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Here’s Why Your Dog Needs A Fresh New Diet

Keep your dog happy and healthy with fresh meals delivered straight to your door!

Editor’s Note: Before making significant changes to your dog’s diet, always consult with a licensed veterinarian. Only you and your vet can decide which diet is best for your dog’s specific and unique needs. 

As loving pet parents, we do whatever we can to keep our dogs happy and healthy so our fur babies can have the best and longest lives possible. An important component to this is by feeding our pets a healthy and balanced diet that provides our fur babies with the nutrition they need to thrive. In an effort to do this, dog owners all over the country are switching their pups from a diet of questionable kibble to high quality, fresh meals. New research shows that many brands of dry food mislead consumers by using ingredients they claim they don’t, and not using essential ingredients as advertised. This is on top of growing concerns surrounding how kibble is manufactured and the nutrients it provides. 

Although kibble is convenient to serve and easy to buy in bulk, several problems could arise from feeding your dog dry food. For example, many pet owners don’t know that kibble can go bad in the first place, or that it can become rancid or rotten much sooner than anyone would expect. Proper storage can help lengthen the shelf life of dry food, but generally kibble goes bad in about 2 weeks once it’s been exposed to oxygen. Unknowingly feeding dogs rancid kibble introduces toxins into their body and increases the likelihood that your dog will experience issues with digestion. 

Unfortunately, many dry foods are over-processed, have little moisture, and don’t contain enough nutrients in the first place. The use of high heat in the kibble manufacturing process destroys the viability of essential vitamins and minerals, and the amount of remaining nutrients quickly diminishes once the food turns rancid. This means that your dog may be essentially eating “fillers,” or the animal equivalent of human fast food.

For pet parents who have become frustrated with the downfalls of kibble, the availability of fresh food is life changing. Not only do fresh meals taste better, but they give dogs a new lease on life in both the short term and the long term. According to the American Kennel Club, dogs on a fresh-food diet will reap several benefits for their overall wellbeing, including enhanced heart health, increased energy levels, shinier coats, better smelling breath, improved eyesight, and better digestion. Instead of feeding dogs ingredients that have been condensed into tiny balls or pellets, dogs are served fresh meals with healthy ingredients and human-quality food. With several fresh food services available to deliver ready-to-serve meals to your doorstep, there is no excuse not to feed your dog the best of the best! Check out some of these options your dog will love! 

The Farmer’s DogThe Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog was founded with the mission to turn the unconditional love we have for our dogs into uncomplicated care, starting with what we put in their food bowls. The Farmer’s Dog is guided by love, science, and years of nutritional research to make perfectly portioned and balanced meals for every dog. Once you fill out a brief questionnaire, the team at Farmer’s Dogs works with vet nutritionists to determine the best meals and portion size for your dog’s unique needs. All deliveries arrive pre-portioned and ready to serve in temperature controlled, insulated boxes. For a limited time, get 20% off when you sign up for your fresh meal plan! 

Plans start at $33 per week!

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Ollie believes that the best way to show our dogs we appreciate them is to feed them high quality food that makes them feel amazing! After filling out a brief questionnaire about your dog, Ollie provides a customized, nutritious meal plan that will help your dog thrive. Recipes include a mix of delicious beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey. Every two weeks, you’ll receive freshly prepared meals straight to your home that are ready to serve, as well as a food guide to ensure your dog is getting the correct portions. You’ll also receive a convenient food storage container, or “pup-tainer” as Ollie likes to call it. Simply freeze leftover meals until you are ready to serve them. For this week only, receive 60% off when you order your first box from Ollie! 

Plans start at $40 per week!

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Nom NomNom Nom

Nom Nom

Nom Nom was formed by a collective of pet enthusiasts who made a commitment to improve the lives of dogs and cats everywhere. Under the guidance of a leading board certified veterinary nutritionist and a team of PhDs, Nom Nom takes a personalized approach to making restaurant quality meals in house for pets all over the country. Every meal is nutritious and made from sustainably sourced ingredients obtained from trusted and reliable U.S. growers and suppliers. Recipes include delicious meals made from beef, chicken, pork, and turkey. Let your dog try all the recipes with a variety pack, or save 20% for a limited time when you subscribe to a personalized meal plan. 

Plans start at $38 per week, or $15 per variety pack!

Get your plan today!


PetPlate’s mission is to make better food for dogs so they can live longer, healthier, and happier lives with their loving families. Every meal is made with a commitment to science, quality, safety, and taste in mind. When you customize a meal plan for your dog, you can choose if you want to use PetPlate’s meals for 100% of your pup’s diet, or you can opt for meal toppers to use with your dog’s current food. All fresh meals arrive ready to eat on your schedule with PetPlate’s reliable and free delivery. For a limited time, get 60% off your first PetPlate box, and 20% off your next two deliveries! 

Plans start at $18 Per Week!

Get your plan today!
Spot & Tango Spot & Tango

Spot & Tango

Spot & Tango is a personalized pet health and wellness subscription that makes it easier for pet parents to keep their dogs happy and healthy! In order to do this, Spot & Tango delivers ready-to-serve, human-grade meals that fit your dog's unique nutritional needs. After taking a quick quiz, Spot & Tango will help design a meal plan that is personalized to your pup. While Spot & Tango ships a variety of delicious and nutritious fresh recipes and meal toppers straight to your door, this company has really made a name for itself by inventing UnKibble. UnKibble looks like traditional kibble, but was designed by veterinarians to far exceed industry standards and only contain fresh ingredients and whole foods. UnKibble is cooked at low temperatures to ensure it’s full of essential nutrients, and comes with a personalized scooper that holds the correct serving size for your pet. For a limited time, receive 20% off when you place your first order!

Plans start at $23 per week for UnKibble and $40 per week for fresh meals!

Get your plan today!

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