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The 8 Best Long Lasting Dog Chews On Chewy!

Many pet brands falsely claim their treats are worthy of heavy-duty chewers, but these long lasting dog chews are definitely up to the task.

Editor’s Note: For safety, always supervise your dog while he is chewing toys or treats. Make sure to monitor for possible choking hazards, and remove treats when they become too small or if they break into small pieces. 

Every dog owner knows the importance of chewing. For puppies, chewing relieves the pain of teething. For adult dogs, chewing helps keep their jaws strong and their teeth clean throughout life. It’s also an activity that can relieve boredom and anxiety. 

But if your pup is a super chewer, average chew toys and treats might not do the trick in your household. If you have the type of dog that can destroy a toy or typical bone within minutes, finding a long lasting dog chew your furry friend will love may feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Although many pet brands promise to be tough enough to withstand heavy duty chewing, they often leave pet parents disappointed. These 8 durable and tasty dog chews for sale on right now will actually keep your dog busy for hours! 


KONG Classic Dog Toy

Rubber chew toys like KONGs are a great choice! Not only are they durable, but they are reusable! Simply fill the toy with your pup’s favorite treat and leave him to chew and lick at his KONG for hours! 


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Nylabone Healthy Edibles Wild Natural Long Lasting Bison Flavor Dog Chew

Meant for dogs up to 20 pounds, these healthy and easily digestible dog treats are made in the USA. These tasty dog treats will keep your little dog satisfied and occupied! 

$5 (On Sale!)

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Rachael Ray NutrishRachael Ray Nutrish

Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones with Bone Broth

Treat your pup to delicious long lasting chews crafted by celebrity chef Rachael Ray! Not only are these chicken-flavored bones delicious and durable, but Rachael’s recipe promotes immune health, good digestion, and mobility. 


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EcoKind EcoKind

EcoKind Gold Yak Himalayan Cheese Dog Treats

The three words we’d use to describe these tasty, long lasting dog treats are healthy, delicious, and organic! The cheese used in these treats is sourced directly from the Himalayas! But the real value is that they last up to five times longer than most dog chew treats. 

$25 (On Sale!)

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Grillerz Smoked Pig Ears Dog Treats, 12 count

These long lasting treats are made from real pig ears and have that fresh off the grill flavor that dogs love! Pig ears are slightly softer than traditional rawhide treats, making them a good choice for medium-level chewers or senior dogs. The high protein content of pig ears will also help keep your dog’s muscles strong and his skin and coat healthy. 

$15 (On Sale!)

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Bones & ChewsBones & Chews

Bones & Chews Made in USA Elk Antler Dog Chew

Antlers are durable, natural dog bones that are suitable for heavy-duty chewers! Bones & Chews only sells Grade A antlers that are made all naturally in the USA. As antlers are rich in protein and flavor, they are essentially super treats for our dogs! 


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Bones & ChewsBones & Chews

Bones & Chews Made in USA Smoked Curly Bully Stick 6-9" Dog Chew Treat

We love the literal twist that Bones & Chews has given their bully sticks. Instead of the typical straight line, these bully sticks are twisted to give tough chewers an extra challenge! 


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Nylabone Healthy Edibles Long Lasting Puppy Lamb & Apple Flavor Dog Bone Treats

Puppies are often desperate to chew, but their baby teeth aren’t always equipped for heavy duty bones and dog chews. But these lamb and apple flavored chew treats are made just for growing puppies! These highly digestible treats will give your puppy something good to chew on and are specially formulated with DHA to help support your puppy’s brain and eye development.


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