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The 6 Best Ways to Store Items Under Your Bed

Utilize the real estate under your bed to rid your home of unsightly clutter!

Whether you are dealing with a small apartment or a large home with tons of clutter, the underside of your bed is an often overlooked yet super useful space to hide goods that you don’t use daily. Though we recommend that you declutter and get rid of unnecessary items in general, there are some instances when you really need to hold onto that quilt, photos or thick jackets for the next season. 

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There is a surprisingly large amount of space under your bed frame. For instance, if you have a king bed at home, on average, you have about 42 square feet of storage you can utilize, while a queen bed offers about 33 square feet of storage! 

Though you can simply jam your seasonal goods under your bed, we highly recommend containing these items - they will be easier to reach, organized and dust-free! We’ve gathered our 6 favorite solutions to help you make the best use of this underutilized space. 


Onlyeasy Foldable Underbed Bags

These foldable storage bins are a great, versatile solution to put away shoes, blankets, photos and more. With their soft plastic and fabric makeup, it's easy to slide under your bed, even if the fit isn't absolutely perfect. 

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HOMZ Plastic Underbed Storage

Basically a big piece of tupperware, keep your valuable goods dust-free and safe with this storage solution. We especially love that these come with wheels - you'll thank us later when you don't have to heave-ho this bin from under your bed. 

$50 on Amazon

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Ziploc Space Bags

These heavy-duty plastic bags that, with the help of a vacuum, immediately suck the air out of bulky items like jackets and blankets is truly magic. Watch as your large items compress to a fraction of its size into a tight package, perfect for placing under your bed frame. 

$12 on Amazon

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Alaterre Underbed Storage Cabinet

For those looking for a more traditional solution to underbed storage, we love these neutral-toned storage cabinets. Simply slide them under, and let the wheels do the work. The advantage of this set is that with the simple slide-out design, your goods will be highly accessible. 

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Simple HousewareSimple Houseware

Simple Houseware Stackable Cabinet Basket

The underside of your bed doesn't need to be reserved for storing large and bulky items. Often times it is also the perfect place to store trinkets, accessories and more. These stackable drawers are the perfect way to keep all those small goods tidy and in one place. 

$22 on Amazon

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Kingway Lift-Up Storage Platform

Those looking to completely leverage the use of their underbed area will love this queen bed with an easily accessible platform. There won't be an issues with placing items deep into the middle areas, as this innovative lift-up design will make reaching your goods as easy as can be. 

$514 on Amazon

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