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Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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Easy Smart Home Upgrades

Make 2021 the year you upgrade your home with smart home tools

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As smartphones and wifi-enabled devices continue to become integral to our daily routines, many homeowners are looking to truly wield the power of technology and smart-connect their homes. Though many people may think, “why fix something if it isn’t broken?”, there is a growing contingent of people who are embracing these devices and bringing more peace-of-mind and convenience into their lives with smart home upgrades.

We’ve gathered our favorite entry-level upgrades you can make TODAY. 

Smart Doors/Locks and Security


Have you ever found yourself in a situation when a friend or family member makes it home before you do, and they need access to your home? With the Kevo system, created by trusted deadbolt manufacturer Kwikset, you can simply send over a temporary digital key to your recipient’s smartphone and grant them access to your home. Just wave your smartphone over the sensor, and you’ll hear a whirr, click and snap as the door magically unlocks! The best part is that these keys can be made both temporary and permanent, so you can manage family, guests, etc. as needed. 


Kevo by Kwikset Smartlock

Magically open your doors with this Bluetooth enabled smart lock! Simply open your app, wave your phone in front of the sensor, and your door will unlock! 

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$214.99 on Wayfair


Gone are the days of expensive, professionally-installed home security systems. Modern solutions, like SimpliSafe, allow you to install them yourself and are a fraction of the cost of a traditional setup. With full integration and monitoring available through your smartphone, this system truly makes old ones feel...well, old. We like this system for its scalability - you can add as many sensors as you like, and even upgrade to 24/7 professional monitoring if you really want peace-of-mind. 


SimpliSafe 5 Piece Wireless Home Security System

Set a foundation for peace-of-mind and simple security with this 5 piece starter kit from SimpliSafe! 

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$196.28 on Amazon



Smart temperature systems are all about energy efficiency - save the planet and also save money in the long run! We especially like the EcoBee system, which can balance the temperature of the whole home with multiple sensors, providing a comfortable and even environment all throughout. And we also love its ability to detect your presence so it can switch on only when it really matters. To top it off, this system can also connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, truly taking its smart integration to the next level. 



Ecobee 3 Lite 2.0

Kit out your home with this smart thermostat from Ecobees! These smart devices work with you home's environment, schedule, and desired temperature settings. 

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$175.09 at Staples



For the pet parent who feels even more attached to their furbaby thanks to all the time spent at home this past year, , the Furbo is for you. Its sleek design screams Silicon Valley, and its smartphone app is extremely user friendly. Monitor your pets with the built-in camera (with night vision, as well), talk to your pets, and even toss some treats! This Furbo device will become your pets’ next best friend (after you, of course). 


Furbo Dog Camera

Keep track of your pets' activity, and most importantly, keep them company with this smart camera! Give them praise through the speaker, and also toss them a treat! 

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$133.99 on Chewy

Smart Speaker Home Assistant Devices

Each big tech company has its own version of a home assistant - Amazon has Alexa, Google has its Home System, and even Apple has entered the game most recently with its HomePod. Here is a quick breakdown of each system: 

Amazon Alexa
Alexa devices come in various sizes, including the petite Echo Dot and Echo Show. In addition, Amazon’s suite of smart TV devices like FireTV Stick and Cube are also Alexa enabled, and can be synched up to your other Alexa devices throughout the home, providing surround sound and ultimate remote connectivity for every room and device. Read notifications, send messages to other rooms and order your favorite Amazon-provided goods by prompting “Alexa.” 



Amazon Alexa Echo Dot

Achieve ultimate home connectivity with Amazon's Echo Dot! 

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$29.99 on Amazon

Google has a handful of home assistant devices but we are particularly fond of the new Nest Mini because of its affordable price. For less than $30 this device may be small but it’s impact on your life will be huge! Simply ask to listen to music, news, podcasts, or sports and Google Nest will play it through it’s stronger-than-ever bass speaker. Simply download the Google Home app from your smartphone, add the Nest Mini as a device to the app, and connect it, from the app, to your home wifi.

Google NestGoogle Nest

Google Nest Mini

Fans of Google's services will love the Nest - powered by Google's innovative data and technology, this tool is sure to keep you up-to-date and connected. We also love the variety of modern colors this devices comes in! 

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$24.99 on Lowe's

Apple HomePod
If you’re already familiar with Siri from your iPhone, she’s the same digital assistant that will help you out on this device. You can install the HomePod from your iPhone or iPad once you plug in the device to an outlet. For music-junkies, the HomePod has exceptional quality speakers. If you stream your television through AppleTV, the HomePod will integrate seamlessly. Order an Uber, find out the weather, set an’ll feel like royalty with the HomePod assistant at your service!  


Apple HomePod Mini

Are you a fan of Apple products? Then this sleek smart device can complete your Apple-powered environment. This device is powered by the familiar "Hey Siri" command, and can provide a slew of services and updates, making home life a lot easier! 

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$99.99 at Best Buy

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