enough time to arrive at the homes of all your loved ones. 

Start a New Tradition with Remote Games
This year, hop on a family virtual call, and play say some games!  A simple one is “the family member most likely to…” List a bunch of categories such as “most likely to get married,” “most likely to have their computer battery die first,” and “most likely to drink the most wine at home.” Everyone can write their answers in the chat options on one of the virtual meeting platforms. 

Watch a Movie
If your family enjoys watching movies on New Years Day, (or any time for that matter), there are ways you can all watch together. There are some apps and programs out there that even have Google Chrome extensions (make sure to first download Chrome here), so you can all view the same movie or television show if you are using a streaming service. If not everyone has these options, you can simply choose a family movie you’ll all watch and then pick a time for everyone to do so! Knowing that your family is all engaging in the same activity will make you feel more connected, even when you can’t all be in the same room.

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