Dabl Insider Food Tour - Northeast
Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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The Dabl Insider Food Tour - Northeast Edition

Each state may have the obvious food it is known for, but we dug deeper to get insider tips on what the local favorites are, state-by-state!

We at DABL like to dip into the delicacies of the many bountiful states in our great country. The Northeast is filled with cities that don’t sleep, Colonial seaside towns, and they all offer local delights including carb-filled treats and seafood-centric delights. Some of the foods you may be familiar with, but we spoke to the locals about some lesser known hometown fares.

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Connecticut… You may know about their clams but have you heard of apizza?

Luppardi's Apizza

It’s not a typo, but rather pays homage to the Neapolitan immigrants who settled in New Haven, Connecticut and it’s pronounced “ah-beetz.” Their style of pizza has a high-gluten bromated flour which results in a more flavorful crust. Mozzarella cheese is not standard on this pizza, but rather, a topping that has to be requested. A plain pie has oregano, parmesan-reggiano cheese, tomato sauce and garlic. The most popular apizza? Their famous white clam pie. 

You can find New Haven-Style Pizza directly from Connecticut here on Goldbelly.

Delaware… You may know about their...this is a tough one… have you heard of scrapple?

Habbersett Scrapple

When we think of iconic foods and their home state, we at DABL weren’t aware of any from Delaware. However, we spoke with some Delawarens who told us about scrapple, aptly named because it is composed of scraps and remains from a butchered pig. This pork is then blended with cornmeal and flour to make a loaf, and then it’s typically pan-fried. Eat scrapple along with sweet or savory condiments like ketchup, jelly or maple syrup. It’s often eaten at breakfast with eggs, or can be put into a sandwich as well.

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Maine… You may know about their lobster rolls, but have you heard of whoopie pies?


A whoopie pie is like a dessert sandwich -- it’s made with two soft chocolate cookies with a fluffy white filling. The first whoopie pies sold were from Labadie’s Bakery in Lewiston, Maine. The dark chocolate rounds are often quite large, like that of a hamburger bun, so grab some milk and a friend to try one of the Maine delights of this state!

Whoopie! Try it for yourself, order from Goldbelly. 

Maryland… You may know about their crabs, but have you heard of Berger Cookies?

Berger Cookies

A chocolate-lover’s delight, these cookies have a thick layer of chocolate fudge over a soft, cake-like cookie base. They were created by German immigrant, Henry Berger, who opened a bakery and settled in East Baltimore back in 1835. His legacy, and cookies, continue to live on today. 

Massachusetts… You may know about their clam chowder, but have you heard of Boston baked beans?

Boston Baked Beans

Boston baked beans are a classic New England side dish, sweetened with molasses and flavored with salt pork. The dish is often slow cooked so that a crust forms on top. In the 18th century Boston was an epicenter of rum production. The rum was made with molasses which they imported from the sugar cane plantations of the West Indies. This is likely the time when Boston baked beans were created, utilizing the plentiful amount of molasses.

Make your own baked beans at home and eat them alongside some crab cakes from Massachusetts, delivered by Goldbelly.

New Hampshire...you may know about their love of hunting and fresh venison, but have you heard of apple cider donuts?

Apple Cider Donuts

There is no better fall-weathered treat than an apple cider donut from New Hampshire! As the name implies, apple cider is used in the donut batter to create a slightly-tangy flavor. When they are fried to perfection (and there are many cider mills in NH that know how to do it right), they are both crispy and light. Have your donut either plain or with a cinnamon-sugar coating. Fun fact: apple cider is the official state beverage of New Hampshire.

New Jersey… you may know about their juicy tomatoes, but have you heard of disco fries?

Disco Fries

New Jersey has the most diners in the world, and it’s not a Jersey diner without disco fries on the menu! This late night indulgence consists of french fries covered in mozzarella cheese and brown gravy. It’s NJ’s take on the Canadian classic, poutine. 

You’ll have to go to New Jersey to try the real thing, but if you want to get a taste for poutine, check this out and order some to your home.

New York… you may know about their bagels, but have you heard of black and white cookies?

Black and White Cookies

If you visit NYC, every bakery and bodega will be selling these cookies, either behind the counter or out front, wrapped in shrink wrap. The half-chocolate-half-vanilla frosted cookie has a cake-like bottom, and the icing is a firm fondant with a hint of lemon. Many try and duplicate but they don’t hold up in taste and texture, like the true New York ones.

Order some through Goldbelly directly from NYC and you’ll see what all the locals are talkin’ about.

Pennsylvania… you may know about their Philly Cheesesteak, but have you heard of a Pittsburgh salad? 

Pittsburgh Salad

If you’re not a huge fan of salads, this one may just change your mind. Found all over the city of Pittsburgh, this salad consists of lettuce, tomatoes, some veggies, cheese, either chicken or steak, and the pièce de résistance, crispy French fries. The salad comes dressed with Ranch. Healthy? Not so much. Delicious? The locals all say so!

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Rhode Island… you may know about their calamari, but have you heard of coffee milk?

Coffee Milk

We’ve heard of coffee, and we’ve heard of milk, and we of course have heard of coffee with milk. But coffee milk? This is Rhode Island’s official state beverage and news to us! It is made by mixing coffee syrup or extract with milk, ala chocolate milk. 

Order some coffee syrup from Amazon and give it a try at home.

Vermont… you may know about their maple syrup, but have you heard of their creemees?

Vermont Creemee

If you’re in Vermont in the summer, it’s likely everyone is enjoying some creemee! This is their local version of soft-serve ice cream… with all those Vermont cows, you better believe they’ve got some delicious dairy! Creemees are pumped through a machine to be made airy and light. It is made with a buttermilk base and which gives it the creamy taste. As to be expected, real maple syrup is often added to the base, for a maple creemee.

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