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Affordable Wine Options to Pair with Your Valentine’s Day Eats

This Valentine’s Day know exactly what wine to get and enjoy all our great recommendations for less than $15 a bottle.

For those who aren’t wine aficionados, you may feel lost when trying to pick out a bottle. We’ll keep it simple for you this Valentine’s Day. We’ve picked out some of the best wine and food pairings so you can indulge accordingly. Even better, they’re all less than $15 a bottle.

If you’re having steak...

Red wine works best with proteins like steak. Do you prefer your steak more rare? If so, try a young Syrah (FYI this is also known as a Shiraz - both are made from the same grapes). The more well-done your steak, the more you’ll want a sweeter red, like a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Drink this with your rarer steak ($13.99 at Martha Stewart Wines):

Tres Arboles

Drink this with your well-done steak ($9.99 at Drizly): 

Sweet Bitch

If you’re having white fish...

An easy way to remember this one: white fish goes with white wine. Flakier, whiter fish, like flounder or tilapia, will go well with a light white wine, like a Pinot Grigio.

Drink this with your white fish ($14.99 at


If you’re having pasta...

Do as the Italians do and enjoy your pasta with some wine. Which wine though, depends on your sauce. While a cheese sauce pairs well with most wines, a red-sauce has some acidity which will affect the taste of your wine. For that reason, enjoy a medium-bodied red wine like an Italian Sangiovese with your tomato sauce.

Drink this with your red-sauce and pasta ($8.99 at Drizly): 

Il Bastardo

Drink this with your cheesy pasta ($10.44 at Drizly):


If you’re having chocolate…

Just like wine has varying intensity, so can chocolate. Match the two for the perfect pairing. If you’re having milk chocolate, pair it with a white Gewurztraminer or a red Pinot Noir. Dark chocolate is more bitter and has a stronger flavor profile therefore pairing well with a full-bodied yet fruit-forward wine like a Zinfandel.

Drink this with your milk chocolate ($8.09 at Drizly):


Drink this with your dark chocolate ($7.99 at


If you’re having eggs…

For those who want to start off their day celebrating the holiday, you can still imbibe! Bubbly will cut through the fatty eggs, so indulge in some champagne or sparkling wine.

Drink with your eggs ($13.99 at


If you’re having something spicy…

If you’re looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day with cuisine like Indian or Mexican, you’ll want a sweetness to balance out the spice, and a dry, crisp wine, like a rose, will hit the spot (of course, beer is always another great alcoholic option).

Drink this with your spicy meal ($13.99 at Drizly):


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