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How To Beat The Heat If You’re Traveling To England This Summer

The U.K. is currently in a record-breaking heat wave and most homes and buildings do NOT have air conditioning.

Published 07/20/22

If you’re finally taking your dream trip across the pond this summer, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise if you were hoping to enjoy a cooler climate. Although the weather can be a bit unpredictable throughout the U.K., it’s rarely extreme. On average, the temperature usually fluctuates between 48–64 degrees Fahrenheit in England during the summer. But this year is different. 

The U.K. has been hit with a massive heat wave. For the first time ever, temperatures broke 104 degrees Fahrenheit. In a county where most homes and buildings do not have air conditioning, Brits have essentially been left to sweat it out until the heat wave passes. While most people are just uncomfortable, some members of the population may be at risk of severe illness or death because of the extreme heat. Making matters worse, the high temps have also helped to fuel multiple fires that are currently burning throughout the U.K. 

If you’ll be traveling to the U.K. before the heat wave passes, here are some essentials to pack that will help you stay cool. 

Maelifu N\cMaelifu N\c

Battery Powered Folding Fan

Since your U.K. residence may not have AC, you’ll need to supply your own! This portable fan has three different speeds to quietly simulate a natural, cooling wind. It also folds up nicely for easy packing and won’t take up much room in your suitcase. 

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medi 55medi 55

Instant Cold Packs - Pack of 24 (5" x 6")

Although these cold packs are meant for injuries, they can also do a great job of cooling you off on a hot day. In extreme heat, cooling key areas like your wrists and feet can make you feel more comfortable, which these portable packs can help with if you’re in a pinch. To activate the packs, all you have to do is squeeze and shake! 


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Wearable Cooling Neck Wraps for Summer Heat

Get sweet relief with this hands-free, reusable neck cooler. These handy tools just need to be frozen to use. But even if you don’t have a freezer, it’s not a problem. You can use ice water, refrigerators, or air conditioning in your home, office, or car to prepare it for use. 

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Cooling Vest with 2 Fans for Men Women

Have you ever heard of air-conditioned clothing? Vests like these protect you from the sun and essentially turns your top into a portable ac unit that will keep you cool and comfortable. Despite the fans and cooling system inside, your vest will look like any other piece of clothing. 

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CHILLZ Pet Cooling Mat for Dogs

Okay, we know this is a cooling mat for pets, but this doesn’t mean people can’t enjoy it, too. Since it’s non-toxic and doesn’t use water, it’s a lightweight item you can easily throw into your suitcase. If the bedding in your hotel or vacation rental is on the warmer side, you can lay on the mat at night to stay cool. 


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Beckham Luxury Linens Beckham Luxury Linens

Beckham Hotel Collection Cooling Luxury Gel Pillow

Many people like to bring their own pillows when they travel. If you’re going to bring your personal pillow with you anyway, you might as well choose one that will help you stay cool. These pillows don’t contain any chemicals, but they are made from super plush gel fiber that will help you regulate your body temperature. 

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