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8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Adopting a New Pet

Before bringing home a new pet, it’s important to make sure you are ready physically, financially, and emotionally. Luckily, we have 8 questions for you to consider that will help you determine if you are ready to adopt a new furry friend

Did you know that animal shelters often see a spike in returned pets during the beginning of the year? Suddenly, it seems that many families who brought home a new puppy or kitten for the holidays have realized they can’t give their pets the time or energy they require, causing animal shelters to receive an influx of adoptable pets. Before you make your own trip to the animal shelter, carefully consider these 8 questions that will help ensure you are ready to bring home a new pet, and that the fur baby you choose is right for you.

Are you prepared to make a long term commitment to your new pet?

Animals can suffer from anxiety and depression when they are bounced around between homes, or find themselves returned to the animal shelter. When you adopt a new fur baby, you should be prepared to make a life-long commitment. Depending on the dog or cat you choose, you could be devoting up to 20 years to your new pet. Be sure that is something you are willing to do before you welcome your pet into their forever home. 

In the event your pet does get lost, make sure they have a collar with your phone number clearly printed on the collar or name tag. In addition, microchipping your pet and registering them with your city can also help ensure they return home safely. 

Are you able to provide for your pet financially? 

Before bringing home a new pet, do some research into what it costs to take care of your pet of choice. Depending on the species and breed, the cost of their monthly upkeep may vary. For example, a dog with short hair may not cost as much as a long haired dog that requires more grooming. Alternatively, a smaller dog may be less expensive than a bigger dog because smaller dogs consume less food each day. 

In general, it’s a good idea to have around $200 a month set aside that can be spent on food and other pet supplies. However, the amount could vary depending on if your pet requires professional grooming services or pet sitting services, such as a pet daycare or dog walker.

It is also smart to have an emergency savings fund for your pet, or to purchase pet insurance. Trips to the emergency vet can easily come with a high price tag. Plus, your pet may need to visit the veterinarian throughout the year for physical exams and vaccines.

Where do you want to find your new pet?

There are lots of places out there to look for your new pet, and you have to decide which is best for you. For example, if you want a puppy of a specific breed, such as a West Highland Terrier or Golden Retriever, you may want to look into breeders. However, it is important to do your research and select a reputable breeder. This helps ensure your new pet will be healthy, the other animals in the facility are well cared for, and prevents giving business to poorly run puppy mills. 

Alternatively, many animal rescues exist that dedicate their resources to specific breeds, as well as all animals in general. There are lots of animals out there in need of homes who would love you forever for rescuing them from the pound or shelter. Choosing a rescue pet will also be much less expensive than using the services of a breeder, who could charge you thousands of dollars for your puppy. 

If you want to find a new dog in an unconventional way, consider adopting a failed or retired service dog. There are many organizations for seeing eye dogs that look for families to adopt the dogs that flunk out of their service dog training. Similarly, the transportation security administration has a canine adoption program for dogs that don’t pass training, or who have been retired from service. While these dogs may not be suited for life as service dogs, they may make excellent pets. 

Are you prepared to dedicate time and energy into training your pet?

Anytime you bring home a new pet, there will always be an adjustment period. It may take your new pet several weeks, or even months, to adjust to life with you and realize they are home. As your pet becomes more comfortable, he will show you more of his true colors and personality. 

During this adjustment period, it is important to set clear boundaries with your pet so that they understand the rules of your home, and see you as the master. You may need to hire a trainer and dedicate a lot of time on your new companion’s obedience training and potty training, especially if you adopt a puppy or kitten. Although training can sometimes become frustrating, remember that your hard work will pay off with time and patience. 

Will your desired pet be comfortable in your home? 

When choosing your pet, consider if your animal of choice will be happy in your home. Do you live in a small apartment, or do you have a big house with a yard? Some animals are happy to laze around inside and be couch potatoes, while others need more exercise and places to run outside.

Also, it is important to note that some apartments and homes do not allow pets at all, while some landlords only permit certain breeds or have weight restrictions for pets. If you rent your home, make sure to avoid potential heartbreak by checking with your landlord before adopting a new pet. 

How will your pet fit into your lifestyle? 

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is if you have time for a new pet, and how they will fit into your lifestyle. It goes without saying that some pets will require more time, attention, and exercise than others. It’s important to consider how you want your pet to fit into your lifestyle, and what activities you will do with them. 

If you are someone who works a lot or is often out of the house, a new puppy that requires your constant attention might not be the right choice for you. In that situation, you may want to consider an older animal that is calmer and more self sufficient than a puppy. Alternatively, if you are looking for a new exercise buddy, you may want to set your sights on an athletic, younger dog. 

If you have other animals in your home, how would a new pet impact them?

When adopting a new pet, many people think about themselves, their children, and other family members who live in the home. However, people often forget to think of the pets they already have. Bringing home a new animal can turn your existing pets’ lives upside down, at least temporarily. You know your pets best, so consider if bringing home a new pet will ultimately be good for them. 
Does anyone in your home have allergies? 

One of the most common reasons animals are returned to shelters is because someone in the house is allergic to them. While sometimes the allergy may not become apparent before the pet is in the home, there are ways to prevent ending up in this unfortunate situation. You might consider getting allergy tested before choosing a new pet and spend as much time as possible with the pet before you bring him home to see how your allergies react. You may also want to look into adopting hypoallergenic pets or hairless pets, which may be easier for you if you’re prone to allergies. 

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