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Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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7 of The Best Nature Escape In The U.S.

“Escape to the Country” inspired us to find seven spots in the US for some nature-filled travel.

This clip of Escape to the Country makes us want to get out in nature! The couple enjoy the scenic countryside on bikes, visiting Hampton Loade Railway station where they begin on a 200 mile bike path called the Mercian Way. Don’t worry, they’re only going for 5!

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If you’re itching to travel and explore some natural scenery, check out these seven places located in the great old U.S. of A. No need to go across the pond!

Bike Along The Delaware & Raritan Canal State Pathway in New Jersey

Delaware River New Jersey

New Jersey boasts hundreds of miles of bike trails and routes around the state and don’t listen to the rumors -- NJ is beautiful. 

The Delaware & Raritan Canal State Pathway is set within a gorgeous park that has over 70 miles of trails. They run along historic canals, forestry, farmland, and fields. You’ll see unique sycamore trees and canoerings going by. The path also leads through quaint towns and iconic bridges. And definitely stop to take a photograph at the Prallsville Mill, which is a historic site dating back to the 1700s. 

Paddleboard Through Sarasota Mangroves Tunnels in Florida

Located in the Ted Sperling Park at South Lido Beach Nature Park in Florida, a paddleboard will allow you to leisurely explore these mangroves and the unique ecosystem they’re a part of. The water is clear and you’ll likely see fishes, turtles and crabs. Above you, birds will be chirping and you’ll be in awe of nature’s natural tunnels that the thick trees form. There are tons of companies available to rent paddleboards and explore this area.

Explore the Waterfalls at Starved Rock State Park in Illinois

Starved Rock

When you think of Illinois, you likely don’t picture it as home to several stunning waterfalls. But, if you pay Starved Rock State Park a visit, you’ll see plenty. The seasonal waterfalls are active in the Spring after heavy rainfall. Explore the many hiking trails that contain wooden bridges crossing over ravines and feel instantly relaxed when you take in a breathtaking waterfall.

See the World’s Longest Known Cave System at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky

Mammoth Cave National Park

Kentucky is known for its derby, but if you want to experience its natural beauty, visit Mammoth Cave National Park. This site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve, a high honor, noting that this is an area worthy of preservation. The park offers cave tours, currently due to COVID-19, they are self-guided only. Book those tickets in advance!

Try Catch and Release Fishing in the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas 

The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve protects around 10,000 acres of prairie land. Within the park are three preserve ponds as well as Fox Creek, all open to the public for catch and release fishing. Once you’re done looking for fish, keep your eyes peeled for bison, which can be found within the preserves WIndmill Pastures and hiking trails.

FYI: A valid Kansas fishing license is required for Kansas residents between the ages of 16 through 74. All nonresidents 16 and older must have a valid non-resident license to fish in Kansas.

Go Sand Sledding at the Great Dunes National Park and Preserve in Colorado

Great Sand Dunes

Colorado is known for its gorgeous mountain ranges and great skiing, but here’s a reason to visit in the warmer months: sand sledding! The Great Dunes National Park and Preserve are the tallest in North America, with some dunes towering over 700 feet! Sand sledding is a great activity, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Rent a sled at a local retailer and then head out for the time of your life. Keep in mind, the sleds you use in the snow will not work.

Relax in The Warmth of Travertine Hot Springs in California

Located outside the town of Bridgeport in East California is a picturesque site for some serious relaxation. A short walk will bring you to the springs and the collection of several natural mineral pools They overlook the High Sierra mountains. There’s no park fee so it’s an affordable way to get a spa-like experience. Just don’t forget your towel! 

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