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The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses You’ve Got To Get Now

Give your eyes some relief and achieve better sleep with a pair of one of these blue light blocking glasses.

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We spend a lot of time staring at screens: TV, computer, phone…and our eyes are likely suffering from it! All of these devices emit blue light, which could cause your eyes to water, feel strain, or dryness. It also can mess with your sleep, and as you know, good sleep is vital for good health. Luckily, blue light blocking glasses are having a moment, and for good reason! These glasses have specially crafted lenses that block the blue light given off from digital screens. Studies are still minimal on if these glasses truly work, but they certainly can’t hurt! And, with so many stylish options available on the market, they combine fashion with function.

Best Value: EyeBuyDirect

This online retailer offers both brand name and their own in-house selection of blue light blocking glasses. Their own line is extremely affordable, with several in the twenty-dollar price range. Many of their glasses are available for 2-day delivery, and you can get both prescription and non-prescription lenses. Both long-distance and reading glasses are available. They offer a handy guide on their three types of blue light blocking lenses: EBDBlue+, EBDBlue360, and Sightrelax. 

Eye Buy DirectEye Buy Direct

Palo Alto

We love the classic vintage look of these frames, and the affordable price tag! Use the website’s “try-on” feature to see if they’re right for you.

On sale for $25 (regular price $35)

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Best Style/Most Fashionable: Diff Eyewear

Diff eyewear has some of the most fashionable and cool frames around, and, what’s even cooler is that the company’s mission is to give back. Diff has provided over 1.6 million people with the reading glasses they need. They are available in prescription, non-Rx, and reading glasses. Get a few to compliment your favorite outfits! 

Diff EyewearDiff Eyewear

Bella XS

This is one of our favorite frames by Diff. Not surprising that it’s one of their best selling styles. The frame is big but not over-the-top, and in a shape that flatters most face sizes.

$92 on Diff Eyewear

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Best for Kids: Felix Gray

Every pair of Felix Gray glasses is blue-light filtering. Made in both child and adult sizes, these glasses are safe for everyday use, and even their regular glasses (in addition to their sunglasses) offer 100% UVA/UVB protection, in addition to blue-light filtering. Kids sizes are available in small (ages 4-8) and large (ages 9-13). Check out the pair below for children and one of our favorites for adults.

Felix GrayFelix Gray


This shape is adorable on little faces. We are partial to the Milky Way color (dark and light blue) but any of the four are great options!

$145 on

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Felix GrayFelix Gray


The pink Rose Mallow color of this frame is so unique, people are sure to notice! The Serengeti is super stylish and classic. Can’t go wrong with either!

$145 on

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Best for Gamers: Gunnar Optiks on Amazon

Gunnar is the leading brand in gaming glasses and we’re all for the quick and easy shipping that Amazon offers! The brand offers one of the few blue light blocking glasses that have a patented lens technology that is recommended by doctors. They also have a 30-day guarantee and a one-year warranty, which is always a sign of brand confidence.



The Razer glasses are made from lightweight aluminum-magnesium, making them comfortable for all-day wear. The nose pad is adjustable, and they have the “Gunnar focus” lenses, which offer subtle magnification.

$77 on

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