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Give Your Home A Clean Start To 2022!

Revisit our best advice for keeping your house clean and organized in 2021 to give your home a clean slate to begin the new year!

Over the holidays, it’s easy for our normal housekeeping routines to get put on the back burner. We get so busy with our holiday engagements, in addition to our normal responsibilities at work or as parents, that we don’t always clean our homes to our normal standards. But with the new year comes a chance for a fresh start! And we encourage you to start 2022 with a decluttered house that will give you a clean slate to make the most of the new year! If you’re not sure how to begin, revisit our best articles from 2021 that will give your home the fresh start it needs! 

Decluttering Tips & Tricks:

Do This One Thing Every Day This Week to Start Your Clutter-Free Life

Do This One Thing Every Day This Week to Start Your Clutter-Free Life
Depending on how much stuff you have, decluttering your home might feel like an overwhelming, impossible task. But when you do a little bit each day, such as clearing out one type of item or one room of your house, the task of decluttering becomes much easier. We have useful tips on how to break down your decluttering process and what to get rid of first. 

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7 Items You May Not Have Thought Of Decluttering
When it’s time to declutter your house, you may be overlooking unnecessary items that are only taking up space in your home. Don’t forget to get rid of items like these that you no longer need while decluttering your home. 

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Tips to Declutter Your Home for Some Pre-Spring Cleaning
If you are having trouble deciding which items to keep, donate, or discard, this article will give you useful tips on how to choose. For example, it’s generally safe to donate clothing you haven’t worn in the last 3 months. Keep reading for more tips! 

Home Storage/ Organization

Declutter Your Home Now With These Genius Storage Solutions
Part of decluttering means revamping your home organization! As you go through your belongings, you’ll need to find a place for everything you’re keeping. Check out these useful storage solutions that will help you do just that! 

Tips For Keeping Your Kitchen Clean: 

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Here’s Your Sign That It’s Time To Descale Your Coffee Maker!
Over time, calcium and mineral deposits, or scale, build up inside your coffee maker or Keurig. Ideally, you should deep clean your coffee maker at least once every three months through a process called descaling. If you neglect to do so, your coffee maker can’t function at its peak performance and you risk exposing yourself to harmful bacteria and germs. This article will teach you everything you need to know about how to properly descale your coffee maker. 

Shocked Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is Shocked to Find Rat Droppings in This Kitchen
This article starts with a shocking anecdote. On an episode of “Kitchen Nightmares,” Gordon Ramsay visits a dirty kitchen that is infested with rats. This is horrifying because the kitchen needs to be kept clean for safety reasons. When food is cooked in unsanitary conditions, the people who consume it are at risk of developing foodborne illnesses or becoming sick. And while your kitchen is very likely not as dirty as this nightmarish restaurant’s, this article still provides valuable tips on keeping your kitchen clean and making sure pests stay away.  

Tips For Managing Pet Hair:

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6 Tips And Tricks To Manage Your Pet’s Excessive Shedding
While we love our pets, staying ahead of their constant shedding before it ends up all over the floors and furniture can feel like a constant battle. Although pets tend to shed the most during the hot summer months, they can (and do) shed all year. Read this article to find out how you can manage your pet’s shedding before it takes over your home! 

Tips For Home Maintenance: 

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Here Are the 7 Best Practices to Follow When It’s Time to Clean Your Couch
Since all couches are not made the same way, they can’t be cleaned the same way either. It’s unavoidable for bits of food, grime, dirt, and dust to find their way into your couch just from you living in your home. However, your couch has to be cleaned the right way if you want it to be clean, sanitized, and smell fresh for the new year! 

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Say Goodbye to Dust Mites This Spring
If you tend to develop allergies during the Spring, there is a good possibility there are dust mites in your home. Although Spring is still a while away, you can start preparing for allergy season now. Learn how to rid your home of dust, dust mites, and other allergens starting now, as well as best practices for keeping them away, for an allergy-free Spring. 

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Give Your Home a Deep Clean With These 7 Products
There’s no better way to give your home a clean start for the new year than with a deep and thorough cleaning. Use some of our favorite cleaning products to make the job easier! 

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