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6 Cat Toys That Dogs Also Love!

These cat toys might become your dog’s new favorite toy when it’s time to play!

Although your dog and cat are different animals, they have more in common than you might realize — namely their favorite toys! According to Petplace.com, it is perfectly safe for dogs to play with cat toys as long as they are properly supervised. Since cat toys may be smaller than your dog’s normal toys, you need to make sure they do not become a choking hazard. You also have to be careful of small toys or squeakers that your dog might swallow, which could potentially become a gastrointestinal disruption. But to be fair, toys made specifically for dogs come with those same advisories. In general, your dog should be able to safely play with some cat toys and even a little bit of catnip shouldn’t hurt him. Some dogs even like catnip, with owners reporting that the herb has a calming effect on their pups. 

While every pet is different, most cats and dogs enjoy games that let them chase and pounce. Both animals are natural predators, and they love toys and games that let them use their natural hunting instincts. They also love any type of play time that allows them to spend one-on-one time with their pet parents. Naturally, this leads to some overlap in favorite toys. Check out the 6 cat toys that the dogs of our Dabl staff members love! 

Outward HoundOutward Hound

Outward Hound Tail Teaser Durable Wand with Soft Plush Toys

You’ve likely seen cat wands where owners can tease their feline friends with plush mice and feathers. This is a version of the cat wand that has been made specifically for dogs! Move the wand around to encourage your dog to chase and pounce on the squeaky plush toy at the end of the durable nylon rope. This is a great activity for pets and owners to bond, as well as to help your dog burn off excess energy. 


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3 Laser Pointers (Red, Green, and Violet)

It’s not just cats that go crazy for laser pointers! Dogs love to chase that uncatchable light, too! When that light dances in front of dogs, they just can’t resist their instinct to chase. It’s a great activity where your cat and dog can play together, too! 

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KiTiDOT Amusing Collar

This battery-powered collar is designed to amuse kittens by projecting a laser dot for them to chase from their collars. But if you have a puppy, this collar will likely fit them too and provide just as much fun for your canine companion! The collar has three different beam modes so you can add variety to your pet’s play experience, and shuts off automatically after 30 minutes for their own safety. We recommend giving your fur baby a treat or toy they can catch at the end of the game so they finish playtime feeling satisfied. 


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Petstages Rainy Day Puzzle & Play Cat Toy

Mental stimulation is important for both dogs and cats, and they both love puzzle toys! This rain-themed toy has pegs to bat and raindrops to swipe to uncover hidden treats. It’s a great activity for food-motivated pets! 

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Frisco Butterfly Cat Tracks Cat Toy

This triple-decker tower provides three levels of play! The bouncing butterflies and rolling balls keep pets excited and engaged, and the nonskid pads keep the track from sliding as your fur baby plays. 


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Petlinks Twinkle Chute Lighted Cat Tunnel Toy

Many curious cats like running through tunnels during playtime. However, they aren’t the only ones! Some puppies also love running through tunnels. Teaching them to enjoy tunnels could be the beginning of a successful agility career, too! 

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