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Give Your Home a Deep Clean With These 7 Products

With these 7 products you’ll ensure a deep clean for every room of your home!

Spring cleaning is more than just removing all the clutter -- although, that’s a huge part of it and one we strongly recommend. Once you can see your floors and cabinets again, it’s time to do a thorough deep cleaning of your windows, floors, and appliances. With the right products, your place will be sparkling in no time! We’ve rounded up 7 of the best ones, to make your home cleaner than ever before!


Natural Glass + Surface Cleaner

The is a clean alternative to other ammonia-containing products. It removes streaks, tiny handprints, and let’s your windows, tables, and mirrors shine!

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Dishwasher Cleaner

We often forget that our appliances designed to clean other items, need cleaning themselves! But lime and mineral buildup naturally occurs in dishwashers, and often, there is an unpleasant smell if not cleaned. Simply run these tablets once a month in an empty machine, and the only thing dirty will be the dishes themselves.

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Washer Magic Washing Machine Cleaner

Speaking of cleaning appliances that need cleaning, you’ll want to pick up this item which is ideal for machines that use hard water, making them susceptible to build up and mineral deposits. Additionally, detergent itself can leave a not-so-favorable residue. Use this once a month and it not only will leave you with a clean machine, but it will also extend its life.

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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 24 Pack

You may think any ole’ rag will do, but stocking up on this 24-pack of microfiber ones will help you in all aspects of your deep clean. The microfiber material is ideal for collecting dust, they can remove grease and particles from kitchen appliances, and are super absorbent. They’re reusable and made to last hundreds of washings!

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Bar Keepers FriendBar Keepers Friend

Soft Cleanser

This brand’s cleaner is top-rated and it’s original powder form has been improved upon to liquid form in this easy-to-use squeeze bottle. For all your bathroom vertical surfaces including your shower, tub, and toilet, this product coats the surface and will leave a clean, polished surface. Similarly, it removes that unwanted grime and residue from your kitchen oven, stove, sink, counters, and, surprisingly, you can use it on plates to buff out knife marks.

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Carpet MiracleCarpet Miracle

Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer

As the name suggests, sometimes you think you’ll need a miracle to remove carpet stains but this product might just be the answer to your prayers! The formula is non-toxic, so it’s safe around your kids and pets (the ones who probably made the stain in the first place)! It is highly potent, making the product good value for the price. It can be used in almost any carpet cleaning machine.

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Oxy Power Shot for Carpet and Area Rugs

This product goes deep -- way beyond the surface stains and really penetrates into the carpeting. It can remove stains in only a few minutes, and after blotting, it continues to work to permanently remove stains and odor. It’s also EPA safer choice certified, keeping you and your family safe.

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