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Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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Holiday Activities with Kids

Looking for ways to bring the holiday excitement for the kids? Try out these 8 holiday activities!

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The little ones are coming over to play. Or maybe you’ve been in the house with them all year-long. Now is the time to entertain those kids with activities that celebrate the season. Here are x suggestions to spread that holiday cheer with the children that you love!

Build a GingerBread House

This is a classic holiday activity and for good reason. It’s tons of fun! There are loads of kits online that come complete with everything you need to assemble the house. Check out this kit by Hershey’s -- so you know it’s got to be a delicious one!

Paint Ornaments

Get a bunch of these white ornaments and let the kids go wild with drawing on them with paint pens or whatever paint you have at home! Another option is to go the old-fashioned route and  and have them string some popcorn for the tree. This requires using a needle and thread so probably best for the older kids.

Do a Winter Lights Drive-Through

Often there are streets known for their impressive Christmas decorations, and they’re so fun to take a drive-through. For the younger kids, they’ll love playing “I spy” with so many bright colors and sights to see. Take a mini road trip to a neighborhood you’ve never been to before and it will be an adventure for all.

Create Hot Chocolate Bombs

If you’ve heard the kids mention TikTok before, they may already know about this craze all over the platform: hot chocolate bombs. This trend takes a new spin on traditional hot chocolate. The bombs have a hard chocolate exterior with hot cocoa, marshmallows, and sometimes, sprinkles, inside. The bomb is placed in a cup and then warm milk is poured over to melt it into a cup of delicious hot chocolate. 

These bombs can easily be made using a silicone mold like this one from Amazon for less than $10.  The first step is to use either chocolate chips or cut up pieces from a chocolate bar to melt down in the microwave or over the stovetop. Do it slowly if using the microwave, in 10-15 second intervals, to avoid burning the chocolate.

Spoon about 2 teaspoons of melted chocolate into one side of the mold and use a pastry brush to spread it smoothly along the mold. Then, place the mold in the freezer for about 10 minutes so it can firm up. Repeat the filing and brushing process one more time and then freeze again.

Fill half of the mold with the hot chocolate plus any fillings of your choice!

Place a clean plate over a pot of hot water to warm it up. Then, remove the empty halves from the mold and press the edges of the chocolate shell to the warm plate. When it starts to slightly melt, remove the chocolate half and place it on top of one with the hot chocolate inside to seal your bomb. Repeat with the remaining shells. 

Once the bombs are sealed, place the mold back in the freezer for another 10 minutes to make sure they’re set. 

The kids will be delighted when you give them their completed bomb and pour warm milk over it for a tasty treat!

Play With Snow

If you live in a climate where there’s snow, you already know how much fun can be had! Build a snowman, go sledding, or create snowangeles. Or, get crafty and use the snow as their art canvas. If you have some spray bottles and food dye, you can create snow paint! Fill the bottles with water, add your colored dye, and hand off to your little artists!

For those kids in warmer climates, they’ll delight in creating snow with this Instant Snow Powder from Amazon. All you have to do is add water and watch the snow form. Let them decorate indoors or throw it up in the air outside. 

Swing at a Holiday Pinata

A birthday party delight, why not enjoy a pinata to celebrate the holiday season? This snowman pinata is adorable, and what kid wouldn’t want to smash open a present like this pinata?

Go for a Candy Cane Hunt

Hide candy canes throughout the house and set those kids loose searching for them! This one is a simple activity which can keep them busy for hours.

Create a Holiday-Themed Bowling Game

Start collecting empty plastic water bottles, preferably green ones if you can find them. Or, save those empty toilet paper rolls. Have your kids decorate 10 of either option using markers, glue, construction paper, and whatever decorative items you have on hand. For the green bottles, they can create Christamas tree pins. If they celebrate Hanukkah, they can create the candle sticks of the menorah. Then, set up the 10 pins (a single pin, row of 2 pins, row of 3 pins, and the last row of 4) at the end of a hallway, preferably. Using any small ball you have handy, let the games begin!

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