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The start of a new year is a great time to kick off a big project or two!

A new year and a clean slate makes it a great time to focus on goal setting. Putting pen to paper is the best way to start mapping out what tangible projects you’d like to accomplish this year. Whether your goal is to build a dream garden, finally equip your home with smart devices, or focus on improving your health, we’re here to help you kick off these betterment journeys. 

So take this moment to make a statement. 

In 2021, I will be ______.


One of the best ways to refresh your home is to apply some modern interior design. Whether that is new drapes, rugs or some accent pieces, these quick changes can upgrade your room immediately! 

Declutter Your Home Now With These Genius Storage Solutions

Give Your Bedroom a Refresh for the New Year

Different Types of Baskets with Sarah Richardson 

Enhance Your Home's Entryway with this DIY Project 


Let 2021 be the year you start wielding the power of technology to its fullest potential with smart home upgrades. These upgrades come in various forms, but the net results are always the same: more convenience, efficiency and peace-of-mind. Click below to find out more about smart locks, thermostats and even devices for your pets!

Easy Smart Home Upgrades

...a Better Cook. 

While most people think less when it comes to New Year’s resolutions and food, we think a more fitting word is better. Make 2021 be the year where you try new flavors, ingredients and some easy substitutions that will provide nutrition, and above all, bring tons of fun and excitement to your kitchen. 

Make Dinner at Home Look Like Fine Dining

Stop Wasting Fruit and Try These Three Delicious Desserts Instead

An alcohol-free Dry January? We got you covered! 

Homemade Fruit Strips - a Healthier and Tastier Alternative to Store-Bought! 


Health is truly wealth, and the good news is that these lifestyle upgrades come cheap or free. For instance, better sleep = better heart health. Make these changes to feel better and live your life to the  fullest! 

Incorporate Kale into your Diet! 

Get Better Sleep in 2021!

Be More ENERGIZED with these simple lifestyle changes!

Exercise while you work! 

De-Stress and Decompress! 

...a Green Thumb.

Is there anything more rewarding than eating vegetables or making a bouquet from your own garden? January is the  perfect time to start imagining and planning your harvest with seedlings. 

How to Welcome Wild Flora and Fauna into Your Garden

Start Planning out a Fruit and Vegetable Garden Today!


The new year is a great time to run a diagnostic on how green your household is. We have some efficient and simple ways you can make small changes that can make big impacts on the environment. 

10 Tips to Clear Up Recycling Questions!

Save Water, Save Money 

Eat Your Fish Sustainably! 

...a DIY Pro.

You can totally do-it-yourself! Kick off that wood-working project, new appliance installation or organization project. 

Create you own entryway storage unit

...a Better Pet Parent. 

Looking to finally get that puppy or kitten trained? We’ve got relatable nightmare stories from Cesar Millan so you don’t feel alone, and training tips from Lucky Dog so you can start your pet’s journey to becoming a good boy or girl! 

The Seven Common Commands to Teach Your Dog Today! 

Prolong Your Pet's Life with These Easy Habits

Stop Your Dog from Incessantly Barking

Does your dog love to door dash? These tips will help pet owners keep their dogs safe at home!

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