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Do This One Thing Every Day This Week to Start Your Clutter-Free Life

The key to tackling the seemingly insurmountable task of decluttering is to break it down into a manageable approach.

Decluttering is something most homeowners and renters set out to do, but it’s a task that continues to be put off as the decision behind what needs to be kept, donated, or trashed is a tough one to make! As we continue to consume at higher rates than ever before, the decluttering conundrum grows more challenging day-by-day - so act now! 

According to a study done by ClearVoice Research, nearly 48% of Americans feel as though their houses are cluttered. They even have rooms in their homes that are unusable due to the growing number of products they own. The study also shows that 41% of Americans have not decluttered for over a year! 

As spring approaches, and the feelings of wanting to start fresh and have a clean and tidy space are top of mind, it’s a great time to get a jump on that with step #1 - clearing the home of unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary goods. And like tackling any big job, the key is to break it down into smaller tasks. The good news is that when it comes to decluttering, it can be as simple as throwing out or donating one item a day! 

So where to start? We have some ideas for you. 



Take out a stack of pens, a piece of paper and go to town - we bet a few of those are simply out of ink, so there is your easiest decluttering decision of the day! And do you really need that pen from that doctor’s office you went to  5 years ago?


A necessary wardrobe staple, believe it or not, socks should be easy to get rid of! Due to everyday wear and tear, socks tend to get holes, thin or simply go missing. Stick a pair or two in that decluttering pile. 


At Dabl, we have a simple rule for DVDs - if you haven’t watched or thought about a particular movie in over 6 months, it could probably go! At one point in time, DVDs were very popular gifts, and we think you may even have a duplicate or two gathering dust in the corner. In addition, many popular movies are available in a way easier format - streaming! Cross-reference the collection of movies on Paramount+ to see what physical copies of DVDs you can get rid of. 


Many articles of clothing have sentimental value, but our sentiments for ratty, tattered clothing are zero-to-none! There are probably some sweaters that are starting to pill and fray at the ends - perfect for throwing in the trash or donating (depending on overall condition). 


Hats sure are useful, but it’s likely you may have at least one that is sun damaged or coming apart. This is another easy one to get rid of, or pass on to your hip, vintage-loving friend or family member. 


We love a good book, but like our DVD rule, if it hasn’t been picked up in over 6 months, it can probably go. Trust us, you won’t notice it’s gone!


We’re guilty of having stacks of files and papers in our home office setup. With many bills and documents going digital lately, it’s no longer necessary to hang onto paper bills. While you’re at it, switch to paperless billing. And that paper coupon that you’ve swore you’d use one’s probably expired! 

We’ll be back next week for another 7 items you can target for your ongoing decluttering mission! 

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