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The 9 Best Destinations To Escape The Winter Weather!

Travel to one of these warm destinations to get a much-needed reprieve from the chilly winter weather!

While the first snowfall of the year may be exciting, after a few months of living in freezing weather and slipping on ice, the Winter season can certainly wear out its welcome. Winter just makes everything more complicated, such as adding time to your morning commute by forcing traffic to drive slower, adding chains for navigating snowy roads, and constantly clearing ice and snow from your windshield before you can even hit the road. Even walking is harder with so many icy trip hazards that can make you go slipping or sliding when you least expect it. Even if you just want a break from being cold all the time, you may be daydreaming of escaping the Winter weather, even if it’s just for a little while. 

Luckily, you aren’t limited to using your vacation time just in the Summer. There are plenty of warm and sunny destinations within the United States, as well as other countries, where you can have a blast as you leave your Winter worries behind you. Since Winter is generally off-season for many popular destinations as kids are still in school, you may be able to score some excellent deals on your get-away. Take a look at 9 of the most popular destinations for escaping the Winter! 


Hawaii Beach

Say Aloha to the warm, sandy beaches of Hawaii this Winter! While it may be snowy at your house, it’ll always be sunny and Summer-like on the Hawaiian islands. With average winter temperatures ranging between the high 70s to the high 80s, swimming in the ocean, snorkeling, diving, and other water sports are popular activities all year round. But if you’d prefer to stay on land, consider going for a scenic hike, sampling fresh seafood and traditional island cuisine, or taking to the skies in a helicopter or as part of a thrilling ziplining tour. 


Florida shops

Key West, Florida is a popular winter destination because of its luxury hotels, spas, and beaches galore. However, you can go anywhere in Florida and be guaranteed a break from the winter weather. If you’re traveling with children, visiting theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios during the Winter means your park days won’t be muggy, humid, and sweltering like they would be if you were to visit in the Summer. If you’ll be going on an adults-only getaway, you may enjoy the beaches in Miami as well as the active nightlife. Plus, Florida is home to Spain St. Augustine, which is one of our favorite stateside destinations that feel like a European Escape.  


Back of CA Hollywood Sign

California’s description of being “The Golden State” is something that applies all year long! The most Winter weather you’ll see is a bit of rain, but even that doesn’t happen often. Most of the time California days are filled with sunshine! California is a great destination because it truly has something for everyone. Movie lovers can sightsee around Hollywood and visit cinema museums, while people looking to relax can find a comfy spot at the beaches or travel to Palm Springs to spend a trendy weekend in the desert. Meanwhile, families may enjoy trips to state-of-the-art museums, The Griffith Park Observatory, or visits to the West Coast theme parks, such as Magic Mountain, Disneyland, and Universal Studios Hollywood. And don’t even get us started on the delicious food and wine offered throughout the state! 


Sedona red rocks

Arizona, and Oro Valley in particular, is a Winter destination you must visit at least once! Arizona is warm all year long, and features stunning views of red rocks, mountains, and more cacti than you’d ever expect to see in one place. If you’re outdoorsy, you may enjoy hiking and camping in one of the National Parks within Arizona, such as the Saguaro National Park which is less than an hour away from Oro Valley. But if you’d prefer to stay in the city, you’ll also find plenty of delicious food, art galleries, and quaint shops to explore. After a long day, you can retreat back to one of many luxury hotels to relax in your room or at the pool and take advantage of other offered amenities. If you’re looking for a trip that truly has everything, you may want to include a couple of days in Sedona as part of your trip. Sedona has lots of shops owned by local artisans and craftspeople to explore, as well as guided tours and jeep journeys that help you explore the red terrain. 


Georgia Pier

Georgia is probably the most surprising state to find on the list, but believe it or not you can have the Winter get-away of your dreams here! Georgia’s Golden Isles, and St. Simon’s Island in particular, is a great place to go if you’re looking for an affordable, beachy vacation. The beach itself is extremely pleasant, but visitors also have their pick of activities to keep busy. Some of the most popular choices are kayaking, paddleboarding, golfing, and exploring the island’s eye-catching architecture and museums. You can be sure you won’t get bored, here!  


Texas Vineyard

If you’re looking for somewhere with a mild Winter, you’ve found it in Texas. We’d recommend choosing a location within Hill County in Texas. The coldest it gets in Hill County is around 60 degrees fahrenheit. This region’s main attraction is its more than 100 vineyards and wineries for you to tour and sample delicious wines. However, this region also has some stunning state parks and lakes to explore. Plus, you can’t stop at Texas without tasting some incredible BBQ that will tide you over until it’s time to host your own Summer BBQs again next year.  



Brush up on your Spanish because a Mexican vacation may be in store for you! During the Winter, you can find amazing weather in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula and the Pacific coast region known as the Mexican Riviera. The most popular destinations are usually cities like Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, and Cabo San Lucas. These destinations feature historical sites to explore, traditional cantinas, luxury hotels and resorts, beaches, and tons of activities that will make the time fly by! For example, Cabo San Lucas is known for its stunning beaches, water sports, and vibrant nightlife. Meanwhile, Puerto Vallarta feels more historical as it’s the home to the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church. It also features plenty of boutique shops and a range of restaurants and bars. Make sure to research activities offered by the different Mexican cities so you choose the right destination for you! 



It may be a long flight, but if your greatest wish is for Summer to come early you’ll need to take a trip “down under!” While it’s Winter in the United States, it’s Summer in Australia! Exploring iconic destinations like Melbourne and Sydney would be a dream come true! If you are a nature or animal lover, you could also make this your chance to explore The Great Barrier Reef or visit the Australia Zoo, which is still owned and operated by the family of Steve Irwin (The Famous Crocodile Hunter).   

Winter Cruise: 

Cruise Ship

Why pick one destination, when you could explore several in one trip? Consider hopping aboard a cruise this Winter to sail away to the warm and tropical Caribbean or the Bahamas. Mexican cruises are also quite popular and a great way to see multiple cities in one trip without ever having to change hotels or find transportation. During this time of year, you may be able to find excellent last-minute cruise deals as cruise lines are offering discounts and incentives to encourage passengers to come on board before the year ends or early in 2022. In other words, the cruise lines are getting desperate to sell their remaining 2021 inventory which gives potential passengers quite the advantage. 

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