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7 Home Trends That May Be On Their Way Out in 2022

These seven popular home design trends seem to be on their way out in 2022.

Just like fashion, home design is cyclical. As old trends go out of style, new ones become popular, and sometimes old interior design styles even regain popularity as time passes. But this article isn’t about the design styles that are sticking. It’s about the ones that aren’t. 

As we are now halfway through 2022, we have a pretty good idea of what home trends are here to stay and which ones are going out of style. If you are looking to redecorate to refresh your living space or plan on listing your home for sale soon, you’ll likely want to avoid these seven home trends that seem to be going out of style. 

1.) Smarthomes That Are Too Smart: 

Smarthome controller

Smart technology and voice assistants from Amazon and Google have brought convenience to our lives by making it possible to control every element of our homes using our voices and smartphone apps. But there is such a thing as making your home too smart. For example, some people see the need to take out your phone to control your lights as just as involved, if not more so, than simply flipping on a light switch. Similarly, we can’t help but question if every device in our homes really needs to be super high-tech. For instance, do our refrigerators really need to connect to the internet? 

If you’ll be selling your home soon, you’ll need to consider if the smart technology that may appeal to you will also be a selling point for potential buyers. For even the most tech-savvy home buyers, the process of syncing your smart home devices to their phones and voices will be a hassle at best. And if your prospective homebuyers are older or less experienced with these smart home gadgets, the technology may be overwhelming. 

2.) Too Many Pillows:

Bed with lots of pillows

We admit that there is something about pillows that just makes you want to have them all. But it seems like the trend of piling our beds and couches with pillows is finally going away. When you have to remove pillows and stack them on the floor or elsewhere to sit down or get in bed, it just makes the room look instantly messy and cluttered. While the pillow display might look nice, they usually aren’t practical and people are opting for functionality over appearances right now. 

3.) No More Signs:  

Positive home decor sign

Fairly recently, there has been a trend of displaying signs in our homes with positive phrases, such as “live, laugh, love” or “spread joy.”  Sometimes these signs display song lyrics, important dates, or bible verses. The options are limitless, but some home designers are starting to wish that wasn’t the case. Apparently, displaying words as part of your home decor is a tired trend and is becoming a major turn-off for some people.  

4.) All White Interiors: 

All white kitchen

The color white has become an inherent part of modern and futuristic interior design. We would even go so far as to say it’s a symbol of luxury in nicer homes. But there is such a thing as making your home too white. And much to the delight of some interior designers, the all-white trend or all-off-white trend is finally going away. After spending so much time in their homes during pandemic quarantines, people are longing for colors, layers, textures, patinas, and material mixes. The all-white homes just feel too sterile and boring now, and homeowners are making more interesting and cozy choices. 

To be frank, the all-white interior design style isn’t the easiest to live with either. All-white homes are harder to maintain because they don’t hide anything, which can create extra stress for homeowners. They are also harder to clean and show dust and dirt more easily. 

5.) Black Hardware: 

Black cabinets in Kitchen

On the opposite end of the color spectrum, black was very much in style last year, but not this year. In 2021, Sherwin-Williams even named a near-black paint color called Urban Bronze the color of the year. But this obsession with black, and black hardware in particular, seems to be a short-lived trend. According to an article from Forbes, hardware in general has faster and shorter trend cycles. People are also tired of overused trends like flat black and highly reflective finishes.

While we are on the topic of hardware, here’s a bonus trend that is going out of style. Open shelving, particularly in the kitchen, is a trend that’s going away. The general attitude is that shelves and cabinets are meant to hide your stuff, not show it off to the world. If not meticulously maintained, open shelving just makes the home look cluttered. 

6.) Buddha Heads As Decoration: 

Buddha Head Plant

Buddha heads have frequently been used as decorative statues, paperweights, planters, and pen holders in home design in recent years. But many people have been speaking out to ask that buddha heads no longer be used for aesthetic purposes. While people like that the buddhas symbolize peace, tranquility, harmony, and balance, others feel it’s disrespectful toward people who actually practice Buddhism when those who don’t follow the religion use the buddha heads in their decorating. It’s marginally better to display the buddha statues that depict the whole body and not just the head.  

7.) Using Open Concept Design More Sparingly: 

Open concept example

While people don’t want their homes to feel closed off or claustrophobic, there has definitely been a shift away from relying on open concept design. Design choices like open concept kitchens and bathrooms seem like they are going to become a thing of the past, at least for the immediate future. For bathrooms, this kind of makes sense. For example, no one wants to see their toilet from their bed. But the reason people want to move away from the open concept floor plans in the rest of the home can be linked to the pandemic. While families were quarantined at home together, they discovered the importance of having separate rooms and separate spaces. This attitude is helping to inform home design decisions in 2022. 

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