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How to Bring Your Family Together This Thanksgiving No Matter the Distance

Food brings families together, and what better way than a family cookbook! Get started today!

When we think of Thanksgiving two things come to mind: family and food. If you’re not going to be participating in a big gathering this year, perhaps you’ll still see your loved ones over Zoom. But if you’re worried you’ll miss Grandma’s sweet potato pie, we’ve got a solution. Enter: The 2020 Thanksgiving Family Cookbook!

If Thanksgiving is not complete without a special family dish, this is the year you all learn Mom’s secret recipe. A few weeks before the holiday, request that every family member email you the recipe to their signature dish. If they happen to have a photo of the dish from Thanksgiving's past, ask for that as well. Lastly, don’t forget to gather everyone’s address.

If you go online, there are tons of websites that can help you create a family cookbook. There are many vendors and options out there who can provide volume discounts on printing, and have various binding and cover options like plastic coil, wiro bound, soft cover, or hard cover. In addition, there are some sites that also provide cute magnetic recipe cards, which can be recipe reminders all year long (cause who wouldn’t want pecan pie every single month of the year?). 

Of course, for a more affordable option, you can DIY your own cookbook. Simply type and print out your family recipes on 3-hole punch paper. Purchase binders to hold the recipes. Get creative with your fonts, photos you print, and the cover you create. Make sure to do it in advance so your cookbooks can be delivered to your loved ones before Thanksgiving Day.




If you’re worried that with all those recipes, there will be way too much food, why not make Thanksgiving a week-long food-fest? With food this delicious, it shouldn’t be restricted to just one day this year.

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