Spicy Vodka Pasta
Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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Easy Spicy Vodka Sauce Pasta

Spicy vodka pasta is the dish everyone is talking about! Here's how to make it.

It's spicy, creamy, and hitting our dinner plates tonight! Spicy vodka sauce is getting a lot of notice lately on the internet; people are raving about this delicious take on a classic Italian dish. We at DABL had to give it a try and we understand the hype! Read on for our simple recipe for spicy penne vodka sauce! 

Rigatoni Vodka Ingredients

Gather your ingredients, including your pasta noodle of choice (we love rigatoni!). 

- 1/4 cup olive oil 

- 3 oz. tomato paste

- 1/3 cup heavy cream

- Red pepper flakes

- Nob of butter

- Parmesan cheese

- Tablespoon of minced garlic

Rigatoni Vodka Garlic

Toast up the garlic in the pan on medium heat. 

Rigatoni Vodka Tomato Paste

Add in the tomato paste, and start working into the olive oil and garlic mixture. 

Rigatoni Vodka Tomato Paste Reduction

Render down until the tomato paste starts toasting up. 

Rigatoni Vodka Heavy Cream

Work in the heavy cream, and your sauce will start thickening up. 

Rigatoni Vodka Vodka

Add in about a shot glass worth of vodka to make this special sauce into a creamy vodka sauce. 

Rigatoni Vodka Peppers

Add in desired amount of spiciness with red pepper flakes. 

Rigatoni Vodka Butter

Add in a knob of butter, and let it render down slowly into this sauce, which is becoming increasingly flavorful and creamy. 

Rigatoni Vodka Thick

Our tip: once you are able to draw a line in the sauce and it's able to stay, the sauce has been thickened enough! 

Rigatoni Vodka Starch

Reserve one espresso cup amount of starchy pasta water and set aside. 

Rigatoni Vodka Noodles

Drain and add your noodles directly into the sauce. 

Rigatoni Vodka Espresso 2

Add back in the espresso cup of starchy water to help coat your pasta noodles with your spicy vodka sauce. 

Rigatoni Vodka Finished

Garnish your pasta with parmesan cheese, black pepper and decorate with a few basil leaves for a treat for both the tummy and eyes!

Buon appetito! 

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