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Celebrate National Pizza Month Dabl Style!

In honor of National Pizza Month, let’s take a walk down memory lane to relive some of our favorite pizza moments on Dabl!

While October is typically defined by Halloween, our favorite spooky holiday needs to step aside to honor a very important food! If you can’t already tell, we’re talking about pizza! October is National Pizza Month, which is only fitting since research shows pizza is literally the most popular food in America. 

Pizza is truly an amazing food because it can bring a whole variety of people together for family dinners, movie nights, dates, parties, and more! That same variety expands to the ways pizza can be made, such as with different types of crusts and toppings. While not traditional pizza, there are now breakfast pizzas and dessert pizzas created in delicious homage to the food we love so much. Even at Dabl, pizza has the power to tantalize our taste buds and bring us together. Therefore, it seemed only right to compile some of the best pizza moments and recipes that have aired on Dabl Network TV to kick off National Pizza Month! 

Kitchen Nightmares: 

We’re saving the best for last, so let’s kick off our favorite pizza moments with some truly horrendous pizzas Chef Gordon Ramsay has stumbled upon during episodes of “Kitchen Nightmares.” 

While we admire this sushi restaurant’s desire to improve upon pizza by making a sushi pizza fusion dish, some foods just aren’t meant to be mixed! Many toppings can taste delicious on pizza, but Gordon Ramsay couldn’t even swallow a single bite! We imagine this recipe was concocted with good intentions, but it looks just as rancid as Gordon described it. 

This restaurant claims to have the best pizza in Denver since 1985, but Gordon Ramsay would beg to differ. Despite being trained in New York where some of the best pizza is made, the chef serves Gordon one of the most disgusting pizzas he’s ever tasted. Despite ordering a thin crust pizza, this massive pizza is extremely doughy. Making matters worse, the crust is raw and cold like a badly cooked pastry. And don’t even get us started on the disgusting amounts of grease and oil on top of this sausage pizza! 

Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals:  

Pizza is pretty delicious or it wouldn’t be one of the most popular foods within our country! But as you saw in the above clips, clearly not everyone knows how to make pizza the right way. However, Chef Jamie Oliver certainly knows how to make a wonderful pizza. He demonstrated exactly what to do on a past episode of “Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals” so you can easily replicate his tasty recipe in your own kitchen! 

Yum! If we lost our appetites viewing the clips from “Kitchen Nightmares”, they’re certainly back now! Jamie’s pizza looks beyond delicious, and it’s hard to believe he could make such a tasty dish in just 30 minutes! From helping your dough achieve the perfect texture and thickness to using balsamic as a secret ingredient in his tomato sauce, Jamie shows you exactly what to do the next time you make your homemade pizza. 

You Gotta Eat Here!:  

If you feel like going out for pizza, refer to some of our favorite clips from “You Gotta Eat Here!” Host John Catucci takes his food seriously, and he knows where to find the best of the best of every dish. Any of these restaurants would easily be worth the road trip or plane ride!

It’s no secret that Chicago is known for its stellar deep dish pizza, and Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria is the best place to try it! During his visit, John learned the secrets for making the perfect Chicago Pizza as he followed along with the Lou Malnati pizza making protocol for greatness! He also got to witness firsthand how some of Lou Malnati’s signature specialty pizzas are made, such as the “The Lou,” which is named after the pizzeria’s founder. 

You’ve probably heard the phrase “when in Rome!” said many times in your life. However, we’d like to amend that saying to state “When in have to try the pizza!” While visiting Rome, John got to taste a beautiful rose-shaped pizza filled with every type of Italian goodness imaginable! Then, John got a once-in-a-lifetime pizza rose cooking lesson from an Italian chef! 

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