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Couples Share Horror Stories About The Rude Guests Who Ruined Their Weddings

We gathered 13 horror stories from Reddit that show what happens when guests don’t know how to behave at weddings.

When attending someone else’s wedding, the point is to celebrate the couple on one of the most important days of their lives. Most guests and wonderful, courteous, and gracious, helping to enhance the big day simply by being in attendance. But some wedding guests can’t seem to understand that the wedding day is not all about them. 

About 8 months ago, a user named BewareOfTrips posted in the Wedding Shaming community on Reddit to ask “Who was the rudest guest at your wedding?” With nearly 2,000 responses, the people of the internet had plenty of wedding horror stories to share about the rude guests who ruined their weddings. Check out the 13 most cringy stories below: 

1.) “My uncle kept demanding that God doesn't recognize my marriage because it wasn't done in a Catholic church and that my husband and I will never last because he'll probably cheat on me in a few years when things "inevitably become stale.” - timerover

For many families, it’s traditional to get married in a church or temple. But not all couples feel like getting married in a religious place is a must. Some couples just aren’t religious, or maybe the bride and groom each come from a different religious or spiritual background. With so many beautiful wedding venues available to choose from, brides and grooms-to-be have lots of options when picking a location that’s right for them. The lesson to be learned is if you have different values than the bride and groom, don’t bring them down for their choices at the wedding. And if you can’t be a nice and supportive guest due to these differences, maybe it’s a better idea to check no on the RSVP. 

2.) “In lieu of giving a toast at the rehearsal dinner, my MiL got up to announce that she was getting married that next Wednesday. She wore her winter-white micro-mini skirt wedding suit to the ceremony the next day.” - esk_209

OMG! This mother-in-law broke so many wedding rules! First, you should never steal the spotlight from the bride and groom. This is THEIR special day, not yours! Second, it’s super unclassy to wear white to a wedding unless specifically instructed to do so by the couple. 

3.) “My mom and dad walked from table to table and “quietly” told everyone that they were separating.” - stlkatherine

Just like you shouldn’t steal the spotlight by announcing your good news at someone else’s wedding, it’s not the time to announce bad news either. A wedding is literally the worst time and place to announce that a marriage is ending. It’s unclear if the couple was already aware of the divorce or not, but it could be a shocking and heartbreaking surprise if they weren’t. 

4.) “My caterer set a box of cake aside for us to take to our hotel room with us. We didn't get any cake aside from what we had while cutting the cake. My inlaws took ALL OF THE CAKE LEFTOVERS. And drove back to their home state the next morning! My husband was/is so bummed, we had really good cake with 3 different flavors and he didn't even get a slice of the cake he chose (marble cake with salted caramel).” - ktheway

Unless the couple specifically says it’s okay to take the leftovers, no one else should be taking the wedding cake home with them. Many couples spend most of their wedding day making the rounds to greet all their guests and may not get much time to enjoy the food they paid for, which is what happened in this case. Plus, it’s often tradition for the couple to freeze the wedding cake and thaw it out for their first anniversary. It was very rude for the inlaws to deprive the couple of that opportunity. 

5.) “My FIL. As Best Man, he carried my ring in his pocket. He went outside to smoke his pipe before the ceremony and was fiddling with the ring and dropped it in the grass. It was night. The wedding was delayed as everyone got flashlights to help look for it. No one told me what was going on. They couldn't find it, so my MIL let my husband borrow her anniversary band, that was fancy and had diamonds in it. When the time came, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a fancier ring than we had chosen. I thought it was a surprise for me. My MIL approached me after the ceremony and told me there was no way I was keeping it. A few minutes later someone out in the yard actually FOUND MY RING!” - windywx22

This wedding sounds more like a nightmare than a dream day! So many things went wrong that we aren’t even sure where to begin. While we get that accidents happen, this best man definitely didn’t take his responsibilities as ring bearer seriously enough. Dropping the ring somewhere you can’t find it again is a huge no-no, and we can’t help but think he should have kept it somewhere safer. The family also should have communicated to the bride what was going on so she didn’t have to feel let down when she learned the ring presented to her during the ceremony wasn’t actually for her. At least the bride was reunited with her real ring before the night was over! 

6.) “My ex MIL. One of my bridesmaids was dancing with a drink in her hand at our reception and my MIL tapped her on the arm and loudly asked if she could put the drink down while she danced because "she was looking trashy.” - iron_annie

Your job at the wedding is to celebrate the newlyweds, be a gracious guest, and have a good time. But this mother-in-law seemed to think she was the authority on how other guests should look and behave. Guests certainly do not have the right to tell other guests or members of the wedding party what to do or how to behave. And they certainly should not be antagonizing or embarrassing other guests. 

7.) “My entire husband’s family’s, except his parents and brother, RSVP’d but didn’t show. Was a little over $100/head. They’re from an area that is much more casual (e.g., will show up late to a wedding in cut-off jean shorts and flip flops) and just didn’t feel like making the 2-hour drive to DC that day. An entire third of the room was empty. Bit embarrassing.” - thisisallme

We saw many Redditors who complained about guests who didn’t show on the big day or guests who asked to come at the last minute after saying no on their RSVPs. Not only does this move cost the couple a lot of money, but it’s rude and can cause hurt feelings. We’re sure the groom felt a lot more disappointment on his wedding day than he intended to. (As an aside, please also follow the wedding dress code, even if you prefer to be more casual. It’s just for one day and disobeying the dress code is disrespectful to the bride and groom.) 

8.) “My husband and I had a sweetheart table at our wedding, which I appreciated because it allowed us to have time together during the hectic schedule of a wedding. When we finally got a chance to sit with each other after making our rounds and taking more photos, we were served dessert and were enjoying each other’s company. A few people from one family thought it was appropriate to grab seats and pull them up to our sweetheart table. Slowly that entire family started pulling more chairs to our table and completely blocked me out.” - bricknee116

While you may want to spend more time with your loved ones during the reception, keep in mind that they may be very busy with many guests to greet. If you see that the couple is getting to enjoy a rare moment alone, give them the space they need to rest and celebrate together for a moment. Let them come back to the dance floor or resume working the room when they are ready. Be prepared to exchange pleasantries and congratulations in a short conversation before the couple needs to move on. Don’t take up too much of their time and certainly don’t separate one spouse from the other. 

9.) “My grandmother walked out halfway through my vows. Still don't actually know why cause we haven't spoke since. She just said to my aunt ‘right, I've had enough’ and off she went to wait in my aunt’s car. My uncle had to miss the first half of our reception just driving the old hag home.” - SnowPaw850

Unless there is a medical emergency, we can’t think of a good reason to get up and walk out during the wedding vows. It’s extremely hurtful to leave during the ceremony and can create a disruption. If you have to leave early, at least wait until after the ceremony ends to make a respectful and quiet exit. 

10.) “My wife’s aunt ignored our signs and announcements to not take photos during the ceremony and leave it to our paid, professional, photographers. That [expletive] aunt stood in the main aisle taking photos of my wife and her father walking down the aisle, ruining our photographer’s photos of the procession. When I finally got the photos she took 6 months later, they were low resolution and out of focus. I spent upwards of 10 hours in Photoshop trying to composite one, single, decent, photo but ended up losing hope. She also got overly drunk and wouldn’t stop harassing my already married Uncle.” - LaCa2BoMa

This aunt is the definition of a nightmare guest. First, she disrespected the couple’s wishes to take her own photos, even after their request to refrain from taking photos was made crystal clear. Wedding photos can be extremely expensive, so it’s really tragic that she ruined the shots that the couple wanted. We’d hope this guest would behave better at the reception, but instead, she got too drunk and flirted with married men — another big and uncomfortable no-no. 

11.) “My sister was the maid of honor and my husband had a best man. They were both to give a speech. My dad wanted to give a speech too so I said okay and he was scheduled after the other two. My attention-seeking dad cut my sister's speech short, taking the mic, and did his speech before the best man. One of the points in his speech was something about how he was supposed to do the first speech. Another point was how my husband and I didn't know each other that long (15 months) and basically that we were rushing. I was so hurt and embarrassed, it took a lot of strength to not tear up and run out of the room.” - akzj

We read way too many posts from other Redditors telling horror stories of relatives going rogue during the wedding speeches. From relatives cutting each other off and talking badly about their kids to launching into 10-minute long sermons when they weren’t supposed to be speaking in the first place, it seems like some guests need a lesson in wedding toast etiquette. This dad clearly missed the mark by using his wedding toast to express his grievances and negative judgments about the couple. It’s just not the time or place. Going forward, we might recommend that future couples pre-pick speakers and approve their speeches in advance… 

12.) “My husband's cousin complained about the music. It was too “happy.”. He was single at the time and the wedding was making him feel sad and lonely and he requested Blues to be played. Not one song. Blues only. Because he was sad. At my wedding. He tried to argue with me several times until I told him to go home and listen to his music in the privacy of his own room. I had to explain to him that even though he felt sad, I was in a rather positive mood.” - Account Deleted 

When will some wedding guests learn that the wedding day is not all about them? The level of entitlement this cousin surely felt in order to think that turning this couple’s wedding into his own personal pity party was okay must be out of this world. Instead of celebrating the bride and groom on their special day, this man let feelings of jealousy and angst get the better of him. 

13.) “My aunt and uncle brought my teenage cousin’s boyfriend along. They drove four hours out of town for the wedding and didn’t even think to tell us they were bringing a wedding crasher. We found out when they showed up to the reception and were mad that we didn’t have a seat and place card for him.” - rcw16

Wedding planners and couples rely on RSVPs to be accurate because this allows them to plan for food and make appropriate seating charts. Seeing as this family never told the couple they were bringing an uninvited plus-one, we can’t possibly see a reason to justify their anger when the couple wasn’t prepared. You can’t plan for what you don’t know about!

When a guest brings an unexpected plus-one (or several plus-ones) without any advance notice or permission, the bride and groom may have to scramble to fit this person in. Not only is this rude, but it may cost the couple a pretty penny as they have to account for extra meals and seating. Unless you are explicitly invited to bring a plus-one and confirm you are doing so on your RSVP, do not show up with a surprise extra guest. If you are not sure if you can bring a plus-one, ask the bride and groom for permission and respect their wishes either way. 

Do you have any regrets about the guests you invited to attend your wedding? Let us know on social media!

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