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Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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Easy Food Swaps to Make Your Day Healthier from Start to Finish

From breakfast to dessert, we’ve got food swaps to help you lose weight and feel your best!

Eating healthier and losing weight may seem difficult at times, but small changes can lead to big results! Starting with breakfast, there are simple food swaps you can make to have a healthier day overall. These swaps are more nutritious options and the good news is, that doesn’t mean you lose out on taste. 

Breakfast Swaps

Instead of a store-bought bagel, make a 2-ingredient bagel

Here in the US, portion sizes tend to be larger than they probably should be. An average store-bought bagel can vary in calories, anywhere from around 200-400. With self-rising flour and non-fat plain Greek yogurt, you can bake your own lower-calorie bagel for around 150 calories. The recipe for these bagels, also known as “Weight Watcher Bagels” is all over the internet! Take a look and give it a try -- you’ll be amazed by the results!

Instead of frosted wheat cereal, eat Barbera’s Shredded Wheat Cereal

A lot of classic breakfast cereals are unfortunately loaded with sugar. Cut back on sugar with Barbera’s Shredded Wheat Cereal -- it’s rare to find, but this cereal has 0 grams of sugar and is made with real whole grains. If you need to sweeten it up a bit, try using a drizzle of honey or add some fresh strawberries.

Snack Swaps

Instead of Salty Chips, eat Grillo’s Hot Dill Pickle Spears

If you’re someone who craves a salty crunch mid-day, forget those calorie-full and nutrient-lacking snacks like potato chips or Doritos. A pickle is salty, gives a satisfying crunch, and the Hot Dill Pickles by Grillos also adds a kick! With only 5 calories per pickle, you can eat as many as it takes to satisfy your hunger!

Instead of a high-sodium meat snack, eat KRAVE Sonoma-Style BBQ Sugar-Free Jerky

Jerky can be a good, protein-filled snack, but you have to choose the right kind. Typical meat snacks contain corn syrup, which is a nutritional no-no, but the brand KRAVE is a much healthier option. It has double the protein as a Slim Jim (so it will help stave off hunger better), and it doesn’t have any added sugars. Most importantly, the Sonoma Style BBQ sugar-free flavor is both sweet and smokey and beyond delicious!

Instead of raisins, eat grapes 

While raisins are essentially grapes (they’re just dried out), their calorie content shifts. Raisins contain more calories but less fiber than grapes. A half a cup of raisins contains about 250 calories, yet a half a cup of grapes is only around 30 calories. The water content in grapes helps with saietity, so you’ll want to stick to these, instead of raisins, for a satisfying and low-calorie snack.

Lunch Swaps

Instead of mayo, try mustard in your tuna salad

While you likely have your tuna with mayo, making the swap to use mustard could save you tons and tons of calories! Mayonnaise is extremely high in calories -- a half a cup has about 500 calories! Mustard on the other hand has 82. It adds flavor and has a similar texture. 

Instead of white bread on your sandwich, use Outer Aisle Gourmet Sandwich Thins

White sandwich bread lacks any nutritional value. However, Outer Aisle Gourmet Sandwich Thins are made from cauliflower (but they surprisingly don’t taste like it), so it’s a great way to sneak in a serving of vegetables at lunch. They also taste really, really good. They come in a variety of flavors, from Italian to Everything.

Dinner Swaps

Instead of sour cream, use Greek yogurt 

If you enjoy some sour cream on your baked potato or when it’s Mexican night, give Greek yogurt a shot. Similar in texture and flavor, Greek yogurt is lower in calories and fat and higher in protein. This swap is also great when making your own dips or dressings. 

Instead of noodles, try zoodles

Eating a giant bowl of noodles is delicious, but if you’re trying to cut back on carbs and calories, zoodles -- aka zucchini noodles -- make a great swap. They are super low in calories, contain tons of vitamins and nutrients, and can serve as a vehicle to enjoy decadent and flavorful sauces. You can make your own zoodles using a spiralizer, or many brands, like Green Giant, sell them ready to eat.

Dessert Swaps

Instead of ice cream, try banana nice cream

How can something so simple taste so good? “Nice” cream, as this DIY banana ice cream is commonly known as, is simply frozen bananas blended to form an ice cream consistency. You can add cocoa powder for chocolate flavoring, peanut butter for that PB taste we all love, or any fruit of your choice. It feels like ice cream but without the high-calorie price.

Instead of cookie dough, have chickpea cookie dough

We flipped when we tried almond chickpea cookie dough sent to us by meal delivery service Hungryroot. It has the same consistency as cookie dough, but it’s made from chickpeas. Surprisingly, it tastes very much like cookie dough and nothing like a chickpea! There are tons of recipes online that you can make for yourself. Cut out the excess sugar and calories and indulge the smart way with this tasty swap.

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