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7 Items You May Not Have Thought Of Decluttering

It’s week four of our declutter challenge and we’ve got 7 more items you should be saying goodbye to!

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If you’ve kept up your weekly commitment to declutter your home, week by week, one small step at a time, you are probably already seeing the big results! It’s week four and even though you’ve tackled the go-to’s like your closets and kitchen, we’re back with 7 more items you may not have thought about.

Expired Beauty Products

Most beauty products have expiration dates but how often do you check them out? If your bathroom cabinets are stuffed with old lotions, shampoos, and makeup products, you must have some that can go! It depends on the product and its ingredients, but most items expire about a  year after opening. However, some, like mascara, lasts only around 3-6 months. 

Unknown Cords

With all of our electronics and their various plugs, many of us end up with a box of cords that we have no clue what they are from. If you’ve gone 6 months to a year without using the cords in that box, chances are, you’re not going to. If you can’t identify their use, identify the garbage and toss them in there!

Excess Reusable Shopping Bags

We love that so many businesses now give out reusable shoppings bags, but when you come to a point where they are taking up a significant amount of storage, it’s okay to get rid of some of them. Identify the few that you use and keep them in your car, so that they’re always handy during a trip to the grocery store. The extras? Here’s an idea: fill them with items you’ve decided to donate during your decluttering month, like t-shirts and kitchen items, and bring them to your closest donation drop-off center.

Old Magazines

While it’s fun to peruse articles from years past, do you? Or, do these magazines spill out of their storage in your bathroom, and take up room in your cabinets, and hardly, if ever, get flipped through? If you have certain articles, like recipes for example, that you want to hold onto, get yourself an expanding file folder, rip them out, and store them all in one place. Then, toss the remainder of the magazine away. You’ve got to make room for this month’s latest, after all!

Expired Mailers and Coupons

Coupons are only good until their expiration date, so there is simply no reason to hold onto them otherwise. The sheer volume of mailers and coupons can be overwhelming, and for that reason, they often end up as clutter in your home, and are never used in time. Declutter these items without a second thought!

Old Underwear

One of our smaller items of clothing, you might not think to clear this out as quickly as others. While a quick search says that many experts suggest men replace their underwear every 6-12 months, we think that’s a bit extreme. However, we think when to toss your underwear is a bit more obvious. If you’ve got stains, holes, or the elastic has lost its stretch, we’re asking you to please throw it away!

Worn-Out Shoes

Worn-in shoes are good -- no more blisters, or discomfort -- but worn-out ones need to go! Straps break, soles deteriorate, and nails poke through heels. All of these are signs of a shoe you should no longer be wearing. 

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