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6 Things to Keep in Mind to Sell Your Home Fast

The real estate market is still hot in certain areas of the country - here are some tips to make sure your property stands out!

According to reports in the real estate industry, home buying is still trending upwards, as low mortgage rates are attracting buyers all across the country. In addition, studies have shown that many prospective homebuyers will start to enter the market even more in 2021, as many of them were holding off on viewing homes or weren’t willing to pull the trigger in the middle of the pandemic. 

The good news is that if you are looking to sell your home, due to the low mortgage rates, it’s likely that the price of your home may have increased. Are you looking to sell so you can upgrade to something bigger? Or perhaps sell and settle into a small, more manageable space? Here are 6 quick tips to ensure you are showing off your home’s best qualities, and make sure you are getting the best offer possible! 

6) Make Sure Your Home Is Priced Right

Your home is your castle, but it shouldn’t necessarily come with the castle-price point. Make sure to do your research and ensure that your home’s style, square footage, location and factors like walkability score all amount to a competitive price. The best way to do this is to do a quick query on a real estate website or app, or better yet, hire a local, trusted real estate agent to provide a current market assessment of your property. In fact, you may also want to price your home a bit lower in this current market, as it may provide the “hook” to get multiple eyeballs on your home, and set off a mini bidding war. Selling your home is a game of impressions - the  more people you can get into your home to view its great interior, features, and square footage, the more chances you’ll get to have someone fall in love with your home. 

5) Set the Mood 

Play calming music, light some candles or put out some fragrance diffusers to create a welcoming atmosphere for your home. Though the music and aromas are not permanent, they can foster a relaxing environment that can create a lasting impression of your property. One thing to keep in mind is to not go too crazy with the scents - it may come off as too overpowering, and may send the message that you are trying to mask a nasty smell in the home (like pets, musty carpet, shoes, etc.). Go for a mild, clean scent like citrus, mints, or florals (like lavender). 

4) Show Off Square Footage

Square footage is one of the main filters people use when buying a home. However, a cluttered room with big chairs, overpowering cabinets, and clunky storage units, can make a home seem smaller than it really is. It may be a good idea to get rid of some of this furniture for your open house by doing a short term storage unit rental, or simply selling or donating the furniture, setting you up for a fresh start when you move into your new home. On the flip side, if your home doesn’t have the huge square footage figure to flaunt, an emptier, flowing arrangement of your furniture can help create the illusion that your home is a lot larger than it really is. Afterall, what good is tons of square footage if the layout doesn’t make sense?

3) Create a Blank Canvas 

When people are viewing your home, they want to imagine themselves living there. Things like personal photos, knick knacks and accessories can instantly kill the mood! Sure you love your family, but your prospective buyers want to imagine THEIR photos, accessories and furniture in your space. Pack away all of these items in a box, and save them for your next home. In addition, lighter walls and bright spaces can help better sell a space. You don’t want your lime green accent wall throwing a curveball at your prospective buyer - if they can’t see past the paint, this can instantly become a non-negotiable barrier in buying your home.

2) Refresh Your Kitchen

A dated kitchen is a potential money pit for your prospective buyers, and a potential deal killer. A kitchen should feel updated, modern and solid, as the space will undoubtedly be one of the most utilized rooms in the home. Kitchen renovations cost a ton, and unless it is completely dilapidated, will most likely warrant a quick refresh to help your home sell. One way to do this is by painting the cabinet doors in a fresh, bright color. In addition, homebuyers, out of necessity, have to snoop a bit and check out your kitchen storage situation. If you can, store away a majority of your dining and kitchen wares to give off the semblance that there is plenty of storage space. You don’t want your buyers thinking they need to add more cabinets or do a huge overhaul to make it work for their family. 

1) First Impressions Are Everything

We cannot stress how important it is to give off a great first impression, even before stepping inside the home. A well-manicured front of house with a new paint job, window dressings and clean yard (accentuating large spaces when possible) are all factors that can act as a “hook” for your prospective buyers to come inside. Though many people leverage real estate websites and apps to get a quick look at the inside and outside of your home, don’t count out the folks who are driving through their dream neighborhoods targeting the perfect new home for their family. We recommend that you even spend a bit of money here if you must! Check out this video here to get some more tips on how much money you should be spending to effectively upgrade the front of your home


The prospect of selling your home is exciting, so make sure your real estate game is buttoned up with these tips, and watch the offers flow in! 

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