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Homeowners Share Their Big Regrets After Purchasing, and We Couldn’t Agree More

We revisited an internet discussion about homeownership regrets, and these warnings still ring true today.

Back in 2014, a discussion on Reddit started by Candy_Wife asked: “Home owners of reddit, What are your regrets?” There were a variety of responses, ranging from sage advice on finances, but also some out-of-left-field things we would never have considered. Are you looking to buy a home soon? Consider and learn from these comments before taking the big home purchase dive. 

1) “Paint before you move your stuff in. If you like the flooring, buy plastic drop cloths to cover it before painting and do a good job masking.” - apes_a_poppin

This one is a no-brainer, but so many folks are given aggressive timelines to work with, and are forced to move in just to have a roof over their heads. An effective real estate agent should be able to navigate an ideal move-in timeline for you, or even put you up in a nearby hotel while very important upgrades, like repainting the home, are addressed. 

2) “When I was looking to buy a home, they told me a waterpark was being built across the was a wastewater treatment facility.” - apes_a_poppin

You can always request your real estate agent to look into local zoning and development plans. For instance, you’d want to know if your amazing view you specifically bought the home for will be short lived because a 5-story apartment building will be coming in soon. These are things that may spoil the joy of homeownership pretty quickly, and also have a negative impact on the value of your property over time. 

3) “When the financial lender tells you how much house you can afford, cut that number in half. You will easily make up that cost in constant repairs and unforseen expenditures.” - AllAboutLove

There are many unexpected expenses when it comes to homeownership, especially for those who are coming from a rental apartment. Suddenly, these expenses are all your’s (broken pipes, roofs, foundational work). In addition, many folks are often surprised by high property tax rates or even Mello-Roos taxes. And let’s not forget that certain neighborhoods have HOA fees, which can be hundreds of dollars each month.

4) “Absolutely pay for a home inspection. You can ignore a large number of things they will find not "up to code", however, it is invaluable if they find something costly.” - AllAboutLove

Could not agree more! You don’t want to be on the hook for small mistakes, but in the worst case scenario, you could be sitting on a home that is simply falling apart!

5) “If you don't like yard work, or aren't into gardening, don't buy a house with mature, extensive, landscaping. Yes, it's pretty when you're looking at it, but a dozen trees, countless bushes, flowers and planters and retaining walls and everything is just too much. I wish I had bought a house that was xeriscaped.” - pregnantandsober

A beautiful yard gives a home immediate curb appeal, but all of those beautiful plants require major upkeep, water and maybe even professional landscaping services. 

6) “If you have a pet allergy and they had pets, replace the carpet before you move it. Fur never really goes away. Ever.” - not_crazy_cat_lady

At Dabl, we love our cats and dogs, but your allergies may not. Your house should be a palace of comfort, and not an epicenter of sneezing, itchiness and flyaway fur particles. 

7) “If the street that the house is on has speed bumps, find out why. Maybe they just helped get rid of a lot of drunk drivers racing down the street a decade ago.” - MinimalistFan

These are also things you can ask any seasoned real estate agent to help find out! You certainly don’t want to settle down in a neighborhood with a street that promotes speedy drivers, especially if you have kids. 

8) “Find out how old the appliances in the house are. Research and understand the general lifespan of the oldest appliances.” - mycorgiisamazing

Add this to the list of unexpected expenses that you may be on the hook for a LOT sooner than you’d like. 

9) “Consider the house layout. Are there a lot of narrow hallways and entrances with turns? Chances are most large/long furniture won't fit.” - CarminSanDiego 

That charming old home may not have the room for your amazing sectional to squeeze through. 

10) “My biggest regret is that I didn't pay attention to how little closet space is actually available. Son of a gun…” - Flyone8

If your home doesn’t have a lot of storage, it may never feel tidy since all of your belongings will be hanging out in the open. In addition, this could end up being an extra unexpected expense in that you may have to buy a bunch of furniture with storage features. 

Do you have any regrets or sage advice for to-be homeowners? Let us know on social media!

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