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Here Are the 7 Best Practices to Follow When It’s Time to Clean Your Couch

As part of your Spring cleaning, why not show your couch the TLC it deserves? Here is everything you need to know to safely and efficiently deep clean your favorite couch or sofa.

Throughout the year, your couch sees a lot of wear and tear. Your couch is usually the first place you sit when you come home from work or running errands, and serves as home base for movie and game nights with the family. With all the time we spend on our couch, it’s unavoidable for bits of food, grime, dirt, and dust to find their way into the crevices of the cushions. When it’s time to clean your couch, here are 7 best practices to follow that will leave your couch feeling clean, smelling fresh, and sufficiently sanitized. 

Before trying anything, read the cleaning tag or manufacturer instructions. 

Before cleaning your couch, do your homework by reading the manufacturer care instructions. Your couch should come with an easily accessible tear tag. If the tag has fallen off or you can’t find it, make sure to look online for the care instructions before you get started. This step is crucial, as using the wrong materials to clean your couch could lead to permanent damage. 

In general, there will be one of four letters on your care tag that will tell you what type of cleaning materials can be used on your couch. “W” means water based cleaners can be used, “W/S” means water or solvent solutions are safe for cleaning your couch, and “S” means only solvent-based cleaners should be used on your couch. If your tag has an “X,” this means you can only vacuum or brush your couch, and should avoid using any cleaning solutions.

Your vacuum cleaner can be used for more than your floors. 

Your vacuum cleaner should be your best friend when it comes to cleaning your couch! Whether you want to prepare your couch for steam cleaning or simply want to remove some dust and grime, your vacuum has you covered. Simply remove the hand held portion of your vacuum, and let your vacuum work its magic! As a reminder, don’t forget to vacuum the sides and back of your couch, too. Even though you may not be sitting there or these spots are not easily seen, they should still be cleaned. 


Cordless Stick Vacuum

This 2 in1 stick and hand design provides two vacuums in one! Easily vacuum floors without hurting your back, and remove the handheld vacuum to reach small messes or clean furniture and fabrics in your home. Plus, you will have ultimate freedom as you clean with no cord to hold you back, and swivel steering that allows you to maneuver around obstacles with ease.

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Remove distracting stains. 

No matter what you use to remove stains, our first tip is to test your cleaning solution on a non-visible part of your couch. The last thing you need is to create a new stain or have one piece of fabric that ends up lighter than the rest of your couch. Make sure your cleaning solution is compatible with your couch before you cause any visible eye sores or irreversible damage. 

In addition, make sure to blot, and not rub when you are trying to clean stains, especially if the stain is fresh. Rubbing can cause the fabric fibers to become matted, and imbed the stain even deeper than it was originally. It’s usually a good idea to buy a cleaning solution that is meant for your couch, but you can also create your own by mixing mild dish soap and warm water in an emergency. 


Professional Stain & Odor

If you can use water based cleaning products on your couch, the Bissell Professional Stain & Odor Remover is a great choice. This cleaning solution consists of an enzyme-containing formula specifically designed to remove stubborn stains and odors caused by food, pets, mold, smoke, and more!

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Use Fabric Steamers. 

If your sofa tag is marked with a “W” or “W/S,” your couch is likely a strong candidate for steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is great for many reasons. For example, the high heat used in steam cleaning can eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful germs and remove unpleasant odors. Steam cleaning can also remove annoying crumbs and stubborn stains all at the push of a button. 

In order for your steam cleaning to be most effective, you will have to put in some prep work first. Make sure you thoroughly vacuum your couch to remove pet hair, crumbs, and dirt prior to breaking out the steamer. You may also want to carefully pre-treat stubborn stains, and apply conditioner or fabric shampoo to your couch to ensure it won’t become hard or gritty after steaming. Many people also use a soil emulsifier on the fabric prior to steaming to help lift all the dirt and grime that have been grounded into your couch. 

Ultimately, the prep work you put in will lead to the best results after steaming. If you do not own your own fabric steamer, a garment steamer or bursts from your steam iron can also work to kill dust mites and germs in a pinch! 


Little Green ProHeat Corded Handheld Deep Cleaner

Tackle spills and messes on your carpet and couch fast with this Bissell Little Green ProHeat portable steam cleaner. This steamer comes with a built-in water heater and has extra large water capacity, which means you won’t have to waste time refilling water and can bring the power of heat to your cleaning routine. This steam cleaner is highly effective at removing dirt, dust, hair, debris and harmful allergens through spot cleaning. 

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Dupray Neat Steam CleanerDupray Neat Steam Cleaner

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

This multipurpose steam cleaner is perfect for cleaning upholstery, floors, fabrics, and even your car seats! It can reach temperatures of up to 275 degrees for maximum sanitation, and gets almost an hour of use per fill up. 

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Sanitize your couch. 

There are many reasons you might want to sanitize your couch. For example, one of your kids might have a cold you don’t want to spread to other members of the family, or your pet may have had an accident. Using high heat from steam cleaning is one way to do this, but if you don’t have a steam cleaner or your couch can’t handle steam cleaning, spraying disinfectants is a great, quick solution. 


Clorox Fabric Sanitizer Aerosol Spray

Clorox fabric sanitizer sprays are formulated to sanitize your couch and remove odor-causing bacteria in under 30 seconds. It kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs on fabric, making it an efficient sanitization product. Plus, no pre-cleaning or post-cleaning is required to use this product. Simply spray and go about your day!

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Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray

Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray sanitizes and freshens fabrics at the same time! When used as directed, this spray kills 99.9% of bacteria on couches, clothes, bedding, car seats, pet beds, towels, and more!

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Call in a professional. 

When in doubt, it never hurts to call in a professional to clean your couch, especially if your couch can’t be cleaned with water-based solutions. Alternatively, if you are too busy to clean yourself or have physical limitations that make it difficult to clean your couch, calling in someone else to do the job for you could be most practical. Plus, bringing in an expert gives you peace of mind by ensuring the job will be completed correctly, and that you will not accidentally damage your couch yourself if you aren’t sure what you’re doing.

However, we recommend reading reviews before selecting a professional, and making sure the company you hire has insurance that will cover repairs or replacements in case they accidentally damage your couch.

Leave your couch smelling fresh. 

At the end of a thorough cleaning, leave your couch smelling as fresh and clean as it now is. Whether you have a favorite scent or simply want to eliminate the last of any lingering odors, there are many products on the market you can use to give your couch a burst of freshness! These can even be used between cleanings to knock out daily smells caused by accidental spills and pets. 


Febreze Fabric Refresher

Febreze Extra Strength Fabric Refresher and Febreze Unstopables Fabric Refresher are some of the most famous products on the market for making all kinds of fabrics smell good. This Febreze 2 pack has both types of fabric refresher, so you can pick the right spray for the job. Febreze’s Extra Strength formula is perfect for cleaning away odors from hard-to-wash fabrics such as clothing, upholstery, carpets, and window treatments. Meanwhile, the Febreze Unstopables Refresher is formulated to freshen with more perfume to create a longer-lasting fresh scent. 

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In many ways, our couches are the center of our homes. It’s where we relax and spend time with our loved ones. Therefore, it only makes sense we give our couches the thorough cleaning and care they deserve, and now you have all the tips you need to be successful! 

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