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With the real estate market being redefined in 2021, we've got you covered with the latest information on market trends, home design tips and more.

by Benjamin H., Updated 12/3/21 11:55 a.m. E.T. 

Buying a home in 2021 can be challenging, even for a seasoned homeowner. Dabl has got you covered with tips on the latest design trends, leasebacks, home owners insurance (and not-so-obvious watch outs) and more. 

Are you ready to sell or buy a new home? Read on below to get the scoop and make yourself look like a pro! 

Real Estate Market Trends 

Competitive Real Estate

The rules for buying and selling a home have been redefined by the next generation of buyers entering the market, and also the COVID-19 pandemic. With work-from-home arrangements increasingly becoming the new normal, more families are leaving cities and moving to the suburbs, ditching small apartments for more rooms, a yard and a 2-car garage. Learn what the current market conditions are, and assess if it's the right time for you to buy or sell a home! 

Is Buying a Home at the End of the Year the Right Time?

The 11 Most Popular Home Architecture Styles in America

The Real Reasons Why the Housing Market is So Competitive

Here’s Why It Just Got Harder To Buy Your First Home

Learn Why It Might Not Be A Seller’s Market For Much Longer

Why Mortgage Rates Trending Down Raises Hopes For Homebuyers

Do You Think You Can Live in a Tiny Home?

Are Millennials Buying Homes With Their Pets in Mind?

Buying or Selling a Home

Happy couple smiles at home

You may decide to DIY a home sale or purchase, or you may have a rockstar real estate agent helping you out. Either way, it's good to know the basics so you can at least talk the talk when it comes to buying or selling a home! And now, more than ever, offers need to be extra buttoned-up to be competitive in this hot real estate market. Read on below to learn how to get your offer to the top of the stack! 

Can You Buy a Home With No Down Payment?

Should You Buy a New Build or Fixer Upper?

What to Do if Bad Credit is Getting in the Way of Your Home Purchase

What does "Location Location Location" Really Mean?

How To Be The Perfect Home Buyer

Here’s Why Love Letters To Sellers Are A Thing Of The Past

Remember These 10 Things When Staging Your Home

What To Consider Before Buying A Fixer Upper Home

Here are 8 Compromises NOT to Make When Buying a Home

Why You Should Avoid Using The Home Sale Contingency The Next Time You Buy A House

Why You Don’t Want To Waive Your Appraisal Contingency The Next Time You Buy A Home

Here’s Why The Home Inspection Is The Most Important Part Of Buying A Home

Why Negotiating A Leaseback Eliminates Stress Caused By Selling Your Home

Enhancing Curb Appeal 

Curb Appeal Extras

If you're looking to sell, make sure you are putting your best foot forward by enhancing your home's curb appeal. Making your home stand out in this competitive market does not require major renovations - it can be easy as swapping out some key design elements (like a front door) to look on-trend and stay memorable. 

Your Front Door Is the Key to Curb Appeal

10 Ways to Paint Your House to Make it Stand Out

10 Affordable Landscaping Ideas to Add Curb Appeal To Your House

Small Curb Appeal Details You Won’t Want To Forget

How The Price Of Lumber Today Will Impact Your Future Home Tomorrow

Hidden Costs, Downsizing and More

Home Insurance Paperwork

Homeowners associations, insurance and more...there is a lot more work to do once you've purchased your new home. Read on below to learn what to consider before putting pen to paper! 

Is is a risk to flip a home right now?

What to Consider Before Becoming a Landlord

Is There Such a Thing as Over Renovating a Home?

Learn How to Avoid a Foreclosure

11 Things To Consider When It’s Time To Purchase Home Insurance

Here Are 8 Reasons To Know It’s Time To Downsize Your Home

How The End Of The Moratorium On Rent Can Really Affect You

Here’s What Your Homeowner’s Association Doesn’t Want To Tell You

7 Ideas To Reinvent An Empty Nest Bedroom

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