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8 Ways to Show Your Pets Some Extra Love On National Love Your Pet Day

Looking to pamper your fur baby a little extra for National Love Your Pet Day, but aren’t sure what to do? We’ve got you covered.

While it may feel like everyday is Love Your Pet Day, February 20th is the official holiday. Here at DABL, we love any excuse to give our fur babies some extra love and attention. Our pets deserve it! They work hard to cheer us up when we’re sad, make us laugh, keep us active, and provide endless cuddles. Here are 8 ideas to celebrate the love we share with our pets on Love Your Pet Day.

Go on an adventure. 

Just like us, our pets can go stir crazy if they are stuck in the house for too long. Give your pet some much needed mental stimulation by taking them to one of their favorite places. You could take a stroll through the park, or let your dogs run with their friends at the local dog park. Alternatively, you could take your pet on a hike, or a longer walk than normal to let them sniff some new scents. If the outdoors aren’t your thing, you could take your pet to a local pet store and let them pick out some new toys or treats. 

If you are the proud parent of a senior animal, you might have to pick a low-endurance adventure. Maybe you could take your pet along in a stroller, or let your senior dog stick their head out the window and feel the breeze as you take a drive through their favorite neighborhoods. 

Paws & PalsPaws & Pals

Paws & Pals Pet Stroller

If your dog or cat wants to be part of the action, but can’t handle a lot of activity, the Paws & Pals Pet Stroller is perfect for including your pet in the fun. If you have a senior animal, or a pet with an injury or disability, this stroller is perfect for walks through the park, travelling, or allowing your fur baby to enjoy some fresh air outside with you. 

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Pet Dog Carrier Backpack

Bring your furbaby on all your adventures with this dog carrier backpack! Whether you want to take them along for an epic hike, or want to bring your pup on a bike ride, this backpack is for you. It even comes with a collapsible water bowl to keep your pet hydrated, and some doggy sunglasses for maximum style. 

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Give your pet something extra tasty. 

Treat your pets to their favorite snack, or give them something special to eat they wouldn’t normally get. Lots of pet bakeries and pet stores sell treats for special occasions, and some restaurants, such as Starbucks, sell puppuccinos for our dogs to safely enjoy! For extra fun, make your own DIY treats at home! 


Silicone Molds

Make your pet some delicious treats using these adorable molds! These molds are super cute, and are microwave safe, oven safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe. 

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Dog Treat Maker

Make your pup delicious and healthy dog bones in the comfort of your own home in a matter of minutes! Bake-A-Bone features allergy-sensitive, preservative-free recipes that come in a variety of flavors. For extra fun, decorate the bones with pet-friendly icing or designs before serving them to your dog. 

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Keep your pet safe. 

We love our pets, and want to keep them happy and thriving as long as possible. This holiday is a great time to reaffirm this by refreshing our pet’s safety gear. For example, purchasing a glow in the dark collar or reflective harness can help keep your pet safe on night time walks. Similarly, this holiday can serve as an annual reminder to make sure your pet’s name tag is in good condition with your pet’s name and your contact information. In the unfortunate event your pet gets lost, you want whoever finds to easily see how to contact you and bring your pet home. 

Blazin' Safety Blazin' Safety

Blazin' Safety LED Dog Collar

Keep your pet safe when you go out at night! These glow in the dark collars come in a variety of sizes and colors, and have a visibility of 350 yards. Your pet will easily be seen by oncoming traffic, and make it easier for you to keep watch over your pet if they ever off-leash at night, such as at a campsite or night hiking. 

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No Pull Dog Harness

This lightweight harness makes walking both easier and safer. Not only will it be easier to spot your pet at night, the harness also encourages your pet not to pull on walks. 

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Pamper your pet. 

If your pet enjoys grooming, treat them to a spa day! Make your fur baby feel amazing with some pet massage, and gentle brushing. In addition, many pets love the feeling of being wrapped up in a towel and towel dried. 

If you want to go the extra mile, spruce up your pet with a new look once they’re clean. It could be time for a new leash and collar, or a new outfit if your animal likes to wear clothes. 


Dog Grooming Kit

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Handheld Massager for Dogs Cats

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Arrange a pet photo shoot. 

Let your pet unleash their inner star, and get them ready for their closeup! Arrange a photoshoot with you and your pet. The pictures you take will look adorable and social media, and could even be used as gifts for family members or loved ones later. Your furry friend will love the extra attention, and you’ll have memories to last you for a lifetime. 

Teach your pet a new trick.

Our pets thrive on mental stimulation and love to learn. Teach them a fun new party trick, or sign them up for a class, such as agility or scent classes that encourage them to use their nose. Your pet will enjoy learning something new, and spending time with you. 

Alternatively, you can use this time to work on basic obedience and safety commands in a fun way. If you live with family or a significant other, you could work on teaching your dog an emergency word. Have one person stationed at two ends of a room or spread out in your yard, and take turns calling your pet using the same word. When your pet comes, praise them with love and treats. Not only will your pet have fun running around and being rewarded, they will also learn to come anytime they hear that word. The emergency word could be lifesaving in an event where your pet escapes accidentally, or if you live in an area with dangerous animals, such as coyotes or mountain lions. 

Do absolutely nothing.  

We lead busy lives. Even if just for an hour, our pets would love nothing more than for us to stop everything and relax with them. Take a catnap with your kitty, or give your dog some belly rubs while you watch some of your favorite pet movies together. Your pet will love spending some quality time with you, and getting your undivided attention. 

Praise your pet. 

Praising your pet doesn’t cost you any money, but means the world to your fur baby. Simply using your kindest, happiest voice to tell your pet how great they are goes a long way. Your pet appreciates knowing how much you appreciate them. 

Ultimately, you know your pet best. With your expert knowledge or their likes and dislikes, you can surely put together a “purrfect” day that will make this feel extra special this Love Your Pet Day! 

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