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6 Unique Ways To Ring In The New Year Tomorrow Night!

Greet 2022 with these creative ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

By: Catie Kovelman, Updated 12/30/2021 

New Year’s Eve is tomorrow! Do you know how you’ll be celebrating when the clock strikes midnight? If you’re still finalizing your plans for New Year’s Eve or simply want to do something different this year, consider these 6 unique ways to jazz up your celebrations! You might even have so much fun that these activities turn into a yearly tradition! 

Celebrate With Sparklers!


When the ball drops in New York and the clock strikes midnight, grab your loved ones and run outside to light some eye-catching sparklers! As major cities celebrate with fireworks, you and your loved ones can have your own miniature light show with your sparklers! Sparklers are a fun activity for children and adults alike and put everyone in a festive mood. Just make sure to practice fire safety, supervise children, and dispose of the sparklers carefully when you’re done! 


Friends posing NYE

Who says the decorating has to stop with Christmas? Decorate your home and yourselves to say “goodbye” to 2021 and “hello” to 2022! Colors like black and gold are popular for New Year’s Eve celebrations, and decorations like balloons, streamers, and banners will certainly create a festive atmosphere! You and your family can also wear New Year’s-themed glasses or sparkling hats throughout the evening. You could even set up a DIY photo booth in your home complete with New Year’s Eve accessories to take fun pictures!  

Watch The Last Sunset Of 2021! 

Winter Sunset

As the curtain closes on 2021, find a pretty spot to sit and watch the final sunset of the year with your loved ones. In addition to enjoying a beautiful view, this is a great opportunity to reflect on the past year. Make the most of the evening by packing your favorite foods and having a picnic as you watch the sunset. 

Gather Around The Fire Pit!  

Roasting S'mores

If you or your loved ones own a fire pit, you could host the hottest New Year’s Eve gathering outdoors! Gather around the fire pit to reflect on the past year, sing songs, share stories, and make tasty s’mores! The fire will keep you warm and comfortable as you enjoy your New Year’s Eve with your friends and family. If you don’t already own a fire pit, you can buy one of the most popular fire pits on Amazon by clicking here! Of course, remember to practice fire safety and supervise pets and children while the fire pit is in use.  

Write A Letter To The Future You!

Man writes letter

Every year, we grow older and wiser! With that in mind, we thought it would be a fun idea to start a tradition to write a letter to our future selves each New Year’s Eve. The letter can be about anything you like, although we encourage you to stick to themes of what you want to remember about 2021, what you learned in the past year, or what you are looking forward to in 2022. Then on New Year’s Eve in 2022, you can read your letter from the previous year and write a new one to read at the end of 2023! 

Host A Champagne Tasting Party! 

Champagne Party

Ringing in the new year with champagne has been a tradition since the 1800s. It’s thought that sipping champagne as the clock strikes midnight brings good luck and predicts wealth and luxury will come your way in the new year. But since there are so many wonderful types of champagne available, why not use New Year’s Eve to sample as many as you can? Invite your friends and family over for a champagne tasting party! Select some complimentary hors d'oeuvres, choose your favorite brands of champagne or some bottles you’ve always wanted to try, and get ready to have some fun! Just remember to drink responsibly. 

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