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Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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Get All Your Back-To-School Shopping Done At Nordstrom Rack!

Check out these fun and fabulous looks that will make your son or daughter the fashion expert at their school!

Can you believe it’s almost time for kids to go back to school? After completing a year of virtual school at home, your kids will want to be sure they make a good impression on their first day back on campus! Help them feel confident and look their best on the first day of school with these stylish looks from Nordstrom Rack! Whether your child is just starting elementary school or is preparing for their freshman year of college, Nordstrom Rack carries all the latest fashions at affordable prices. Take a look at some of our favorite options! 

Elementary School:


Twist Front Pocket T-Shirt

Every young girl needs comfortable shirts as a wardrobe staple! This shirt will be suitable for lessons in the classroom or epic games on the playground during Recess. Your daughter will love the 6 fun patterns and colors that this shirt comes in, and the fashion knot in the front of the top will add undeniable style to her look. 


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Z By Zella GirlZ By Zella Girl

Printed Knit Leggings

Young girls love fun patterns, and these leggings are the definition of fun and fabulous! They’ll look adorable under dresses or skirts, or even as stand-alone bottoms. Plus, they’ll keep the little girl in your life warm as the weather cools down in the Fall and Winter. 


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Foster Checked Button Up Shirt

This casual and comfortable shirt features a classic plaid pattern and a spread collar that will help your little one look his best. Whether you want your son to make a good first impression on the first day of school or are attending a family dinner, this shirt is for you! It’s also a great go-to option for picture day! 

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Sovereign Code Sovereign Code

Ocean Park Colorblock Zip Jacket

Keep the little man in your life warm on cold school mornings as we get into the Fall and Winter! This jacket features modern navy and lime color blocks to add a sporty touch to this classic zip jacket. It has an attached hood for extra warmth and coziness, and features a split kangaroo pocket for anything he needs to store. 

$15 (57% Off For A Limited Time!)

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Junior High & High School: 


Flutter Sleeve Button Front Dress

Girls in middle school and high school are growing up quickly, and tend to place a lot of energy making sure they are looking their best. With this trendy fit-and-flare dress, the young woman in your life will be beaming with confidence! It comes in 3 trendy patterns and the cute button front and smocked waist are flattering on any body type. When the weather gets colder, pair the dress with leggings and a cute pair of boots to rock this look all year! 


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10hr Button Fly Skinny Jeans

Jeans are a wardrobe essential for any young woman, and these skinny jeans are particularly stylish. These high waisted jeans have a natural slimming effect, and can be worn with shirts tucked in or out. With no rips or tears, these jeans are school appropriate and can be dressed up and down for any occasion. But what really makes these jeans stand out is the trendy button up fly that adds sophistication and style to any look! 

$38 (28% Off For A Limited Time!)

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Miwo Low Top Sneaker

The Miwo Low Top Sneaker is made from leather and embodies the best that the athleisure world has to offer. Since the sneakers are black, they will match any look and can be paired with casual outfits to keep your son’s feet supported and comfortable throughout the school day. If the young man in your life is into sports, he will be ready to race off to practice as soon as school is dismissed! 

$50 (66% Off For A Limited Time!)

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Reverse Chill Henley T-Shirt

This minimalist T-shirt will add a pop of color to your young man’s wardrobe, and will look great with jeans or shorts. The comfortable shirt features short sleeves and a split neck with buttons that makes this look a stylish wardrobe essential. It can be mixed and matched with a variety of outfits to make many appearances at school and family events. 


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Clean Crepe Blazer

During college, your daughter may be interviewing for her first job or starting her first professional internship and she needs to look the part! Even some school organizations, clubs, and sororities host business professional events or career fairs where your daughter will need a blazer to complete her look. This work-to-play blazer comes in a youthful ivory color and features a flattering longline fit that your daughter will absolutely adore. The pretty and polished look will help her win opportunities to begin her career as a young academic and professional.

$57 (48% Off For A Limited Time!)

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Classic Mini II Genuine Shearling Lined Boot

These lavender Uggs are beyond adorable, and are pre-treated to avoid staining or damage caused by moisture in inclement weather. These boots will keep your daughter cozy and warm when she has to go to classes during the colder Fall and Winter months. They can also double as comfy slide-on slippers to protect her feet when she has to walk around her dorm at night. 

$90 (35% Off For A Limited Time!)

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Warbler Printed Regular Fit Shirt

Every young man needs a button up shirt in his wardrobe that can be dressed up or down for a variety of occasions. The shirt is light enough to be comfortable in the Summer months, but also warm enough that it can be paired with sweaters or jackets when the weather gets colder. Each shirt has a classic chest pocket. Choose from 4 trendy prints, or purchase them all for different looks and to always have this wardrobe staple on hand! 

$27 (50% Off For A Limited Time!)

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Articles Of Society Articles Of Society

Dylan Slim Jeans

If the young man in your life is a fashion guru, he needs these crimson jeans! Bold colors are extremely trendy right now, and can be dressed up or down to be casual or more professional. These slim jeans will certainly help your son stand out and look his best as he meets his classmates and professors!

$40 (48% Off For A Limited Time!)

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