Dabl Food Tour - Southern Edition
Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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The Dabl Insider Food Tour - Southern Edition

We’re continuing our deep dive into good eats and seeing what the locals eat, all across America. Next up: the South!

We’re going down South for some good eats. The Dixie is known for its good eats -- we’re talking anything-you-can-eat is fried, BBQ like you can’t get anywhere else, and homestyle cooking that is worth leaving home for!

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Alabama… you may know about their shrimp and grits, but have you heard of their orange rolls?

These sweet citrus rolls originated at a restaurant known as All Steak, and people travel far and wide to visit the steak restaurants for some sugary goodness! They’re not on the dessert menu, but rather, served alongside lunch and dinner. Similar to a cinnamon roll, the orange roll is made with a yeast dough and topped with a tangy orange glaze. Copycat recipes have popped up all over the internet, and these orange rolls can also now be found in many restaurants in Alabama. 

Arkansas… you may know about their biscuits and sausage gravy, but have you heard of chocolate gravy?

You may think of gravy as only a savory dish made from meat drippings, but in Arkansas, they’ve expanded the definition to encompass this sweet one! It’s often eaten over biscuits on the weekends. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America theorizes that chocolate gravy might have been an offshoot of a trading network between Spanish Louisiana and the Tennessee Valley, bringing "Mexican-style breakfast chocolate to the Appalachians." The gravy is made from cocoa powder, sugar, flour, milk, and butter -- hey, you have all those ingredients in your cupboard, don’t you?

Florida… you may know about their key lime pie, but have you heard of the dolphin sandwich?

You can breathe a sigh of relief, no dolphins are harmed in the marking of the dolphin sandwich. The “dolphin” in this Floridian sandwich is actually mahi-mahi, a light, flakey white fish, found on most menus in the state. The fish is often served blacked, coated with Cajun seasoning, and sometimes fried. There are variations of toppings across the state, but in addition to the fish, it often has fried onions, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, and for the sauce, ketchup, tartar, and  Thousand Island dressing are all fair game!

You may have to visit Florida or make your own dolphin sandwich, but there is a reason their key lime pie is world-renowned, and that you can get delivered to your home from Goldbelly!

Georgia… you may know about their peaches, but have you heard of their Vidalia onions?

You may refer to someone as sweet as a Georgia peach, but you don’t hear “as sweet as a Vidalia onion,” as much as you maybe should! These onions were actually a happy accident, unintentionally discovered during the Great Depression in Vidalia, GA. Word of the sweet onion spread across the state, and today, it’s used in a ton of cooking, as well as featured as the star vegetable in dishes like vidalia onion tarts, sweet vidalia onion dip, and of course, fried vidalia onion rings.

Find Vidalia onions across the US -- they’re typically on shelves early Spring -- and in the meantime, can we interest you in these peach cookies shipped Goldbelly?

Kentucky.… you may know about their amazing bourbons, but have you tried a barrel cake

Barrel Cake

Kentucky is known worldwide for its bourbons and whiskeys, but its bourbon barrel cake may become your newest Kentucky-favorite! Created inside aged Kentucky-bourbon barrels, this brown sugar and chocolate flavored cake is topped with walnuts and baked to perfection for a moist and decadent treat.

Try this decadent cake at home, that is good for all ages, shipped from Kentucky to your doorstep, courtesy of Goldbelly

Louisiana… you may know about their gumbo, but have you heard of the muffuletta?


The muffuletta is the quintessential New Orleans sandwich. You don’t see too much Italian cuisine down south, but this sandwich is the exception! It was originally created by Italian immigrants. Cured meats, cheese, and an olive salad is stacked amongst two slices of the muffuletta roll -- a round, flat loaf, covered in sesame seeds with a soft crust and texture.

When done right, the olive salad will be given time to sink in and flavor the bread.

Try the Muffuletta directly from the place it was first made, Central Grocery, in New Orleans, shipped from Goldbelly.

Mississippi… you may know about their mud pie, but have you heard of their Delta tamales?

Delta Tamales

Tamales expand beyond Latin cuisine, and are actually quite popular in the state of Mississippi. It makes sense when you think about it: corn and cornmeal are a staple ingredient in Southern cuisine. Tamales are made with a cornmeal dough that is stuffed with seasoned meat, typically beef, pork or turkey, and then the entire thing is wrapped in parchment paper or corn husks, tied together, and simmered in a savory broth (traditional Mexican tamales are steamed).

Delta tamales can be found all over the state of Mississippi, from restaurants to gas stations, but you can find them here on Goldbelly!

North Carolina.… you may know about their chopped pork, but do you know about their steamed seafood culture

Steamed Seafood

Just like South Carolina, North Carolina is also known for its rich BBQ history, especially chopped pork. But don’t forget - this is a coastal state that knows what they’re doing when it comes to seafood. Try out a decadent shrimp, sausage, corn and potato filled steamer pot shipped directly from NC to you from Goldbelly! 

South Carolina… you may know about their Carolina Gold BBQ sauce, but have you heard of pimento cheese?

Pimento Cheese

When you think of South Carolina, you may think immediately of BBQ’d meats and their tangy golden sauces, but you should familiarize yourself with their  pimento cheese culture! A mix of cream cheese, mayo and diced pimento peppers, this spicy spread goes on everything from crackers to sandwiches. Try out this homemade variety today from Caroline’s BBQ.

Tennessee… you may know about their BBQ chicken and ribs, but have you heard of Goo Goo Clusters?

Goo Goo Clusters

Goo Goo Clusters are not only fun to say, they’re fun to eat! Invented in 1912 by the Standard Candy Co, the candy is made with marshmallow nougat, carmel and roasted peanuts, covered in milk chocolate. Rumor has it, the candy bar was originally blended the same way fine whisky is -- and you know Tennessee knows how to make whisky! Turns out, they also make a delicious candy bar! There is now an entire store in Nashville for visitors to buy what hte locals have been loving for years!

And you’re in luck. Goldbelly also ships the Goo Goo Cluster nationwide!

Virginia… you may know about their oysters, but have you tried their country ham?

Country Ham

Virginia is, for good reason, known for its oysters, but one of the stars of their local cuisine is their country ham. Smoked in hickory, these large hams prove to provide an unforgettable feast with their brown sugar, salt and pepper seasoning. 

Get this local fav delivered to your home and dinner will be served Virginia-style!

Washington D.C.… you may know about their president-endorsed chili, but do you know about their ice cream

Bold Vanilla Ice Cream

Washington D.C. has some very famous, president-endorsed local favorites like Ben’s Chili Bowl, but the nation’s capital is also a very famous ice-cream town! With a climate that could get very hot and sticky in the summer, it’s no wonder the District of Columbia’s residents need a cool treat once in a while. Try out this delicious vanilla ice cream from DC ice cream shop, Jubilee, today

West Virginia… you may know about their cornbread, but have you tried a pepperoni roll

Pepperoni Rolls

Cornbread is certainly the bread-of-choice for West Virginians, but locals tend to hold in equally high-esteem, their pepperoni rolls. It’s as simple as it sounds - a soft roll with a stick of pepperoni baked into the middle, making for a perfectly savory, tasty and portable food as you drive around their beautiful rolling hills and mountains.

Don’t take our word for it, order from Goldbelly and see for yourself!

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