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Dabl At Home Dec 2020
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7 Affordable Things You Can Do Today to Make Your Space Feel Larger

Try out these 7 design tricks to make your rooms feel larger than they really are.

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One thing that we can all agree on is that we all want more space in our homes. No matter how much square footage you have, with the wrong design elements and decorations, your home may not be maximizing all the space as best you should. Luckily, making your space feel larger, airy, and flowy is something that any homeowner will benefit from. Below are the 7 ways you can really enlarge your space. 

Tip #1: Less is More (Space)

Have you been taking the Dabl Declutter challenge? We believe less is truly more, especially when you are trying to make your space appear larger. A more sparse room that is focused on the essential elements will feel breezy, minimalist, and larger just by virtue of being less cluttered! 

Tip #2: Use light, Neutral Colors

Neutral Tones

Oftentimes, the illusion of more space can be had by using the right type of paint color. Though they can add a nice mood to a room, darker colors tend to make spaces feel tighter, while a lighter color palette can help bounce light and make your room feel flowy and larger. You can never go wrong with white, especially as it can serve as a nice, blank canvas to build your decor upon (like a great gallery wall).

Tip #3: Mirrors

While we’re on the topic of playing with light, let’s not forget about the wonderful use of mirrors. They are truly multifunctional tools as they can bounce light, serve as decor, and also be your best friend before you head out the door for a dinner party. Think large when purchasing a mirror, and if you truly want to carry over the “light” theme, go for light and warm wood-framed mirrors to complete the look. 

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Tip #4: Drapes

Drapes Hung High

And yes, we are still on the topic of light! Try to ditch heavy drapes, and trade them up for light and airy ones. Instead of blocking out light completely, translucent drapes will continue to provide privacy, but still let in some warm, dispersed light. Another trick? Hang your drapes as HIGH as you can, which will give the illusion that your windows are a lot larger than they are, and will naturally draw your eyes up, accentuating the height of your ceilings. For some, this may be as simple as raising the bar up a few inches. 


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Tip #5: Show Off Those Legs

If you have chairs and sofas with skirts, try to ditch those elements to show off your furniture’s legs. This will continue the theme of feeling light and flowy. A sofa that sits low on the ground can give off the feeling that it is a large piece of wood and fabric plopped in the middle of your floor, while the same sofa with legs may give it the appearance of sitting delicately in your space. 

Tip #6: Hang Your Art High!

Gallery Wall

When hanging art with the intention of making your room feel larger, the same rules from the drapes tip applies. Hang them as high as you can! This especially works with a gallery wall treatment. Set up an array of your favorite gallery paintings, prints, and photos, and have them build up into a high layout so it continues to draw your eyes up and accentuate the height of your ceilings. 

Tip #7: Make it Flow 

The principle here is simple: don’t make walking through your room feel like a maze; walking through the room should feel like a breeze. Try to avoid large pieces of furniture obstructing natural pathways. For example, imagine walking into your living room with a tray full of food and drinks - you’re going to want the most unobstructed, easy route to the coffee table. This is a great time to start playing with your room’s furniture layout, and if possible, getting rid of elements that are not absolutely necessary to the functionality of your room! This can be as simple as pushing a large table against a wall, or simply donating the item. 

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