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Genius Graduation Gifts The Grad In Your Life Will Love!

We compiled our favorite graduation gift ideas for each unique personality!

Graduation Day is one of the most important events in a young adult’s life, and naturally we all want to present the scholar in our life with a gift that reflects their outstanding academic achievement. However, kids and young adults can seem impossible to shop for! As new trends and news of the latest products spread like wildfire among our youth, it’s easy to lose track of what is on your grad’s wish list. But while fashions, trends, and new technology are constantly changing, who your grad is at heart will remain constant. Therefore, we compiled a rock solid list of gift recommendations based on personality that is sure to win your grad’s stamp of approval! 

The Young Entrepreneur 

If your graduate has the mind of a young entrepreneur, they are sure to appreciate a gift that will help them accomplish their business goals. The best gift we can think of is a new and improved laptop, which will allow your graduate to complete their work from anywhere, and can even be the hub from which he starts or runs his own business. Alternatively, you may want to consider giving the entrepreneur in your life a productivity planner. Entrepreneurs lead very busy lives, and a planner can help keep them organized to reach their daily and long term goals. Lastly, consider setting your grad up for success by purchasing them their very own business cards! Your young entrepreneur will look extra professional when he whips out his business card at his next networking event, and you never know when he might meet his next major client! 

The Artist 

Artists love to create, and the artist in your life will love any gift that helps him do just that! The first gift we recommend for artists is a drawing pad or tablet designed to work in conjunction with laptops. These tablets are great because they allow your grad to take his art from the page to the screen. The artist draws on the tablet or drawing pad, but the art is inputted to the computer, where it can be manipulated by software commonly used in the art industry, such as PhotoShop, Illustrator, or Coral Painter. 

Artists always need more materials, so purchasing your graduate new tools or tool storage is also a wonderful idea! If your graduate is a painter, consider buying him new paints, brushes, or holders for brushes that aren’t actively being used. Alternatively, you could purchase new colored pencils or high quality pens if your graduate prefers sketching or tracing. Speaking of tracing, you could also purchase a new LED light box and tracing paper, which shines a light that helps the artist perfect the little details while tracing or drawing. 

The Politician

You can have lots of fun choosing a gift for a graduate who hopes to be a politician! The ideas in this category are limitless, as many gifts for a future politician are naturally imbued with deeper meaning. For example, purchase your grad a fancy, ballpoint pen. One day, he or she may use it to sign bills in congress, or draft important legal documents! Similarly, you may want to purchase for your graduate a pair of designer or personalized cufflinks. Cufflinks are an important addition to any suit, and one day your graduate may just rock them on Capitol Hill! For extra fun, and maybe even a bit of humor, you could personalize the cufflinks with a quote, a symbol from the graduate’s favorite political party, or the American flag. Lastly, you can never go wrong with themed shirts, jewelry, and accessories. Some of these products are meaningful, such as a shirt that encourages voting or a necklace that reminds your graduate she can be the change. However, some shirts boast funny political jokes that will make your grad smile. You could even choose a tie with the constitution printed on it!  

The Techie

For the graduate who is always plugged in and obsessed with the latest technology, it only makes sense to purchase a gift that boasts the latest tech. Our first suggestion is noise cancelling headphones, such as Apple AirPods Pro or Beats Studio Headphones, that will let your beloved techie fully immersive themselves in the joys of the internet or the latest technology. That said, this graduate would also love to own the latest, modern gadgets that will make day to day life just a bit cooler. Consider gifting a temperature control smart mug, smart watch, or the latest Amazon Echo Dot for their apartment or dorm room. 

The Lawyer 

Lawyers have a very important job to do, and are always busy drafting paperwork, crafting arguments, and attending court cases, client meetings, and mediations. Keep your future lawyer organized and looking professional with a new, high quality messenger bag, briefcase, or portfolio to hold important paperwork. Your grad can keep his or her important materials on hand, and always look confident and professional to potential clients or in the courtroom. 

Since your future lawyer will be very busy, you may want to choose a gift that will combat the stress that comes with this career. Luckily, themed candles exist to do just that! With scents ranging that include everything from “freshly signed divorce papers” to the more normal lavender, there will always be a candle out there that your grad will love. Consider purchasing your grad a lap desk that will allow him to complete his work anywhere, even if that’s taking a break from the office desk and working from the comfort of the couch or bed.

The Future Star 

Is your graduate a theater or acting major, or is he or she an influencer with a massive Instagram following or Youtube channel? Purchase your future star a gift that will let your grad say “lights, camera, action!”.  Look into ring lights that your grad can use for vlogging or filming auditions. Speaking of filming, consider buying your grad a high quality camera, such as those offered by Nikon and Canon, to take their videos and photography to the next level. If you’re feeling extra generous, purchase a tripod to go with your graduate’s new camera! You can even purchase a digital follower counter for social media, which would look amazing displayed on an office desk or in a bedroom. As your future star monitors her growing social media accounts, the social media counter will display her current amount of followers in real time. 

The Essentials 

Whether the student in your life is graduating from high school or college, moving to a new residence is likely in the near future. There are essentials that every graduate needs in the home, whether he is moving into a dorm or his first apartment. Get your grad on the right track by purchasing home essentials, such as skin care products for self care, new sheets with a cool pattern or design, or a desk lamp. 

When you put thought into your graduation gift, the student in your life is sure to be thrilled! Any gift that comes from a place of love and helps your grad achieve their goals will definitely be appreciated. 

Ready to purchase your graduate an amazing gift? Here are some of our favorite editorially chosen gifts that your graduate is sure to love! 


Wacom CTL4100 Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet

The Wacom Graphic Drawing Tablet is one of Amazon’s highly rated, choice products that is compatible with Mac and PC computers. It can be used with all current software for digital art, photo editing, and animation. Despite its compact size, this tablet has a large drawing area and comes with a responsive, digital pen that your artist will use to create many masterpieces!


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Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

If your graduate is a fan of coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate, they are sure to love the new and improved Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug! The second edition of Ember’s smart mug has an extended battery life to keep drinks heated to the perfect temperature for 1.5 hours on a single charge. The smart mug is controlled by a smartphone app, where your grad can customize presets, set the temperature, and receive pertinent notifications. Choose from 3 pretty colors!


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COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Your grad will tune out the craziness of reality and tune in to their music or audio with these COWIN Noise Cancelling Headphones! These comfortable headphones can be used for over 30 hours on a single charge, which is perfect for travelling, blocking out roommate noise in a shared dorm room, and more! These headphones come in 7 vibrant colors, and have Bluetooth and microphone capabilities. 


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The Lubardy StoreThe Lubardy Store

Leather Messenger Bag From The Lubardy Store

The Lubardy Store’s messenger bag will keep your grad looking professional rain or shine! This waterproof bag is inspired by vintage fashion, and comes in 3 classic colors. It comes with a removable and adjustable strap to keep your grad comfortable, and has plenty of room to easily carry a laptop and important documents. 


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BZE 40 Inch Extendable Selfie Stick & Tripod

With the BZE Extendable Selfie Stick & Tripod, your future star will be able to easily create high quality content on the go! This product doubles as both a selfie stick and a tripod, and is compatible with most smartphones. The tripod head can rotate 180 degrees, while the phone holder can rotate 360 degrees, allowing your grad to capture the perfect photos and videos from any angle. It also comes with a rechargeable remote control so your grad can take photos and videos from a distance, instead of having to physically touch the camera or phone.

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